2017 transit connect cargo van
Altair Club Cars 2017 Transit Connect Cargo Van

2017 Transit Connect Cargo Van

Multi-purpose vehicle

Hey good morning guys baron washington here your automotive sales consultant at gary crosley ford and as you know on mondays i like to introduce you to a new vehicle that you might not be familiar with today i’m going to tell you about the ford transit connect cargo van so i’ll turn this around and let you see some of the nice features that this vehicle has to

Offer for you all right so as normal all the controls in your steering wheel that you’ll have here and it does have sync this vehicle is actually not fitted with any windows inside so nice helpful thing for you is the back up camera so once you hit reverse you’ll actually be able to see you know what’s behind you so really good for carrying cargo i’ll let you take

A peek at this but basically the entire van is going to be hollowed out so it can be fitted to pretty much anything that your company you know i might need as far as shelving or hanging different storage containers in the back there but i’ll step out and kind of give you a better view on what this looks like so this is the long base there are a few configurations

On the transit connect van but as you can see there’s no windows on the outside of the vehicle but if you see the holes there they can be fitted for windows if that’s something that you you know might need they got dual sliding doors on both sides that way you can kind of i’ve been easy access from either side there but as i said it is hollowed out makes it nice

For i see a lot of delivery services that will use these vans he’ll he’ll he’ll do him hell dent guys they they like the ease and convenience of you know what this vehicle has to offer but dual doors in the back opens up pretty easy so you can transport ladders plants whatever you might need the space for if you look at this little yellow deal here it’ll actually

Extend your door out so if you need to open it a little wider just press of a button and goes from 90 degrees to 180 there give you a little bit more space to work with in the back but as i said these cutouts here you can get a window all the way around and we’re specific to you know what you might need and then i’ll actually show you one more deal here so if you

Do use the space for primarily your business practices this front seat does fold down so you can kind of use it as a little workspace where you can you know write things on the back you know do do your work there but that is the transit connect cargo van 2017 guys if you have a business mobile it can be very beneficial got a 2.5 liter motor in it so it is fuel

Efficient as well check out the transit connect and any of my other vehicles that i have here on the lot guys again if you haven’t downloaded my app yet be washington card chat comm all the great ways to get in touch with me and feel all the awesome vehicles that i have here on the lot have a great day guys and i look forward to talking to you soon

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2017 Transit Connect Cargo Van By Baron Drives Fords

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