2017 ram promaster city camperva
Altair Club Cars 2017 Ram Promaster City Campervan for Climbers

2017 Ram Promaster City Campervan for Climbers

Selling our 2017 Ram Promaster City Campervan, check it out!

Hey there and uh thanks for checking out our 2017 ram promaster city camper van uh now this van is for sale so in this first video we’re just gonna be doing sort of the showroom floor tour but in later videos we’ll get more into the details of uh you know why we chose the promaster city different aspects of the design how we use it and that sort of thing and

Hopefully that will be useful for others in the future so let’s get started with the tour okay so as i mentioned this is a 2017 ram promaster city and this particular vehicle we bought fully loaded so it’s got bluetooth navigation backup camera as well as the factory uh tow package and then you can see up top here we’ve got 200 watts of solar and a max air fan

In the back there and if we just come in and check out the inside first we’ll flip on the lights here uh that solar is powering a 100 amp hour uh gel battery you can see that you’ve got a bench seat comfortably seats uh two people and converts into a bed that is very close to almost full-size bed dimensions you can see we’ve got some storage uh in the back three

Shelves for storing all of our stuff uh that cabinet there is for the electrical equipment which we’ll get to in a second and down here we have the kitchen so uh we have a dc uh refrigerator compressor refrigerator we’ve got these two boxes hold all of our kitchen and food equipment as well as that milk crate there and uh yeah that’s basically it for the inside

There if we come around to the back let’s open the doors here we can see we have the folded up bed and you can see this was an important aspect of the design well first here you can see the uh the shelves up there but you can see that underneath the bed it’s it’s completely open uh for storage uh here you can see uh throughout the van we’ve got uh upholstered

Insulation and uh so let’s jump inside and and find out a little bit more about how everything works in there okay so uh we will do uh a bit of a close-up on a couple of the aspects in here uh but first i just wanted to give you a sense of what it’s like to to be in the van so just for reference uh i am 5’7 but i have a really really long torso and you can see

That uh i can sit in here comfortably uh with with a decent amount of clearance uh actually just over the past winter we had another friend who’s over six feet tall also with a long torso and you know he did have to hunch a little bit but just with the angle of the bench um you know we were in here for several hours actually because it was really cold outside and

So even for somebody tall it can definitely work in a pinch it is four feet wide so it’s uh nice and and comfortable and the the way that i the reason i wanted to do this front area with the bench uh was so that in a pinch you could hang out uh in it and so these boxes here there’s you know two uh custom made boxes uh those can be uh the the front seats can be

Pushed forward and leaned forward um and then the the boxes can be set at the base of the seats and actually act as seating uh for two people and then two people can sit on the bench and you can actually have uh four people uh in here we have done that on occasion uh but um you know having three people and then a dog in the front seat uh was no problem uh and so

Like i said the other aspect that i wanted to show is what the bed looks like and how it looks like to set up the bed so let’s get into that so as i said before the bench here is is what’s used to create the bed um and so if we’re going to turn it into bed mode the first thing we’re going to do is uh remove there’s a latch back here and so i’m just going to unlatch

That then there’s also this strap over here so i’ll unclip that and then this bench is in a slot i just take it out of its slot i bring it forward there’s this little lip at the front that the bench sits on and then you can actually see uh there are legs on the other side underside of the bench so we fold those legs out and then there are actually two latches

Underneath the bed and we can latch the bench in place and now you can see it’s a nice stable platform and then here we have our three piece bed and it’s very straightforward we just pull it out push down the various pieces and as i mentioned you know a standard full-size bed is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long uh this is 50 inches wide which is i’m finding

Out a lot wider even than the full-sized beds in a lot of campers and so 50 inches wide almost a full-size width and then the platform itself is only 70 inches long but uh the mattress hangs over a couple of inches so it’s about 50 by uh 72 inches again two people not very big people but two people sleep very very comfortably in here and uh we then we have a

Dog in the in the front seat and so that’s one thing as well you’ll notice we don’t actually use any sort of curtain in this van and we don’t have any sort of curtain installed because as small as it is we like to keep it as open as possible and instead we just have three custom made window covers that we actually keep above the camera right here um and above the

The driver and the passenger and we put those up uh whenever we’re ready to sleep so let’s look at a couple of other aspects in here okay so first i just wanted to go into a little bit more detail about the kitchen and just show you what i mean by that so first of all we do have the fridge here very easy to pull out this is actually relatively new fridge just

Bought a little while ago and bought the two year extended warranty which i’m hoping will transfer with it just to give you a sense of the amount of space that’s in there and how you take it in and out here uh in this box uh we have a two burner foldable partner stove uh that we cook on with this small propane tank that we have right here uh almost never in the

Van it’s it’s meant for outside that’s why we have the boxes so it’s easy to move things around and this also contains all of our pots and pans then down here we have everything else that you would need for cooking we can store food in this container as well as in that milk crate there again everything is very easily movable since you know we’re usually cooking

Outside and maybe a little bit of a distance away from the band if there’s a picnic table or something like that okay so getting into the electrical a little bit more as i mentioned before this is a 100 amp hour battery and that battery is charged by uh a charge controller which we can see right here we have a meter for controlling the charge controller this is an

Additional battery meter that i installed because it actually has an alarm to let you know if your battery gets to too low a voltage and you need to do something about it you can also see that we have an inverter so we’re able to have ac power as well and here just to show a little bit more detail on uh the cubbies you know everything is baltic birch plywood and

Uh here in the back it’s a little bit difficult to see but we have um two we have we have three dc ports one is being used by the fridge one has been converted into usb and then the other one is also been converted into usb uh but that cable actually comes over to here so that uh both folks like when sleeping at night can charge their phones and then additionally

Very nicely again difficult to see but mounted right back here is a very small power strip that allows you uh to get the ac power so what the electrical system uh is powering is the fridge uh the lights right we can see we have led light strips right around here the fan and then anything else that you want to plug into the system okay so to close this tour out

The last thing i wanted to mention is just about all of our stuff so we do use this to go rock climbing and we have to carry a lot of stuff especially crash pads and the way that we’ve got this set up for short trips we actually carry two large organic pads in here there’s some of the the biggest crash pads uh or we also have a tow hitch uh rack that we attach to

The back for longer trips so that we can leave the bed set up and then we carry those crash pads on there um otherwise you know it’s amazing the amount of stuff that you can fit uh underneath the bed in that storage area and we may get into that in some other videos the last little bit that i did want to mention here is uh if you can tell we don’t have any sort

Of built out floor and part of the reason for that is that it gives us a little bit more additional flexibility um and we made use of that flexibility and actually kind of the weird architecture of the promaster city to provide additional storage actually underneath the floor this is usually part of the tour and so we actually have a little porthole right here

And you can see that we’ve got more stuff uh stored in there a lot of things more for the road emergency food that sort of thing and there’s actually another cubby uh right over there as well with more stuff in it so additional storage uh we do have a spare tire on this particular vehicle and it is mounted underneath just wanted to mention that there so that uh

It’s been sort of the showroom floor tour of our ram pro master city uh camper van and like i said in future videos hopefully we’ll get more into uh the design and things to consider things we might change but overall we’ve been really really happy with it had it for three years driven all over the western united states and looking to give it to a new home all right

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2017 Ram Promaster City Campervan for Climbers By Casey Zak

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