2017 ram 2500 crew cab
Altair Club Cars 2017 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

2017 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

#LarryV is showing a 2017 Ram 2500 Crew Cab – 5U211396 Live at Transwest Truck Trailer RV #TTTRV

Good morning everyone and welcome to transwest truck trailer rv we’re located in frederick colorado my name is larry vickers the inventory item that we’re going to take a look at today actually just hits the lot today it’s very very new to us it was traded in for one of the rvs across the street the gentleman that had it was kind of in the upper level of law

Enforcement and there’s going to be a couple of add-ons that we’re going to look at today they’re a little bit unique but they’re very practical at the same time this is a 2017 ram 2500 diesel the trim package is laramie this truck has a payload of three thousand one hundred and sixty it is also the blackout package and we’ll go over that and see some things

That are a little bit different than what we’re used to seeing for example if we take a look at the ram logo see how that’s blacked out so we’re used to seeing silver when we see the ram logo but in this particular case it’s blacked out another addition that he put on the truck is this grille guard i really like this type when people do this because this is

Really stout and heavy enough to protect things but it’s not one of those big gaudy look at me ones so from that standpoint it’s practical you know in terms of guarding your truck and protecting your investment in addition to that there’s a light bar located right across the front this is stock number 5u 2113 that is the cummins 6.7 liter engine coupled

With a six-speed automatic transmission now this truck offers 370 horsepower in addition to that 800 foot-pounds of torque as we start to walk around the truck you will see he does have he did put aftermarket rims on it to continue basically the blackout process in addition really an aggressive heavy-duty type tire as well those are 35 12.5 r20s so 20 inch

Rims right here is our cummins turbo diesel badge and the ram 2500 heavy duty see all of it blacked out as well let me take a look inside the driver’s seat you’ll notice when i open the door the running boards do come down and put themselves back up so it comes with heated and vented seats in the front and heated seats in the back right here is where we adjust

Our seats and we can set memory to it right here as well this is where we adjust the steering wheel in addition to that here is for the light so right now we are set to auto this trick is a metallic charcoal gray and you can kind of see the gold specks within the paint itself when we take a look in the back seat this simply pops up and underneath you can have

This little protective guard you can put down to protect the floor as well there are weathertech floor mats in the front and all across the back here’s the button for the heated seats in the rear underneath here is both the fuel tank and the def tank as well now when we take a look directly behind the vehicle some things we can notice way up high we can see

One of the backup cameras furthermore there’s a backup camera located here now as we put the tailgate down we can see the anderson hitch so that kind of basically adapts it to a fifth wheel so if you are in a situation where you need a fifth wheel and at the same time you need a goose neck you can remove that so you can use the truck for both purposes tie

Down hooks located here lights on each side and you turn those on by turning on the cargo light and we’ll look at that once we get inside as you can see the truck does come with a bed liner as well as we come on down we see sensors located all across the back bumper it does have a towing package for a bumper pull trailer with light hookups here and here as we

Continue to walk around the truck you’ll notice that he did put a leveling kit on it so that’s not a lift but a leveling kit which really levels the truck out and makes it look that much sharper the truck does come with a tonneau cover located up top as well to protect belongings inside that bed as we take a look here again these seats pop up with the cover as

Well there’s a slot right here for belongings and a couple of charge ports located up there now let’s crawl on in and take a closer look push button start this truck has 64 thousand 350 miles on it so as we kind of take a look from the top down this is where our lights are for inside the cab this switch here opens and closes the window directly behind us this

Like all chrysler products comes with uconnect and some of the things that we can do from there we can take a look at the backup camera and we have a couple of different options uh we can even take a look there and you can also adjust to so the camera for the bumper pull as well we can turn the heated seats on for the driver we can go to climate right here and

Adjust some things in terms of how hot or how cold we want it to be in the cab so just some things we can do from here as well as we come on down you can completely shut the screen off if you’re driving a night and that glare is kind of getting to you we have basic climate control located right here now as we come on down i mean there are a few buns but they’re

Really self-explanatory and make things easy for us park assist we looked at the sensors for the park assist in the rear well it also has that in the front as well this is the exhaust break so we would use that when we are pulling the trailer we’re coming downhill things like that that help slow us down which obviously makes things safer for you and your family

As well toe assist located right here traction control here now there are some auxiliaries for example if you wanted to put in additional cameras a radar detector things of that nature you can hook them up right here this is the trailer brake located there this is for four wheel drive this truck has four wheel drive capability and we can adjust that here two wheel

High and low now here’s the very unique part about this okay as we get into the console that’s a safe he had his own safe put in here and he used that to hold firearms things of that nature so this has its own safe built in as well so that’s your not something that we see every day so kind of a unique truck that we have on the market one that’s that is very rare

But it’s still very high quality it’s already been through the service department everything’s ready to go so if you have any other questions about it please feel free to give me a call 970-370-4067 the work extension three 303-684-340 zero four feel free to email me at larry.vickers at transwest.com thanks for tuning in today

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