2017 stage 1 audi a5 2 0l quattr
Altair Club Cars 2017 Stage 1 Audi A5 2.0L Quattro DRIVING POV/REVIEW

2017 Stage 1 Audi A5 2.0L Quattro DRIVING POV/REVIEW

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This is an audi a5 sportback it’s the all-in-one kind of car imagine it like this the a4 is just the soap and the a5 is the wash and wax combo it creates a slightly better final product it’s the you want a coupe but you have kids kind of car fitted with proper quattro and the same engine from a golf gti it’s got the ingredients to make a good car so let’s

Take a tour then blast it down some b roads my name’s tom and this is paragon cars up front is the ea triple eight gen three 2 liter turbo standard this engine makes 248 horsepower and a very respectable 380 newton meters of torque certainly ample for everyday use but this car has a stage 1 tune taking it all the way up to 300 horsepower and a whopping 480

Newton meters of torque naught 60 is now dealt with in just 4.6 seconds but what about the real world what about the 30 to 70 sprint let’s find out so how did we do then well i thought it would be pretty nippy but with a 30 to 70 time of just 4.45 seconds it did it in the same time as a mercedes a35 amg so as you can see this is actually a pretty serious bit

Of kit the inside is where audi almost always shines and for me this is the best interior they’ve ever done it’s functionally perfect as you can navigate through everything in the infotainment with just the scroll wheel no fiddly touch screens here even the steering wheel is perfectly laid out whilst maintaining a sporty look these are just the standard dials

So not as pretty as the full virtual cockpit but it’s still perfectly good enough the screen is sharp and it still has all the information you’d ever need the seats are the upgraded full leather option and they really are nice to sit in we’ll see how comfortable they are later but let’s take a look at my favorite part the design of the hvac system it’s got to

Be one of the best i’ve ever seen the controls themselves display the temperature within the dial you then have capacitive buttons that display their function as you run your finger over them select open and the air blade on the passenger side blows a high volume of air whilst only making a whisper of noise the back seats provide adequate space for someone under

Six feet anyone above that will touch their head on the ceiling though then in terms of amenities you get your own climate control and a very squishy armrest the extended ambient lighting comes through to the rear as well making this a very pleasant car to spend a lot of time in then boot wise the a5 sportback comes with an electric tailgate standard and contains

480 liters of very usable space with the rear seats folded up fold them down and you have just under a thousand liters of seamless floor enough for pretty much anything you’d ever need to carry and beyond the boot you’d normally get two very quiet pretty underwhelming exhausts on this model except like the engine the previous owner decided to add some noise let’s

Have a listen certainly sounds fruitier than the standard car but let’s get on the road and see how this all in one package performs so what’s this audi a5 like to drive well we’re gonna start off around town then move on to the motorway and then do some twisty road driving firstly the suspension going over bumps this is the s-line model so it’s fitted with

Lower stiffer springs over the sport and the se that’s not to say it’s stiff at all however this is still a comfort orientated car it just feels slightly more controlled over the bumps steering at lower speeds is typical audi really light and not too fast in terms of parking you don’t actually get anything as standard on these a5s this car’s only got parking

Sensors and i have to say it would be nice to have a reverse camera because this has got a coupe body shape it means the vr at the back is pretty small but it’s definitely not the hardest car to park the turning circle is actually really good in this car coming out of junctions this s-tronic gearbox it’s the same gearbox that they use in the gti the golf r the

Leon cooper the audi s3 and it does a great job of blending gears together that combined with the quattro system that makes this a pretty quick car off the line okay we’re gonna reset the computer now and see what mpg we get driving around town on the motorway and some twisty roads okay we’re at a national speed limit so i’ll put the car into dynamic this will

Drop a couple of gears make the steering heavier and make the throttle response even sharper and i can use these boy eraser paddles that don’t actually come with the car previous owner added them and you can see this is a pretty quick car that quattro all-wheel drive combined with a stage one gti engine makes this basically like a golf r with an a5 body it’s

Pretty cool really for now we’re gonna leave it in efficiency and see what mpg we get on the motorway okay what about road noise and wind noise then well even though we are riding on 20 inch wheels which are pretty big for this car there’s still almost no road noise audi are always really good at ironing out things like that in their cars but this is especially

Good considering we’re riding on their low and stiffened suspension as well i don’t know if you know but this audi a5 is actually one of the most aero efficient cars in audi’s lineup with a drag coefficient of just 0.32 it means there’s almost no wind noise from the front of the car and the wing mirrors have been designed specifically to get rid of wind noise

You can see those little fins on the side so doing long journeys in this car is really pleasant in terms of visibility well it’s okay it’s obviously not going to be as good as an audi a4 because the windows are actually frameless the a-pillar is quite thin and the b-pillar is still quite far back because you’ve got that coupe body shape so it means looking

In your blind spot is actually not that hard to do plus the wing mirrors come with this little curved bit of glass so you can see in your blind spot anyway in terms of comfort these have got to be some of the comfiest seats i’ve ever sat in they’ve got so much padding in them so you can just like i mean it feels like you’re sitting on a sofa basically you can

Adjust the pitch of the base of the seat quite a lot so you get tons of under thigh support there’s also a little extendable bit so you can get even more and the seats themselves hug you quite well so you’re not flopping about in the corners but they still have quite a lot of giving them so you can move around in them over long journeys in terms of mpg they say

This a5 will get about 44 to 48 on the combined cycle and that kind of makes sense because of the quattro system and the fact this is slightly heavier than something like a golf gti you could expect a little bit less economy but it’s not going to be a massive difference remember this is a slipperier car the interior quality though is where audi really shines all

The materials are so consistent nothing ever feels cheap you’ve got squidgy material here here down here everywhere basically in the cabin apart from maybe right in the bottom of the door cards but even then the plastics they do use are really high quality so you can’t really visually see that they’re of a lower quality than anything else in the cabin and the

Design i think this is one of the best design cabins ergonomically in the industry it was a year before we introduced touch screens into these cars and i just think this scroll wheel is so much better functionally when you’re moving than a touch screen you don’t have to faff around with any menus with your finger you don’t have to even take your eyes off the road

For more than a couple of seconds audi please go back to this system it is so much better okay coming off the motorway we only managed 33.8 miles to the gallon but you can see it’s still going up and i think we just didn’t do a long enough stint so realistically you’d probably see like 45 miles of gallon which is pretty close to what they claim right let’s see

How this car handles some twistier roads on some twistier roads then as you saw before this is as quick as an a35 so it’s actually got the performance of a golf r but there is one key difference that this car has that the golf r doesn’t have and that is a proper torson quattro system and it turns this car into something quite spectacular i have to say the

Rear end drive you get coming out of corners means you can carry insane speed and you get almost no understeer for a car that’s supposedly comfort and family orientated i think this actually handles better than quite a few hot hatches and that isn’t actually only due to the proper quattro system this car has double wishbone suspension meaning it can keep

The car flatter around the tighter corners so on a b road i really think you’d struggle to get away from this car even if you’re in a high-end hot hatch the only thing that tells you that this is a more family orientated comfy car is actually the steering it’s precise but you have to put just a little bit more lock in compared to something like a golf r or a

Cuprette but because this has actually got dynamic steering just like all the other v8 hot hatches it means when you’re going faster you have to put less steering input in to turn you around the corner so this car feels really dynamic the stage one tune has taken this from a pretty well sorted pretty fast family car into something that i really don’t think is

Any slower than an s5 on a b road if anything the front end actually feels a tad sharper because there’s less weight over the nose purely because this is a two liter not a three liter v6 and the custom exhaust whilst it may not pop and bang it still gives you those really funny dsg farts and it gives you just enough theater to actually have quite a good amount

Of fun on a b road and with the traction control off you can actually get this car sideways and it actually gets more fun to drive the wetter the road is and for the uk that’s actually perfect look at that even the first gear acceleration is really impressive knock 60 this car will do 4.6 seconds exactly the same as an s5 and even after that i think it’d keep

Up all the way up until about 100 miles an hour but look coming around the corner like this just put your foot down and you can go i can go around that corner in this as fast as i can do it in my cupra and that is pretty high praise well we’ve seen what this car is like round town on the motorway and on some twisty roads and i have to say i am pleasantly

Surprised at how good this car is for what it is the performance is absolutely staggering and i think if you’re actually considering buying a golf r i would seriously look at one of these first because it feels exactly the same in terms of pace and finesse on the road except it actually feels a little bit better on the handling front if you lowered this

And gave it some stiffer springs there is pretty much nothing on a b road that would get away from you under about 70 000 pounds and as you can hear with a custom exhaust you can actually make this car sound pretty good plus you still get the advantage of the efficiency of a two liter engine even after all that hard driving we still manage 26.2 mpg and i know

For a fact on a long run you can get about 45 which is a lot more than you’d get in something like an s5 or an rs5 then in terms of finance you’d be looking at about 2k down 400 pounds a month for a car like this and keep in mind that is pretty similar to a golf r yet you get slightly better handling you get better looks i mean that’s personal preference it’s a

Coupe body shape i do think it looks better and you get a better quality interior there’s almost no downside to having this kind of car so if you are in the market for something like an s5 i’d look at one of these first keep some cash in your bank modify the exhaust give it a stage one tune and you’ve got something pretty good fun and one final thing i wanted

To mention is actually nothing to do with performance it’s the cup holders i think they’re brilliant every car should have cupholders like this they fit pretty much anything you want and they have little griffoo bits so even small cans don’t rattle around when you’re driving down the road as always i hope you like the review if you did give it a like and why

Not subscribe to our channel not only can you see more videos like this you’ll also be able to see all the stock we have for sale my name’s tom and you’ve been watching paragon cars i’ll see you on the next one goodbye

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2017 Stage 1 Audi A5 2.0L Quattro DRIVING POV/REVIEW By Paragon Cars London

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