2018 chevrolet colorado crew cab
Altair Club Cars 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4×4 ZR2 GuarantyCars.com

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4×4 ZR2 GuarantyCars.com

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Stock # J280 – by Ken.Gotter@guaranty.com

Oh hey everybody king connor here at guaranty chevrolet and thank you for coming online and looking at this beautiful 2018 chevy colorado zr2 beautiful rig and deep with green it’s got the 308 horsepower six-cylinder in it if you notice on the wheels the stance this actually has a little taller stance in a normal colorado a little wider stance because this is an

Off-road vehicle if you look down in here you’ll see the segment exclusive multimatic dss v shocks normally only get those on racing vehicles and the colorado has that so when you want to go out really hit the offroad hit some jumps and everything just single and smooth as a puppy spray in bed liner with the zr2 logo and actually underneath on the spare tire you

Actually have a full size spare tire so when you are out there playing around in the woods and you happen to get yourself a nice little flat tire and stead of having a little donut you’ve got a full-size spare that won’t change anything with the drive this is a crew cab short bed with the zr2 you are going to get the nice leather seating heating seats this one

Has a catback exhaust on it bose speakers and true navigation so with my navigation i’m out there i may be getting lost a little bit you know i’ve got navigation to look at here get really lost and the map has got me completely out there i can go ahead and hit my onstar and get a good location or i’ve got my projection screen if you trust your phone you can plug

In your phone and have your map from your phone nice thing about this vehicle it’s not just four-wheel drive if you notice down here i have front electronic and rear electronic lockers so when i’m out there playing in the woods i got myself on deep it’s real steep incline and in my min four-wheel drive i’m in four-wheel drive low but i’m still slipping a little

Bit push my front lock ring get that extra power and locking force in door hit both of the front and the rear it’s actually has nine different setups on don you’re driving from two wheel drive auto four wheel drive for low put in all your lockers different combinations what really makes a nice exclusive segment on it and it’s really priced right on and getting a

A really nice fun vehicle go out there and play and dunk doing some training on this you can really get this airborne and it’ll land and it’ll feel comfortable i don’t recommend you doing that but that’s what this truck is actually built to do real fun truck can tow 7,000 pounds it’s got the crew cab i have plenty of room in the back to either have passengers ride

With me or if i want to fold seats down get extra storage area even have some storage below here so a beautiful rig fun car whether it’s this colorado the top-end zr to one of my diesels one of my l t’s or any of them come on down so you can i got a lot of call rattles here love take you out on test drive have a wonderful day bye-bye you

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2018 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab 4×4 ZR2 • GuarantyCars.com By Guaranty Locally Owned Chevrolet

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