2017 volvo s90 t5 momentum
Altair Club Cars 2017 Volvo S90 T5 Momentum

2017 Volvo S90 T5 Momentum

Good morning miss vanegas james miller here at gulf auto direct just wanted to make you a quick video to first of all show you that we do still have the vehicle i’m not sure if the email was referring to when they said it was sold but it has not been sold we still do have it now as far as both volkswagen as far as volvo itself they have two sedans they have the s60

And then they have this one which is at s ninety now the s60 is a smaller smaller sedan not as many features still a great car but the s9 t is volvo’s flagship sedan it’s it’s a much larger vehicle i believe it’s considered an executive class sedan by european standards which means that it’s a little bit a little bit longer a little bit wider than your typical

Four-door car now this is the s90 t5 now in volvo they have a few different trim levels of the s 90 this would be the first one this is the first trim level next 90 s 90 has three more trim levels above it that offer things like all-wheel drive and a supercharged and turbocharged engine now this particular car right here the s 95 it does have a two liter turbo

Engine so you’re gonna have around 250 horsepower what that means is that basically you’re gonna have a lot of torque you’re gonna be able to this car gets up and goes when it has to but like i said this is the first trim level and even though it is the first trim level of the s 90s it is still loaded out it has almost everything that you may be looking for in a

Luxury sedan this car has it stuff like bluetooth backup camera you’re gonna have your led running lights you got parking sensors all the way around i know i’ve kind of went over a lot of this stuff in that first video but i did want to give you a nother look at the car and have it in kind of more of a controlled environment with the led lighting and stuff so that

You can really really see the vehicle let me crank it up so you can kind of see what i was talking about with those led lights now as we get inside the vehicle i showed you last time this is really cool you start the car like this and the vehicle starts right up like i said all of this is touchscreen you have your um your button controls right here for the radio

Which a lot of people like because you don’t actually have to look down to to do things on a radio and you have your binary your volume knob right there alright like i said i’m gonna show you those led headlights and we’re also going to take a look under the hood really quick so i just popped the hood so that’s why you see that a little crease right there but those

Are your led running lights it’s a very beautiful champagne color so you have those led lights in the front and then you also have led running lights in the back what leds are good for they’re a little bit brighter and then also when you press the brakes the lights are led so they come on a lot faster which is you know a lot a lot better for overall safety so you

Just come up to the front pop the hood for you and just kind of let you see what’s going on under here let’s see no having a little trouble fun latch but i got it right there we go alright so that is your a 2 liter turbo engine your transmission is right over here it’s kind of give you a quick look at that so that’s where all your power is coming from go ahead

And close this down now if you do any research online you’re gonna you’re gonna see that volvo is a very reliable company a very safe company all of this is uh is backed up by articles online so i’m gonna send you a link to some of those things so that you know that if you do decide to get this really great car honestly i didn’t know that volvo was making cars like

This at this point because this is actually a model that replaced what they call the sat it was a model that was that was um right before this one its predecessor so this is a replacement for that and bobo did a really really good job with this vehicle i want to show you just small things like this this is great you do have your capitalist fuel filler so basically

You just put your gas on the gas nozzle in there pull it out it seals up you close this and then off you go just little things like that a quick look at the leather on the inside leather very nice very plush they played a lot of detail a lot of tension a detail i mean they have a digital digital controls for the ac in the back and the car is just a beautiful car

But i just wanted to make you a quick video to let you know that we still do have the bobo if you have any more questions about this particular car just shoot me an email let me know and i’ll get the answers to it for you but i’m also gonna send you a link to a few things so thank you and have a good one

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2017 Volvo S90 T5 Momentum By Jimmy K

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