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Altair Club Cars 2018 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger Van – Taylor & Sons

2018 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger Van – Taylor & Sons

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Good morning this is martina from taylor and son chevrolet in pondery idaho today we’re going to be touring a 2018 chevrolet express 3500 van it has 12 passenger seating it is a rear wheel drive we’re just going to take a look at it all right i’m gonna start in the front so you can see windshield’s in great shape no nicks no cracks just gonna go slow so you can

Take a look i do see maybe a little scratch here i’m kind of getting nitpicky but there’s a little scratch maybe a little kind of nick thing right here i’m going to go around the tires are in excellent shape a lot of life in these tires we’re gonna look at the wheels nice and shiny now we’re gonna go in the wheel wheel looks very clean go behind the wheel so

You can take a look all right back of the mirror i don’t see any nicks or scrapes here’s the step step is in great shape i do see a little bit of a scratch right here you can see it normal wear and tear though nothing major all right back up again passenger side door i don’t see any scrapes or scratches this is a like new van alrighty here is the passenger

Side seat i don’t see any rips or tears no wear and tear no stains i’m really trying to find some blemishes but somebody took care of this band very well the carpet’s in gorgeous shape stepping up passenger door i’m not seeing any wear marks this is in great shape got tons of storage down here indoors already center console here we go i’m still not seeing any

Wear marks all right this is the driver’s seat i’ll come around in a little bit and show you the other side of it but i’m still not seeing any warm marks no stains no spots alrighty here’s looking back no stains no ribs no marks here’s the second row no stains no rips i’m not seeing any marks and this van smells good absolutely new here is the door i don’t

Even i don’t see any scuff marks or anything go back to the third row nope same as the first two rows everything looks like new all the carpeting is perfect i don’t know if you can see that in this no marks all righty slides out perfectly take a look at the van now like this there is the back of the van nice looking van let me see a couple little scuff marks

Here they might just wash off oh yeah they’ll just wash off it’s just dirt underneath we’re going to go ahead and open the back up all right like i said the carpet’s in great condition a few little scuff marks back here it’s from basic wear and tear but nothing deep little scuff marks looks like right here but nothing nothing major windows are all in great

Shape yeah this fan is a really really beautiful shape close it up i’m gonna walk around to this side so you can see what’s going on once again tires and wheels are in great shape go under the wheel well back here super clean ready windows are all in great shape here is the step i don’t see any rust any scratches take one more look driver side no wear and

Tear on the seats all right driver side door no scuffs no scratches again lots of storage all right now we’re going to take a look at the engine alrighty sorry if that made you dizzy so i’m going to start on this side super clean engine so alrighty smooth closing and that is the tour of our 2018 chevy express 3500 passenger van you

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2018 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger Van – Taylor & Sons By Sandpoint Chevrolet

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