2017 volvo v60 polestar w 5 time
Altair Club Cars 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar w/ 5 time STCC Champion Polestar Cyan Racing Driver Richard Grensseon (3/3)

2017 Volvo V60 Polestar w/ 5 time STCC Champion Polestar Cyan Racing Driver Richard Grensseon (3/3)

Five time Swedish Touring Car Champion, Richard Görensson takes MotoMan around Arizona Motorsports Park in the 2017 Volvo V60 Polestar station wagon. At first, they take a leisurely pace to learn about Richard’s background from Go Karts to British Touring Cars. Along the way racing for BMW and then as a Swede coming home to Volvo. Richard then finally picks up the pace . . .

Friends you may have seen our first drive review and tech review of the polestar but here’s the man behind the car really the guy taught me how to driving the striking of this car richard your answer that are pronounced incorrectly that is good sounds good okay good so i had to bring richard off because we had a mishap at dinner last night what did you how old would

You tell me you were last here i told you i was 38 but i think it came out different yeah therefore the whole d now is 48 48 and oh really young it’s like i need to start drinking with this guys drinking then you begin tell me your history of racing so while you’re telling us your history of racing there’s not it’s nobody for me it started off with gorkon’s when

I was 10 years old the original lighting you got to bring coker at 10 years old yeah so then i continued with singing see this – in cars when did you move to single season listen yeah so i was one of the youngest in sweden at that time to raise a thing you see – no it may be you know first up and started is really a formula for cleansing yeah from the border right

Back home in sweden yeah the whole thing so i was 15 yeah oh okay i go on so and then i moved on to race in germany yeah and after that to the racing masculine for me as a european it’s the the uk vpn and of course again so i read singing season’s over over there hello olli when you make aways uk was 19 so it took some years before i moved on there yeah what else

You needed 618 two races and of course it was a budget thing also to get the shams if you have a ride very younger to something to you and your family self-funded but for me i have found i got my first sponsor at the age of 10 which was the biggest sausage company in conclusion and i ended up going there with a shake for $30 and two boxes with the tryouts sucess

Now the sausage sample so you were dedicated to the crack but you know at the age of them that that gave me self-confidence to continue to find sponsorship and so on and then how do you at age 10 years fast i’m gonna tell you in force my dad it sounds like it’s the year you’re a sick poor gauge but here at that adjust the four-color copy machines came here and

With such a picture of me with my go-kart and i sent this to the different companies and got to meet them and you know when a guy in 10 years old common and meet the managing director of course they will attend you there wants to race cocoa instead see i need to start drinking for the second okay so you really you came what happens once you get to the uk it was

Really good actually i own the european from the four championship unfortunately i didn’t win the british am fishing yeah 19 2015 and it was this famous former ford festival which i think you mean – actually you know what i recently okay when you’re racing again i played a seat so that was one american generate regina capacity rate at the same time we like that

Different themes for the character okay so would you move us to extract from the reynolds and i did some testing in front of me but they’re my i didn’t have the money to continue which was a shame because i really wanted to continue increasing incidence so then i decided it was a really hard decision for me at that time to move back to sweden 14 years ago it was

One of my best decision to move back to sweden thought to rate during courts since i got back to sweden a sorta on money to do the rating in and i got a ride when you do back yeah i got the thing with one of the factory teams we want bmw so you’ve had like the magical lights so you want your at this for you 20 mil and you get a ride with bmw yeah so it was also

Nice time and i won the championship in my second year back home in sweden wow that my race with championship now for since 2003 till now and won it five times so it’s been a good ghost story here now what we embellish we was at the end six people now know when i raced the tooling course here i come is we it was with the 320i line and the 328i okay but at the same

Time i raced with the factory team the german factory team for the 24 hour races at nurburgring and there are raisins please so how old were you got it i was a big nothing but first race in the next four bosses 2006 ooh an old man yeah then i was 28 28 and what when did you get over to volvo reasons it was lost year 2016 first relatively new field yeah it’s new

So i mean the main competitor to evolve or store for many many years back home in sweden indeterminacy so they finally said we gotta stop competing this guy and bring this guy over exactly so and then i want the championship first year with irate with quit welcome home for all with them so which car was necessary or what is your version of this yes an s60 yeah in

That one with a front wheel travel real friend alright so one one make chassis and engine in sweden so that we would drive the recipe says yeah i gotta say something as i’m talking so we speed up i think we yeah she’ll fly this guy we would experience billion get me off now of course people look back at my lap on this track magic owed nearly a man oh i guess i

Could you can draw in all you know enesta because you can outdoor fun eggs i got alpha so he went from 87 miles an hour now 54 in a problem i’m biased car goes around decline acadia sir that is awesome dyson and this is how you feed your kids yep cuz it’s a great way to wheeze again making more people would like to leave again yeah so what do you like to do a

Spare time even simple rape cars i tom the gypsy all that’s awesome this number once yeah the mountain biking yeah it was also close we tonight we get out in the forest and oh okay so what oh thanks for point out look how relaxed richard is as we are screaming around the defining radius turn a station wagon maybe that i’m competent university so take the kilt

Engineering i guess what you can a brunette be clear that does actually go beyond history right well richard thank you take me around the track here and making me look like a complete nutter food on the track myself the same car there any question won’t be reality lab allah for this we’re like the guest between questions audience isis made rounds turns 68 all down

And maybe you might mean students get when you’re pessimistic yeah ok that’s a legitimate question do i look scared how these better question employ a green that i’m gonna lose my turkey sandwich lunch going around let me know in the comments below our pr so steve on that you feel more fundamental workplace to twitter to scream and without a we’re waiting with

Two things make sure you don’t are found to be investigation and a fun fact here richard help spoken stuff classmate reintroduced into next go into the my see you next time fishman

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2017 Volvo V60 Polestar w/ 5 time STCC Champion Polestar Cyan Racing Driver Richard Görensseon (3/3) By MotoManTV

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