2017 ram 1500 laramie longhorn c
Altair Club Cars 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab

2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab

Skt# M170005

All right this is lewis from bozak motors in maryville indiana today we’ve got a beautiful truck here this is the ram laramie longhorn edition just a gorgeous looking vehicle so just going to do a little walk around for you on this truck to show you what you’re getting on it if you have any questions feel free to give me a call at two one nine seven three eight

Two three two three again this is lewis from bozack and marival alright so just taking a look at as you can see this is a gorgeous truck in the white this is giving you some awesome 20-inch wheels you’ve got the very pronounced ramped chrome grille up front of course followed by some awesome features of some tow hooks in case you need some recovery you’ve got

Forward parking sensors on this truck you’re going to have led turn signals and projected headlamps on the front of this vehicle as well moving over to the side of the truck you can see this one is the crew cab configuration with these six four box in it featuring the 5.7 liter v8 hemi and then of chrome to dress up the side as well so you’ve got chrome mirrors

Chrome door handles chrome window sill guards and then an awesome chrome finish wheel to wheel side step i’m sorry cab lengths side step on this truck moving over just showing you some of the features that you’re going to find on the interior of this truck which is just gorgeous they’ve got the nice pronounced large laramie longhorn ram badging with that kind of

A western-themed design imprinted on the badge on the side of the truck so you know what you’re driving and other people are going to know what you’re driving as well this it’s not just a normal ram this is de laramie longhorn so coming over to the back of the truck you’re going to see that nice big rams logo on the back along with that laramie longhorn badge

On the side you’re going to pick up your backup sensors dual exhaust seven and four pin wiring harness all set to go if you need to tow and then of course you’re going to have your backup camera this is going to feature a spray in bedliner in the back of this truck as well and this is a lockable tailgate so if you lend up putting a cap on the back of this truck

You’re going to be able to lock that tailgate nice and secure your goods in so another feature you’re going to get on this opposed to some other rams is you’re going to get the wheel flares so you’re getting the body colored to match wheel flares to give it more of a pronounced a luxury type look so just a gorgeous looking truck let’s go ahead and move over to

The inside and show you what you’re getting there speaking of getting into the inside you’re going to have a passive entry system so as long as the keys with you just got touch the door handle to unlock push the button to lock it all passive so you don’t have to be fumbling looking for your key it’s going to all you have to do is have it with you moving over the

Interior here this is the star of the show in my opinion is the interior you’ve got real wood trim on the steering wheel along with on the center console you’re going to have real wood trim there as well it’s an open pour wood along with your center stack there around your big 8.4 touchscreen radio dual climate control for both driver and passenger heated seats

Cooled seats heated steering wheel your forward and back parking sensor disarmed where you can turn it off of course we’ve got made it to our 8-speed automatic transmission our four-wheel drive system is going to feature the auto mode as well so you can you can drive to four-wheel drive on more surfaces without damaging your without damaging your four-wheel drive

System it’s going to feature an alpine sound system you connect assist for roadside assistance and vehicle care by the push of a button right there on the mirror which is awesome you know if that’s not focusing there and then you’re going to have a power sliding rear window and that is the frosted rear window too which is kind of a rare feature to find on the ramp

So you’re going to have home link for the garage door opener up top and then of course you’ve got all your bluetooth connectivity so if you want to make your phone calls and what have you’re going to be able to do that right from the steering wheel cruise control and gear selection as well so really really awesome features moving over to the driver’s side door

Again bringing that awesome really nice leather wrapped side here with the stitching going along to match that saddle interior color dressed in chrome just an awesome luxury looking truck he’s got even the nice big am dorsal guards on the on the entry as well so just going to turn this on here so you can see what that digital tft display looks like going through

All your customization features we can see all the information on the vehicle from trip odometer fuel economy all that good stuff right there so just an awesome a load of technology and they’ve done it in kind of a and like a kind of a golden type finish there on the steering wheel and of course on the dash as well so just beautiful interior you even see that in

The logo of the back splash of the 84 screen so i won’t go too crazy in this but of course we’ve got all the features navigation yelp integration hands-free navigation entry all of your phone connectivity everything right through that 8.4 screen just beautiful technology you’re going to follow see here on the dashboard is going to be wrapped in leather as well and

You’re going to follow that stitching so really attention to detail is what this truck is all about even moving over to the passenger side they’ve done that western-style beam there and then a proud laramie longhorn chrome badge there as well that is a dual glovebox setup so you’ve got on top and bottom on there so just a gorgeous gorgeous interior on this and

Take a look at these seats so just to do a close-up on here you’ve got the black piping with the stitching along the seat is very difficult to to do and why you only see it in higher and luxury brand vehicles because when you’re doing a production type truck or any vehicle that is hard to get to really have it a good fit and finish and not be crooked and and fit

Right so they do do that on the laramie longhorn with that very soft interior leather the the proud badging that’s stitched on the backrest as well and then you’ve got the perforated leather obviously because this one is the ventilated seat along with the heated they do that chrome with the cover here and that beautiful looking wood inside of there along with your

Little bit of storage and fold holder and power source of course thumb in the armrest here you’ve got your usb sb sorry usb auxiliary and your power sort and another usb source here so you’ve got actually two and auxilary and then down in here you’re going to have even deeper storage inside of there so coming over to the back seat here to show you what what the

Back seat looks like you do have a 60 60/40 split here so if you only want to pull one side or the other you can do so and they follow that beautiful interior back here and then even on the backs of these seat pockets they do these western-style bucket buckles on the back of the seats so just really gorgeous interior leather in this vehicle this is also going to

Come with all weather slush mats as well that they haven’t forgot about so they’re not even slacking on that just take a look at these slush mats so they even integrate the barbwire western-themed in the slush mats and that color matching inserts on these which you can actually remove you can snap out and go to just straight rubber if you want or if you want to

Take these out and clean them in the backpack here it’s also going to feature feature a in floor storage bin on both sides of the crew cab configuration so you can use these as coolers pull these out of the liner if you want to clean them out and then you’re also going to have a flat floor storage area back here so some other manufacturers they have a flat floor

Underneath their seats but the problem is your seating position as a tall person i’m 6 foot 4 you’re going to find that your knees are in your chest inside of those vehicles in this case here ram has answered that giving you the flat floor with this set up here and that actually is going to give you a little bit of storage underneath that if you need to you know

Put your dogs back here or just carry something inside the back but you don’t want to put in the bed but what this configuration is going to allow you to have a much more comfortable seating position for taller people in the back so that your knees don’t feel like they’re in your chest so even the little led or the little lights underneath the seats for for ambient

Lighting underneath if you’re looking something so this is pretty much just a quick overview of the ram it went over a little longer than normal but i could not talk about the gorgeous interior and fit and finishes of this vehicle so if you have any questions please feel free to let me know again my name is luis here at bozek motors in marival you can reach me at

Two one nine seven three eight two three two three hopefully we’ll talk to you soon have a great day

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2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab By Luis Garcia at Bosak Motors

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