2018 bentley 6 0 w12 continental
Altair Club Cars 2018 Bentley 6.0 W12 Continental GT

2018 Bentley 6.0 W12 Continental GT

Making a welcomed addition to our expertly sourced range of prestige coupés our Onyx Black Bentley Continental GT styled in a full stealth exterior with the Mulliner Driving Specification, 22” Gloss Black Alloys & luxurious Beluga Hide Interior with Optional Contrast Stitching

What a bentley this is just arrived onyx black bentley continental gt cooper w12 6 litre 635 brake horsepower not a 63.6 seconds this car does over 200 miles an hour but this car for me is about the specification and the color combination onyx black full dechromed exterior so it’s fully stealthed out mulner package with the gloss black malnour upgraded wheels

City specifications so you’ve got all park assists around camera and touring specification which gives you night vision heads up display just massive options adaptive cruise control and what i said about the color combination is because it’s onyx black it’s got black leather inside with a mullen quilted seat but it’s got linen stitching it is stunning it’s priced

On the market to sell and it’s just all about the color combination and the spec everything’s de-chromed the grille all in gloss black even the bentley badge at the front so it looks so aggressive you’ve then got them beautiful diamond effect headlights which is stunning the surrounds you can see are in black as well so just again these are the little things

That make the car look special to drive as well you know it’s powerful quick four-wheel drive fantastic engine and we all know these big engine sports cars supercars luxury cars the big engines are going to be going but this is still got that w12 engine it’s the right interior and it’s the right exterior it’s got the mullen the specification with mono wheels

They are beautiful they’re finished in gloss black you’ve got them huge big performance calipers and they just them 22 inch wheels just fill the arches beautifully well all around the windows you can see de-chromed and then at the back how well does that look them red led lights all decrumbed even the bentley badge here it just looks stunning look at it inside

This is what i’m talking about the interior because in my opinion some of the bentley interiors that can be a little bit distasteful where i think with this keyless entry beautiful interior look at this look at the door card let’s just concentrate on the door cards you’ve got this mulner quilted leather you can see diamond stitched you’ve got the piano or black

You’ve got the white stitching this car’s got the seat comfort options in the front as well so we’ve got memory seats the seats are heated the seats are cooled and they are massaged as well illuminated kick plates in the bentley in the blue there and even if you look under the door if i come around here and show you we’ve got the bentley badge illuminated on the

Floor so you’ve got the black malno leather quilted then the linen stitching which runs along the side of the seat it’s around that fantastic beautiful steering wheel you get that along the dashboard as well it’s the right interior isn’t it someone will want black on black i get it all the time have you got black on black yes we’ve got one it’s available it’s

Mulner city spec and touring spec so start the car up and i’m just going to show you you can look at that ambient light and so that’s an option you know you don’t get that as standard so that it’s got that ambient lighting which runs throughout the car which is stunning on here underneath here you can see this big stalk here it’s got adaptive cruise control

This is what i’m talking about so if you look at this here this is what’s been turned on and off so we turn on night vision and if we move into here there you go look at that moving on up there you can see you’ve got a heads-up display projected then you’ve got intelligent course and it’s got air suspension blind spot assist all them features that come with the

Two-ring spec if i put the car into reverse you can see you’ve got front rear side panoramic full surround camera system moving down here seats we’ve got heated and we’ve got cooled and then if i move down and press the massage button at the front here press the button there i’ll show you if you go back to the center when you’ve got your massage you’ve then got

All your different features wave pull stretch in all the different areas so just fantastic options keyless start big button in the center four seats plenty of space in the back as well which i’ll show you i’ll move this seat back you’ve got bags and bags of room it’s got a tracker with it it is phenomenal and i’ll just put it into sport and it’s it’s noisy

But it’s comfortable as well that’s what i love about bentley’s you know you’ve got power performance but you’ve got comfort as well you’ve got standard features i’ll quickly go back into the main menu you’ve got your navigation you’ve got your multimedia your bluetooth your digital climate control surround sound system on this is fantastic as well it’s got a

Subwoofer in the back so it’s got a fantastic sound system everything’s leather beautiful leather roof lining it’s a yeah it’s an absolutely stunning car and you can see access to get in the back as well if you you know if you’ve got people who need to be in the back look at that look at the ambient lighting running throughout the back there as well and just

Electric seats beautiful just to give you an indication of boot space is is really good bags of space you’ve got a bentley trickle charger there as well so that car is beautiful it’s the right color the right interior and the right specification black exterior onyx black leather beautiful stitching mulner city and two are in it’s going live it’s priced to sell thank you for watching

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2018 Bentley 6.0 W12 Continental GT By Acklam Car Centre

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