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Altair Club Cars 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman & 718 Porsche Cayman S (982) FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

2017 Porsche 718 Cayman & 718 Porsche Cayman S (982) FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives a MAJOR shift in the Porsche world: The 2017 718 Porsche Cayman S – a/k/a The 982 Porsche Cayman. In the Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas, MotoMan focuses on two key elements of this switch from the iconic flat 6 Porsche engine to the second in a family of engines from Porsche – a flat four which itself is a derivation of the 3.0 flat six we drove in the Porsche 991.2 back in April. However, MotoMan does not take the gravity of this change lightly as it is more than just a downsized engine with a turbo fitted to it – it is a major shift in the Porsche orthodoxy so MotoMan goes on a journey to determine if it retains key Porsche hallmarks – and also stops in to see an old friend . . .

Friends not many people outside of our little colloquy here know that we communicate in a secret language when we speak to our mothers girlfriends or even the likes of nancy pelosi we proudly tell them when we drive in 9/11 or a caiman but when we geek out amongst ourselves we trade codes like 9 9 1.2 or 981 and often says a lot about our car iq but also about

The very car we drive but what happens when that number changes to 7 1 8 or more importantly 9 8 – so in the tech review of this we unpacked a lot of things one you can’t see the engine and two a whole lot of technology that was pilfered from the nine nine 1.2 we’re not going to cover that again here click on the link above and you can go back and we can geek out

About tech all you want but today we’re going to talk about numbers so this is the cayman s behind me the 7 1 h became an s that is considered what the nine eight to platform in the base version it is a 2-liter four-cylinder engine with a single turbocharger that’s good for 300 horsepower count of 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque what’s interesting

Is that torque comes in at a very low rpm of 1950 rpm very unusual for a boxer engine people and stays flat all the way up to 4500 rpm then there’s this behind me 350 horsepower but more interestingly 309 pound feet of torque which comes in even at a lower rpm 1900 okay so not that much but stays flat all the way up to 4500 as well now there are boost pressure

Differences so in the base car it’s 19 pounds of boost and this one it’s a little bit less it’s actually 16 pounds of boost but also in that tech with you i tell you why but now i think it’s time to go and drive it okay people here we are two incredibly important jobs on our hands same as we heading at nine nine 1.2 and i’ll admit it i’m nervous who else um hey

Does it develop power does it make power the same way and be and almost more important does it sound like a portion well let’s unpack the first one down shift a bit put our foot into it santa maria madre de dios okay this is yellow is definitely fast definitely fast but have i said that we’re in austin or just outside of austin and let’s just say the plummets i

They’re very they want to come out and greet you especially if you’re going in aggressive speeds and i for one don’t really want to introduce them to the cayman s so we’re gonna slow down a bit and look at this from a more cerebral point of view that torque curve that we talked about the tech review the 1900 in the case of the s all the way up to 4500 that tells

The story of how this thing develops power like i’m a treehouse right now let’s it’s instantaneous from a flat four-cylinder put aside the turbo for a minute from a flat four-cylinder it’s instantaneous power something you wouldn’t have got from a flat anything let alone four-cylinder and now we need to press on and unpack the second question one i would argue is

Almost as important as the first does it sound like a porsche so with that let’s downshift one more gear put our foot into it from inside the car it sounds like something’s going on there it certainly sounds like a flat germanic engine one that has a sport exhaust as this one is fitted but people’s the gravity of this situation is not lost on us so we need to try

Something unconventional the window down we’re back still in second gear let’s put our foot into it their gear like the second gear slow it down a little bit it sounds like something it doesn’t sound like a floor show like that milotic cherub like puppy dog very aggressive puppy dog but puppy dogs sound is it’s missing it’s cool but it’s but it’s not a portion

So there’s a little very funny thing in the car world you see there are engineers there are designers there are marketing people and they all really have the same job and that is to convince you and people like me that they have developed a better mousetrap than the next guy sometimes even porsche needs to do this but you see when we approach this it’s a little

Bit more difficult because some of the engineers designers and marketing people that you and i have met and i have put on camera from other car companies they take the money that they have made from other car companies and they buy that so that would say a lot about the driving dynamics of that wouldn’t it okay a couple of important things about this specific aim

Number one it’s an s number two it’s fitted with sport chrono number three it’s fitted with passim and number four it’s fitted with sports suspension so that means straight out of the box it rides 20 mils lower now something i didn’t tell you guys in the tech review i spoke with one of the the chassis engineers and he was saying in the remit of three design here

And they were like the base car the base setting in passim they wanted it to be closer to what the previous s was so let’s downshift a bit when our foot into it and this is not a perfect road i guess cause you forget amount of stability like the plane of motion isn’t disturbed by the road but now let’s downshift go around this corner here and this is normal mode

And well not perfect there’s no it’s wrong very flat which you would expect in a cayman so check there now let’s come around this turn here switch to sport and now we’re riding a bit stiffer it field a little bit it’s not a huge difference but really you feel the imperfections in the road a bit more but what do you want i really have to focus on is sport plus and

This is a much tighter road here so let’s downshift a bit break break break break break drop much tighter turn almost a hairpin and it’s this so much confidence in this thing which you had in previous caimans but now it’s like otherworldly oh my god i love this car santa maria montevideo us let’s just happen we need to try that again so let’s get some speed up

Downshift down the second actually brake brake brake brake brake come around here but tighter again oh yes it’s like an extension of yourself like your brain please go this way and it just does like i hate to say this but that much closer to my beloved flotus and it actually has power windows at work it’s an interesting touch what’s the old saying when in rome

Do as the romans well we’re not in rome so that means we need to see our old friend jaime also my old boss from now this is different here we were over on the other side what’s going on here this is up to our original pity this is 1967 so this is the original salt lip it’s what your father used to rock yes okay now not only does this look different there’s other

Pieces of meat here that you added since i left yeah we got two new additions on to a menu we got our bison ribs and then we have our prime rib now is this like the turkey it only comes on the weekend yeah yeah it’s only on sundays i’m glad i came on a sunday okay so which one’s this is the bison this air this is the bites it all man tyler didn’t tell me you had

Bison today my son about modernity deals brian breaker is that is incredibly good-looking i think you need to break off a piece of that for me before i know yeah you gonna do that okay we’re gonna let him get back to work you didn’t need help tonight cuz it’s a weekend yeah we gonna work your pet for you and always you some hill okay you know what i’ll tell you

What you take the porsche and i’ll work the pay but that’s something i did good trick it’s always good seeing you again now i would be from this i didn’t share this one teensy weensy little fact with you this very car here is probably the nicest came and as you will ever see in your life because it has practically every option look cows cows odd to be a cow it

Is all right just saying this one is this cool lava orange it’s got the carbon fiber it has the cool sports seats it’s got the amazing cool wheels like the gray wheels i it has passim sport i mean everything you know what as a bonus question i want you to guess what the retail price of this vehicle is i will give you the base price sixty six thousand us but i have

Already told you some of the options and there are more which you could probably see just by looking at this film and looking at some of the exterior footage of this car again the nicest came in as you will ever see guess what the retail price of this vehicle is a no i don’t care what it sounds like i really i really want i do actually i want it with the sunroof i

Know you call me a freak for this but i want it for the sun we got well well this is one of those right-brain left-brain kind of things or cerebral versus the heart on from a cerebral point of view i love that actually even from a hard point of view like the point where you like you put your foot into it and it goes fast and people it goes like unexpectedly fast

Like for example i never like to talk money on the show and i’ve been doing this a lot but the bass version of this is like 53 grand and even that one’s a fast car and it’s like wow that’s when it really gets your heart pumping but then there’s that that thing that i fell in love with in hawaii that 3.8 liter the sound that came out of that santa maria madre de

Dios that sound did not make a transition through the surgery of lopping off two cylinders is that a bad thing no but is it the kind of thing that would give me pause if i’m honest i’d have to really spend some time thinking about it other than that i have truly enjoyed my time for this so that is the point where i need to turn this around to you guys and pose

This very question to you would the oral stimulation that was the six-cylinder not having that would that put you off of the nine eight to version i keep on moving on numbers around nine eight two seven one eight whatever they call it but like the platform is called nine a – would it put you off by not having that step that melodious sound of the six cylinder

Would it be enough to have that power which does speak to your heart but there’s just this one little piece missing and you know what i’m not just looking for yes or no i’m looking for what have you done to your car and it doesn’t have to be a cayman or even a porsche or a corvette or even a fancy car like this what have you done to your car to improve the oral

Linguistics i like that oral linguistics of your vehicle let me know in the comment or via our social media motoman tv olmert motoman tv learnt facebook twitter and instagram and with that i won’t leave you with two things make sure you download our fancy new mobile application which you could download for free at apple itunes and google play and did you know that

The app lets you know when there are new episodes that are live so you don’t have to listen to me on facebook like threaten you with like dogs and like all sorts of things so you can watch the episodes and we’re also live on five counting five international airlines and at number two a fun fact so portia brought over two engineers one power train and one suspension

Engineer and i got to spend some time with both probably really talk their ear off so i apologize but one of them is one of these guys you just don’t want to like his name is daniel the guy looks like he’s 2 years old he’s been working at porsche for 15 years and i’d like to point out when i came out of college i worked at apple computer and my job was going from

Retail store to retail store to make sure people knew how to use apple computers yes apple computers are cool today back then no one wanted him this guy daniel his first job out of university was engineering the suspension on a porsche carrera gt really and you know what when i grow up i want to be daniel until i see you next time for i think there is going to be

A tech review of the boxster seven one eight bish beta

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2017 Porsche 718 Cayman & 718 Porsche Cayman S (982) FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2) By MotoManTV

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