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Altair Club Cars 2018 – . 2018 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.

2018 – . 2018 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.

Добрый день, друзья!

Hello dear friends. my name is igor, avtobazar company we present to you a review of the long-awaited updated toyota sequoia. this is the 2018 model year. we have been waiting for this car for a very long time, if you remember, in each of our issues, from our reports about toyota sequoia we said that it was about to replace updated toyota sequoia. of course, we expected much

More, more radical redesign. in fact, it happened, one might say, “face lift”. there are some very interesting solutions, but has changed dramatically. well, now we will present to you what has changed, what’s new finally changed the headlights, which is a big plus, because who would whatever toyota lover, toyota sequoia everybody said that this is already an anachronism

To have halogen headlights on such a car. now we have it all full led headlights that near, far, that running lights we also have fog lights led. this is the most important change. on the side the whole profile of the car, the whole backside has not changed that is, new headlights, a new headlight design fitted the old body and everything fits in very organically. almost the

Same as on the “tundra”, this is an interesting transition made. the new bumper, again, to beautifully organically entered here very thick almost two millimeters protection is powerful. we ordered this additionally from the dealer. well, here are the main changes in front of the car and in general external changes, everything else, in principle, has not changed at all. same

Design and the same footrest design, the same mirrors, everything is absolutely the same the backside is exactly the same, that is, nothing has changed. here, probably, we will also show what has changed. seats with us the same in principle contours. there have always been very successful seats on the sequoia, on the tundra. on the tundra, by the way, with restyling, and

On the “sequoia” left the same. i think this is very very competent. look here we have a good pronounced such knee support with adjustment – you see here you can here we have a lumbar cushion, also very useful, but here are the standard settings back and forth and up and down and backrest adjustment – everything is standard. 14 speakers as in the previous sequoia. you see

A new display, by the way, it turned out very interesting. they saved these successful wells that tachometer, that speedometer, but they turned out more, probably modern, more spectacular ones. very clearly visible, beautifully drawn. the central display with us, you see, has already appeared digital, probably it has a diagonal of about 5 inches our new led headlights have

Already appeared with cars high beam is a very useful feature, everything else is the same. i don’t see the blind spot button for monitoring on-off, it probably turns off systematically. the new steering wheel, as we said, the steering wheel came from the same “tundra” updated. here, you see, we have buttons here radars and now, here you are already building up how much

Distance you want. unlike the previous sequoia that was added here, it’s very interesting, it also came from lexus, it’s already seat ventilation is a very useful function, also a long-awaited one, despite the fact that the previous seats on the platinum were there was only heating. everything else is basically the same, in my opinion. aluminum trim, but the contours

Are still the same. four-wheel drive for highway and four-wheel drive with downshift, with the inclusion of a lower gear, then here we are still all the same. this is the inclusion of tow mode, that is, if you are carrying something, towing it, it’s locking the center differential, air suspension, we, as you know, still have the rear axle – there are air balloons,

And you can adjust the suspension in it. manual, now we will see how it works, and this control you can choose this is the rear window opening, as far as you know, just like in the cremax tundra, in the sequoia you can completely lower the rear window. from the principle, everything is standard, of course, such a car is sorely lacking a full-fledged the multimedia, in my

Opinion, is exactly the same as it was. “sequoia” was famous for all sorts of niches of useful, additional one connector, which is also very small for such a large a car. we did not stop our attention on climate control, because it is exactly the same as on the previous version, well, that’s all. you can also control the rear climate control as well as rear passengers can

Control it, so the driver, everything is simple. now we will show you how the rear air suspension works, manual, when you click this manual button, you’ll activate what you can manually, the lowest position, now the car is in its lowest position, let us return it to normal. place in the second row, in the third row. we shot it all, but since we have cars updated, i think,

Anyway, viewers will watch this particular video, and therefore this is again the first thing and what “sequoia” is famous for is its size and convenient location passengers of the second and third row, well, let’s now we will show all this. platinum version, that is, here we have such a very convenient console, see how you sit very comfortable, how much distance do

You have for here you have each of the passengers of the second row seats, ventilation, unfortunately, not yet, their own cup holders, this is our climate control for the rear passengers. well, the settings modes, this is our 110 socket, this is for connecting our blu-ray player – here you see our 9-inch screen, he already plays a blu-ray disc with us, you can all insert

An sd card with some photos, all this you will play. we have two wireless headphones that go to this system and one remote control, well, you can also connect your wired headphones, and adjust their volume with these buttons. niches for some things are very convenient, and on the other hand you can make it with such a folding table. once, and now you have a table, you can

Have something to eat here, and here you have in general, everything is thought out, everything is very convenient. adjusting the seat, let us now see how much we have her back recline. here, look, here the maximum deviation of the back, here we are adjusted back and forth in this way here we have curtains for the door too, well, that’s all. the third row, everything is

Also very simple, look, here you are just this lever fold and move and that’s it, you already get access to the third row. here, of course, already if the seat is pushed as far as possible, the adult, of course, is already cramped, the children will be quite. also here they have big and here, by the way, you can also throw back the back for the third row, you do not need

To go with the letter g. well, let’s say if you have a big family and if there are many children, then it will be convenient for the children in the third row, two for sure, even if they are small, then you can plant a third. spread out in the third row, in principle, anyway there is still some place, and even quite worthy. here we have our reserve is under the bottom,

And so, here, you see, we have control buttons to make it fold, the button must always be kept pressed. if we fold the 3rd row, the trunk becomes much larger, now you see what happens, now i will fold it, so everything is invented, and it becomes absolutely flat floor, and more than two meters is obtained practically, this console can be removed, i don’t know for sure

Somewhere we have it here, and when you get this box, you can remove it, that is, if you want to transfer some the size of this car is enough for you. this is our sequoia platinum, this is the maximum configuration we set the engine protection ourselves, it costs about 500 dollars, and here we have the final cost, so, dear viewers, we finally presented you the new toyota

Sequoia, as i promised, this will be the first russian-speaking cars from the factory in various color combinations, and all these machines will go to various dealers in russia, but we also we work with private clients, and therefore are ready to buy and deliver you a new toyota sequoia in the shortest possible time and at visit our website and leave a request, or contact

Us at any contact convenient to you. thank you for your attention, i hope you enjoyed our review, like, subscribe to our video channel. if you are interested in cars, especially if you are interested in large pickups and other cars, sold only in the us and canada, we will be the first to introduce new items for a test drive in russian.

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2018 Тойота Секвоя Рестайлинг видео тест-драйв на русском. 2018 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. By AutoBazar.US

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