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Altair Club Cars 2017 Nissan Pathfinder | CarGurus Test Drive Review

2017 Nissan Pathfinder | CarGurus Test Drive Review

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Midsize suvs with the 2017 nissan pathfinder bridges a gap between 4×4 and minivan well the pathfinder isn’t as rugged as it’s been in the past if you do everything that’s asking a family hauler i’m george kennedy for cargurus and i can remember when suvs like the nissan pathfinder and ford explorer we’re truck based machines even these vehicles have moved to car

Based platforms it’s not necessarily a bad thing in 2013 the pathfinder got completely redesigned using a platform shared with the ultima quest maxima and others it allowed nissan to maximize the space provided by the platform making for tons of cargo and passenger room for 2017 nissan updated the pathfinder again the new version tightens up the headlight design

Adds a more aggressive grille and adds a new tail light design inside things look largely the same one of the few changes here is the added space between the cupholders and it’s fine that little has changed in here because the pathfinder has a great interior layout nissan doesn’t try to push in a styling boundaries on the pathfinders controls it’s got a traditional

Layout with dials for climate and audio controls above that you have an eight-inch touchscreen that’s standard across all trims and its base form it operates the radio and other basic functions but it can be outfitted with navigation on more expensive versions trims for the pathfinder rs sv sl and platinum the base s features the touchscreen or reversing camera and

Three zone automatic climate control move up to the sv and you get fog lights remote start and backup sensors the sl as a 360 degree camera system leather seats and door trim and a blind-spot warning system the sl also gets a motion-activated lift gate that lets you just kick your foot under the rear bumper to open the power hatch we’re driving the range-topping

Platinum trim it adds 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels upgraded led headlights a forward collision avoidance system and adaptive cruise control no matter which trim you choose you get seven passenger seating with the middle bench and 50/50 split fold third row drop all three rows and you get nearly 80 cubic feet of cargo space that’s less than a toyota highlander

And honda pilot but only slightly if you like the pathfinder that marginal drop in cargo space won’t be a deal-breaker the same cannot be said of all three rows of seating access to the third row is easy enough those third rows go it’s middle of the pack the highlander is a more cramped third row and the honda pilot is one of the few vehicles in this class with a

Third row that adults can fit in but if you’re mainly hauling kids around and it shouldn’t be a huge deal either the pathfinder also gets an updated v6 engine for 2017 some suvs in this class like the toyota highlander offer an inline 4 is the base engine and unless we’re talking about turbocharged inline fours like the one in the mazda cx-9 a 4-cylinder is going

To be underwhelming for a vehicle this size you almost need a v6 the updated engine makes 284 horsepower up from 260 that’s a noticeable bump in power and not just on paper step on the gas and the v6 goes that increase in power also means a bigger six thousand pound towing capacity that’s not quite the 7400 pound capacity of a v8 durango but it’s a thousand pounds

More than the pilot and the highlander can manage power is sent through a continuously variable transmission to the front wheels or available all-wheel drive which our test model has nissan calls it 4×4 i and it’s not the transfer case low range setup you might find on a pickup truck it’s a full-time four-wheel drive setup it operates more like all-wheel drive and

Despite this you still have a dial down here that lets you select a drive mode you can switch the pathfinder into two-wheel drive for better fuel economy leave it in auto or lock it into four-wheel drive for getting off the beaten path there’s also a hill start assist and it’s hill descent control button which will maintain the pathfinders speed using the brakes

And throttle with your feet completely off the pedals allowing you to focus on the trail how much use this system will receive is entirely up to you maybe the head of the bike trailer or where you launch it kayaks from is down the ed of a remote road still leave it in auto and you’ll get good traction no matter what the weather is as for driving the rest of the

Time let’s have finder isn’t anything special it’s not bad per se just edd handling and cornering or vague still not a lot of body roll through turns and most customers are going to find it pretty comfortable through most driving experiences the crossover like this often has to carry kids in their gear and the pathfinder delivers peace of mind be at strong safety

Scores it earns 5 stars in national highway traffic safety administration or nitza crash testing and it’s a top safety pick from the insurance institute for highway safety or iihs optional safety tech like the forward collision warning blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert are also considered superior by the iihs base msrp for the 2017 nissan pathfinder

Is thirty thousand two hundred and ninety dollars for the s trend the sv starts at 32,000 $980 ending s l starts at 36,000 $100.00 a platinum trim starts at 42,000 $70 can our platinum 4×4 test model sponson at forty four thousand six hundred eighty-five dollars the pathfinder breaks with the pilot highlander and offers a compelling third option in this group of

Family hall or suv doesn’t excel at any one thing but instead is a very well-rounded vehicle i have no problem showing the path lighter smart choices an all-round family from the suv thanks for watching subscribe to see more videos like our abuse in the pilot highlander if you have a thought on how those vehicles stack up against the fat fighter let us know in the

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