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Altair Club Cars 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S | GC Motors

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S | GC Motors

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Hi welcome to gc motors today i’m going to talk around our 2017 porsche 718 boxster that we have in stock it’s a lovely car this boxster s uh and yeah today i’m just going to talk around the whole car so we’ll start off down at the front so there will be some age related wear and tear due to the age of mileage as you’d expect but we guarantee no scratches through

The paint work no dents and no scuffs to the alloy wheels so here at gc motors in harrogate on ripon road we’ve got our service and preparation center on site here and we’ve also spent about two million pounds recently investing in a fully equipped body shop and what this means is all the cars they get to go through the same rigorous process and they’ll get prepped

To the same high standard so we’ll just take a look down here in the bonnet so the carrera white metallic paint here and you can see we’ve also got front parking sensors there on the front bumper we’ll come around to the side 20 inch carrera s alloys there with the monochrome sensor caps we’ve also got the red brake calipers behind as well up top we get the

Black convertible roof on this car and you’ll have to excuse the weather today it’s a bit of a rainy day here in harrogate north yorkshire so we just come around to the back now see the 718 boxster s badging there in chrome on the boot lid the tail pipes there the twin exhausts we’ll just continue around the driver’s side we’ll get a good look at that carrera

White metallic paint see it’s in great condition on this car two previous owners this car somebody very well looked after okay next up let’s jump inside start having a look through the interior as we go around the back there you can see the retractable spoiler there so that can there just adjust up and down we’ve got the switch in the middle of the car which we’ll

See as we go through so here we go so black leather interior on this boxster with the aluminium trim there across the door that continues over the dash you can see here we’ve got the bose speaker system so bows have done there on the speakers and porsches as an option for uh for quite a long time now and they make a fantastic sound system as well as getting the

Roof down got the great sound system in the car you can see fully electrically adjustable seats there as well another option there to have all the uh all the seat controls down there on the side of the seat should get a good look across the dash there we’ll take a look down the seats so we can see that leather’s in really good condition here on the driver side

Again we get the fully electrically adjustable seats but here on the driver’s side we see we’ve got memory settings there so you’ve got a couple different drivers using the car you can have the memory settings set there so you just jump in and get it set up to your preference straight away again the bose speakers of course those seat controls that’s just a bit of

Water there from the rain on the seat as well it’s not a marks there’s nothing to worry about there let’s take a look down the driver’s seat so let’s jump in now and i’ll talk you through some of the features here on the interior there we go got that carbon carbon style key there just pop that in we’ll get it started up as you can see on the dash i just have 38

000 miles on the clock here so on the steering wheel we’ve got the aluminium shift pedals there on the back so pdk gearbox porsche’s automatic gearbox and yeah we can now shift through the gears manually on the pedals there across here let’s take a look at the central screen different radio options here dab radio as well satellite navigation it’s a really nice

Sharp display here pretty clear maps and if we pop the car into reverse here you can see you’ve got the visual display of the front and rear parking sensors so obviously get the beeps as well and here it just um gives you a visual representation of their proximity to the things around the car here we’ve got our heated seat settings not only fully electrical but

Also heated seats there so with that driver and passenger and you’ve got there three different settings as well and you climb the control dials there that’s the button i mentioned earlier on for the retractable spoiler so you can adjust that up and down we’ve also got sport mode there as well let’s just change how the the automatic gearbox works sharper thruster

Response things like that so we’ll just step outside now there we can see the spoiler and it’s up state there a little extra bit of downforce now we’re just going to take one last look at the exterior of the car so here it is then that’s been our 2017 porsche 718 boxer s in carrera white metallic hopefully this video has been useful everyone’s giving you a good

Idea of the spec and the features of this car also the condition that it’s in as well so it’ll be live on our website now you can check it out on there and you’ll also have all the contact details how to get in touch with us hope this has been useful cheers

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