2017 nissan titan crew cab debut
Altair Club Cars 2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab debuts at NYIAS

2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab debuts at NYIAS

NEW YORK (March 24, 2016) – Today at the 2016 New York International Auto Show, Nissan officially unveiled the standard bearer of its family of TITAN pickups – the 2017 TITAN Crew Cab, powered by Nissan’s 5.6-liter Endurance® V8 gasoline engine.

Well good morning new york and thank you for joining us for this little truck side chat so nissan’s big news yesterday was the world debut of the dramatic new 2017 gtr and today we’re here to talk about the new all american titan truck which as you know was planned in nashville designed in california engineered in michigan tested in arizona assembled in mississippi

With engines that held from indiana and tennessee and my role at nissan covers every one of our truck based products from full-size pickup trucks to midsize pickup trucks to our large and small commercial vans including the nv200 taxi which maybe some of you held to actually come here today now our commercial vehicle business has experienced steady sales growth

Since we launched a new commercial division in the united states in the spring of 2011 and since the inception of the lcb division we have sold over a hundred thousand us built nissan commercial vehicles and i might add we have a strong market with our commercial vehicles here in the greater new york area and new york has also traditionally been a great market for

Our flagship full-sized armada suv which has been completely redesigned for 2017 and as a matter of fact is sitting right over there if you hadn’t had a chance to take a look at it and we’re super excited about our new armada as it goes on sale this coming summer now the next-generation armada offers an all-new driveline a new body and chassis a leading suite of

Safety technologies which are incredible segment leading style refined capability and overall best-in-class performance and a big part of this best-in-class performance will be provided by the same powerful five point six liter endurance v8 engine that is in our titan xd gas truck which by the way started production just last week now this engine will also power the

Truck behind me but before getting into the unveiling i also want to call your attention to two other powerful titans here in the booth first to my right the titan warrior concept which was one of the surprise hits at the north american international auto show in january and second the titan xd powered by the 5.0 liter cummins turbo diesel engine now since the rig

Went on sale in late december the cummins powered titan xd is doing exactly what we hoped it would do bring an attention and street cred to our new titan lineup as we continue to launch more power trains and more models and it’s attracting buyers who are looking for that exact every duty truck which gives truckers both heavy duty capabilities along with half-ton

Sensibilities now we’re continuing to fill the pipeline as we wrap up inventory with our dealers so we can give our buyers a very wide selection of grade levels options trim packages as well as color choices now today i can officially confirm that the v8 gas powered titan xd joins the lineup on showroom floors next month and the breaking news hits starting price

Will be 35 to 90 for the s crew cab model with the range up to 55 520 or 4×4 platinum reserve crew cab model and you can find by the way all the pricing details in our media website at nissan news.com now ladies and gentlemen in chicago recently we released teaser photos of the all-new titan half-ton model now i’m pleased to present the rio deal the new titan

Half-ton take a look now the titan half-ton has the same aggressive athletic style but has a wheelbase that is about a half foot shorter excuse me a full foot shorter than the titan xd but they actually share the same cab and while offering the same ruggedness and durability but the chassis no this is completely different than the xd in fact the two chassis z’

Do not share a single part whatsoever not even a lug nut and this titan half-ton launches with the same five point six liter endurance v8 as the titan xd v8 gas and as i mentioned earlier our all-new armada which offers 390 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque and this engine by the way is also built in deckard tennessee now the titan half-ton also shares the

Same 7-speed automatic transmission as the titan xd and the armada and the titan half-ton will be available in three cab configurations the crew cab which you see here along with the single cab and a king cab version that will be offered later and we will also offer three bed links five-and-a-half feet six and a half feet and eight feet and this rig will also be

Available in five models from an s grade work grade model all the way up to a pro 4x and then finally a premium platinum reserve model and between the various versions a titan half-ton and the titan xd add to our all-new titan family we will now cover 85% of the total light pickup marketplace whereas before with our old titan we were literally only competing in

50% of that truck marketplace so going from 50 to 85 percent was a huge jump in a huge investment commitment for our company and the half-ton titan we will be joining the xt models and showrooms late this summer and promises to be our volume model and buyers will see single cab and king cab debuting later in our fiscal year one last thing i want to mention about

Bringing this american titan tomorrow our plan from the very beginning has been a very slow and steady ramp up and everything we’ve done has been according to plan to make sure truckers get a reliable all-american titan and we’ve been thrilled to see the interest of the titan xd on social media and auto shows like the new york auto show our dealers say that they

Can hardly drive a titan xd anywhere without getting followed and asked about the truck as we build inventory and additional cabs and power trains our visibility will definitely increase so watch for it titan will be very big a very big part of our new college 100 marketing initiative as well as college and nfl football this coming fall so please join me now for

Some tailgating and some coffee and donuts enjoy the rest of the show thank you and god bless

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2017 Nissan TITAN Crew Cab debuts at NYIAS By Nissan

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