2017 mitsubishi mirage red g4 pa
Altair Club Cars 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage Red G4 Part 1

2017 Mitsubishi Mirage Red G4 Part 1

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Everybody’s was a gaming and welcome back to my channel so today we have here the 2017 miss piece of garage tx i’ve took off the emblem actually said mirage ix kind of still dirty and the pc sign the emblem and the mr. peace we have 13 inch alloy wheels bye fully automatic here oh troglytes oh the educators we got you right there’s no button for you

Got to do it manually open it has good trunk space you can fit probably two bodies in here just going anyways me is the mirage mission bc chief for actually they’re stuck together and the room is a sign okay so let’s try to okay together the passenger side get the glove compartment get the automatic door locks click apart easy storage for manuals keys as such we

Got the automatic we got the kick start a new york peppermint pattie has a good storage actually so much space no arm rush excellent miss that part here no backup camera no nothing it’s just regular does have bluetooth though weird because you cannot find it oh by the way before i miss anything the usb slot is in this so we got the heiser designs we got everything

Is such manual right here so just a clock is so weird there’s the aux cord this is a power volume select section a/c defroster cooler cool got the cold and hot get the on and off till 1 2 4 and as you can see these ok so we got the steering wheel right here has no buttons at all and you can actually see there’s a push to start button but it’s not actually a button

It’s just a stock so which is so bad get the speedometer the automata right here you can see everything actually on here is really cool but other than that you can’t even see compared to my corolla as plus it’s totally different i’m so used to backup camera everything else as we go down here i’ll actually i’m actually stuck okay so down here we actually can actually

Move the side mirrors we got off traction and we got the bluetooth so you can just the volume up and down right there and you can answer a call press you just press once hang-up press once if you want to reject the call you hold it so okay so down here as if you guys can see you can open the trunk there’s this speaker side pockets again and here’s the side where

You can automatic for driver side then three power windows automatic door locks and um window door lock right i mean window lock right there not push the start so let’s show you guys how it looks like when it turns on so let’s go see all those lights right there we got the windshield wipers over here and we got the fake fog line lights over there see it over

Here it’s fake can do anything here’s a lights all the way you pull it to your towards you and down it becomes bright a bright light high beams actually this is how it looks like impressed media which is usb no connect it doesn’t actually work there’s aux cord no disc because i have no disc in there i’m actually connected to bluetooth so i don’t really need that

Radio stations you can click one – they’re all preset because i already set them goes am/fm one so i don’t have that set yet only on fm – so you can turn that off not really oh you can hold it down i just doing that right now so power volume let’s skip tracks menu on that we got the widow’s charge which is cigarettes lot down here we got the parking rear neutral

I mean here reverse we got drive and we got drive sport and we got lower which is going up the hill it’s really nice

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