2018 audi s5 sportback
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2018 Audi S5 Sportback

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This is a 2018 audi s5 sportback so now this one features the advanced drivers assistance package the carbon inlays the heated rear seats and the adaptive suspension look around at the condition of the vehicle i don’t see any obvious dents or paint blemishes around the car and i just cleaned this to make sure there’s a small little chip right there that can always

Be touched up with a paint pen power tailgate now the previous owner fortunately purchased weathertech mass so not only are you getting that for the rear cargo it’s also in the second row and for the driver and the copilot this tonneau cover can be removed and also fold the second row flat i’ll show you what that looks like i apologize in advance for the wind noise

But that is the amount of room with the seats folded down you also have a skid plate here so when you’re loading your cargo you’re not going to scratch too much now speaking of the second row i’m six feet tall for reference and i still have plenty of room there now this seat is at its furthest position back that is more my driving position right there there’s

Still a decent amount now these are 20 40 40 folding seats so if you want you can actually fold down the middle part there and it doesn’t really impede the second real seating comfort at all individual air controls and then heated seats even the second row is well bolted and there’s a nice cross stitching there i love frameless windows not many manufacturers do

This anymore but it always looks quite elegant especially when the windows are down now in the second row eight-way power adjustable seating with a massage function you can also adjust the bolsters so you’re able to make this a bit tighter on each side and then for extended drives there’s a thigh support you simply push it in like that if you’d like these are

The carbon inlays so that goes all the way across and it’s on both doors but i love this vent design here so you have the passenger vent there for there too and same thing on the driver’s side but they extend the vent design all the way through so it looks all one piece now this vehicle also has keyless entry so all four doors can work for this and same with the

Rear hatch simply put your hand inside and it opens up same features as the passenger adjustable lumbar support massage function and 8-way power adjustable seating with a nice cross stitching now if these are memory seats with two different functions this not only saves your driving position it also saves where you have the mirror adjustments and then there’s

Also one more switch right there if you want to open up the trunk there’s the bang olufsen sound system automatic headlights now with these what’s nice is i’ll actually turn the car on to show you this with push button start at the moment when i go to navigation it’s showing the daytime whereas if you were to put it the lights on it automatically goes to night

Time there and then same thing happens up here on the steering wheel it is tilt and telescopic so up down in and out i tend to have it at the closest position there but just to demonstrate all the features of it i’ll put it right there for you adaptive cruise control so easily you can be driving you simply press that that sets the cruise control and then right

Here is where you can make the adjustments of whether you’re not you want to be closer to a car or further away it is three zone climate control you can also sync up the two fronts here so at the moment go to three zone you can actually set the rear if you’d like i’ll turn that down but if it’s all synced together you can actually have individual there and i

Love that tactile feel in the sound and same for there so if you want your passenger can have it a bit warmer you’d have it a bit colder in addition to that three different areas for your heated seats now back to the steering wheel you have paddle shifters on each side up down this can be controlled whether or not you’re in drive sports or even in the manual

There so even if you’re driving in essentially just a regular drive mode and you want to accelerate and pass someone you can simply downshift drop how many however many gears you want and accelerate right through now this button right here is the fuel mode so right up there you can actually change between those two and you can zoom in or out this is with audi’s

Virtual cockpit it’s funny you can actually zoom all the way out and you see the globe right here that is your navigation button this is your favorite settings so you can set it to whichever you’d like at the moment i have it set to the drive select mode in the drive select mode you can either choose comfort auto dynamic or individual individual allows you to

Adjust the engine transmission how quickly the vehicle accelerates and shifts the suspension control with the adaptive suspension i like to have this in comfort but you can always put in dynamic mode essentially just to support your suspension you’ll feel more of what’s happening with the wheels in the road you’re steering so this is just how easily the vehicle

Turns if you have it in dynamic it will be the most stiff comfort is the easiest to turn and an auto will keep it in comfort mode while you’re driving slower but if you’re going a bit faster it’ll turn it into more dynamic this is your engine sound now i have the vehicle warmed up for you so i’m going to let you hear the engine it’s always nice to hear that but

If you’re driving in a neighborhood you can always put in comfort mode and that silence it and this is your adaptive cruise control on the steering wheel there’s a nice stitching throughout as well right here is where you control the mmi system so everything up here between your phone your navigation your media and even the drive select mode these numbers up here

Are all presets so you can set them to whatever you’d like you can have number two open up navigation if you’d like you’d have number three open up a specific radio station and when you go through there you don’t actually have to click on it yet it’ll show what you have saved electronic parking brake and then you also have voice prompts there that’s the answer

Phone call this is to adjust the radio and then the passenger also has that if they’d like right down here drive select mode your automatic start stop this is your traction control these are your parking sensors which pulls up right there you can also have a front camera like that you can have the side with the 360 degrees rear view camera and side to side and

Then this button right here if at night time you find it’s becoming distracting you can simply just turn it off right there and then to turn it back on press the same thing but i’ll hop out of the car so you can hear the exhaust let’s take this for a quick drive around the lot so you can hear the engine let’s put the vehicle back into the park simply press

That right there now if you have any additional questions please let me know via email or by phone thank you and talk soon

Transcribed from video
2018 Audi S5 Sportback By Noah Bernard

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