2018 cadillac xt5 premium luxury
Altair Club Cars 2018 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury For Sale

2018 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury For Sale

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XT5 Premium Luxury AWD, 31k mi., Branded title, Heated steering wheel, Heated/Cooled front seats, Bluetooth, Navigation, Back-up camera, Alloy wheels, More info and pics to come!

Hello everyone today we have a 2018 cadillac xt5 with all-wheel drive and the v6 and that v6 is running smooth as to be so imma go ahead and close this up and take you for a tour see it does have led headlight surrounds and if any of these leds appear to flicker they don’t flicker to the human eye that’s the refresh rate of the camera that does that see it does

Have alloy wheels it also has dual panoramic sunroofs dual exhaust and there is a spare tire under here you see there’s a ton of space back here and there’s a sneak peek of the interior and those dual panoramic sunroofs are just gorgeous okay and you see that it has been inspected by blue star that is a third-party inspection company that will give you their

Opinion of the condition of this vehicle they will also include pictures of the undercarriage and such that you would want to go ahead and take a look at in addition to what i’m shooting here see that it does have black leather seats and the ambient lighting in this one is gorgeous it’s blue and i will upload some more photos as well but it goes through the

Doors of that second row you see it does have a bose sound system and the ambient lighting continues around through the dash you see the last four digits on this are four three three eight pinhole leather seats make for a super comfortable seating and as you look down here you’ll see that it has 31 574 miles on this vehicle there’s your push to talk your stereo

Controls and then you also have a heated steering wheel and there’s your stereo controls and then you come over here you got your push button ignition right there and you see your comfort controls right here i’m going to go ahead and turn those down taking one for the team so you can hear me better and then you see it has cooled or heated front seats and let’s go

Ahead and turn those off and then we’re going to come up here you see your sunroofs and we’re going to go ahead and close those up so for the shades anyway so that you can see the monitor a little bit better okay so i’m bouncing on back home you can jump over to navigation and there’s your map you see it does have a very quick computer there’s your bluetooth

And your stereo and it does have we’ll go ahead and click on radio so it does have am fm sirius xm and bluetooth and then here’s your media as well so you can connect your devices and then we’ll go ahead and dismiss that and if you wanted to project from one of your devices onto this then you can you just have to connect it and see the cameras we’re going to

Go ahead and shift on into reverse there’s your backup camera now all right and then down here is your shifter cup holders and this retracts to cover those up if you’d like and then you have your key fob and you have remote start on your key fob it’s very cool and then this is your mode for all-wheel drive or two-wheel drive or such and then as you come up here

Got your controls for your sunroof and that about wraps it up on the interior of this cadillac again there’s your ambient lighting it looks awesome in the dark now this particular vehicle does have a branded title there was an impact here in the rear passenger quarter panel the airbags deployed but there was no structural damage so we got it all fixed up it has

Passed 150 point inspection and the state of utah safety inspection for more inventory visit us at tjchappenauto.com in the spirit of full disclosure here is a copy of the original label for your vehicle so you can see what it was equipped with straight out of the factory you

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2018 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto

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