2017 rogue sport s
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2017 Rogue Sport S

Hello my name is steven with gp motor company i’m about to show you the car that you’ve inquired about the first one is the 2017 silver rogue sport with just 30 000 miles on it um just like looking at this car right off the bat it looks like the hell is very very subtle typically hell takes out the tail lights this one does have a little chip right there it wouldn’t

Affect the way the tail light functions it’s got this little one right there um and if you want those like fixed i can point you in the right direction of like where to get those done like to for really inexpensive um but hail typically falls from a side so it looks like it came down on this side you’ve got these little small ones right here on the trim got that

One and a few along this side of this trim other than that like the panels look really good um the hood is amazing it is substantially less than the majority of the cars that we have here you can tell that the storm was very light there was like a lot of hail but it just wasn’t heavy enough so the dings and everything aren’t profound um in fact we’re like when

You’re like kind of standing for mike right here you can’t even like really see them and then in direct sunlight they they’re also hidden and the color is also good for hell because it they just all tend to blend in um there are the tires on this guy you’re probably like at maybe 50 60 percent uh but this side is clean like i said hell came from the other side

Other than like the little the the pieces of trim right here that is what the roof is going to look like so this car is like in in really good shape um a super minor hell come on in it super quick so here are the insides to this car there’s the back it’s really clean um it looks like they left uh some conditioner in the the cup holders and i can get them to

Clean that up that will wipe right up um but there’s no funky smell there’s no there was no smoke smell so let’s start this guy up looks like the battery’s gonna need a little bit of charge i’ll get that checked out so there’s no check engine lights it’s blinking because it’s led and cell phone cameras don’t do well with led lighting so it’s not blinking in real

Life but it will be blinking on the video um so stereo works uh let’s try the air conditioner um and it it’s cool right away so air conditioner is fully functioning you’ve got your voice activation your cruise control um all your different settings like right here where you can access um different portions of the heads up display or the control cluster mind

Controls like this the radio that’s those are your presets it has xm stereo um it has a bluetooth so you can connect your phone to it um here is the um it does have like a sport mode to get to sport mode you just click it over and then that is your shift down that is to shift up shift up shift down uh so it drives really nice it’s in really good condition it’s

Really clean on the inside and that is this car let me know if you have any questions on this guy talk to you soon

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2017 Rogue Sport S By Foxnet

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