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Altair Club Cars 2017 Mini Cooper Convertible Automatic R57 – Condition and Spec review

2017 Mini Cooper Convertible Automatic R57 – Condition and Spec review

Condition review and specification overview video

Hi welcome back welcome to this forward film for our absolutely beautiful 2017 mini cooper convertible this car has only covered 17 000 miles has uh a huge specification list that we’ll we’ll talk you through in a second and is in absolutely fantastic condition all the way around as with all our videos we’ll give you a quick walk around tour just point out any

Small minor blemishes that there may be of which there are very very few if any uh on this particular car and talk you through how some of the functions work um so we’re going to start with the roof up just to give you a good idea of the um the overall condition of things like the roof as well uh the paintwork is in exceptional condition there are absolutely no

Dents or marks all the way around the car um the roof is obviously it’s a relatively new car with with genuine low mileage you can tell that the car’s been garaged um so that the roof is in absolutely beautiful condition all of the seals and everything like that absolutely no issues with any of those no nasty marks or stains or anywhere across the back and all

Of the glass is in fantastic condition as well now we’ve just had all four alloy wheels refurbished so they’ve all gone back to this beautiful sparkle silver color and just looking down the passage side of the car again you can see that there’s no marks to mention at all all of the mirror housing and everything like that all in perfect condition um you’ll have

A couple of very very small stone chips uh which i’m struggling to identify at the moment um obviously just in line with uh with any form of wear um of age-related wear but again certainly nothing excessive at all and all the chrome’s looking beautiful and bright and everything like that as well you’ll notice we’ve got the new style led headlights at the front

Which really really lift it and make it look fantastic i won’t show you each individual wheel as like i said they’ve just been refurbished so there aren’t any marks to it to any of those at all we come around to the back bumper and just have a quick look all the way across the back here again you’ll see it completely free of any marks or anything like that and

Then all the way down the driver’s side all beautiful as well and another perfect mirror cap as well i’ll um talk you through some of the uh interior features um just so that we can do that with the roof up and then i’ll show you all of the the roof operating and everything like that as well um coming on the inside absolutely no marks or anything like that to

The door non-smoker car um there’s no signs that there’s been any pets or anyone smoking inside you’ve got this beautiful atlas gray leather interior i don’t think the back seats have really ever been sat in again we’ll have a slightly better look in a second with the roof down but you can just see that the quality of the leather is all absolutely perfect uh the

Side bolster very very good there’s always as you get um on any of this sort of light colored leather the tiniest amount of bolts to wear just on the outside um as you would get but that really is it um which i think is pretty amazing for a car that’s a couple of years old um coming down here you might just be able to spot the purple lighting coming through but

The car’s got the full led interior lighting and mood lighting package you’ve got this wonderful leather stitched three spoke mini steering wheel here with all of your media controls and settings and also cruise control across there on the left hand side you have automatic headlights and automatic windscreen wipers and then we also have these beautiful sport

Seats here as well with the pullout center sections and everything like that so just jumping in got the display up on here it’s a keyless start system so we can see you’ve got this wonderful fighter jet style button down here just put your foot on the brake and press down on there and we will see that the mileage today 17 000 just popped off the screen 17

089 coming through all of here we’ve got this sort of carbon style inlays and then more of the led lighting things that you’ll see there and also you get to see all the perth and everything like that up there as well um so at night time the car looks absolutely stunning um it floods light all the way through um e-glide viewers will have already seen the larger

Screen that we have up on here this is controlled by the idrive system which is uh down here below the the geostick so we can just press radio for instance to come through to our media section here we have dab digital radio as well as fm and am stations come through to the media section and a number of different inputs you have the usb socket the bluetooth and

Then auxiliary as well um those are both located just down here at the front um most people nowadays would be using bluetooth it enables you to stream music from your spotify account from music that you store on your phone um or from youtube podcasts and everything like that as well so um all completely um wireless connections on there uh we also have widescreen

Satellite navigation which covers you for the whole of western europe really lovely and easy to use uh accepts full postcodes nowadays as well uh and also contains things like traffic reports and you can zoom in and out on the on the functionality and everything like that so really really nice layout up on there um also on the main screen we have like a full

Setup control panel for the car and so you can come in and change make changes to absolutely anything in here and then we also have uh information for the servicing as well so we’ll just pop back up onto here to vehicle information um and while i’m here you’ll notice you keep an eye on this this all keeps changing over on here so you get the the different um

Interior lighting which is really really smart actually um come through to vehicle status we’ve got a tire pressure monitoring system um things like a digital dipstick so you don’t have to get mucky when you’re checking the um engine oil level um and then all of our servicing details and everything like that are in here as well um this will show us that the uh

Two services that have been done on the car have both been done by the same mini center the first one in 2020 was a brake fluid service and then in 2021 uh not long ago at all it had uh the engine oil a vehicle check micro filters air filters and spark plugs done as well so that would essentially constitute a full service and that was only carried out 250 ish

Miles ago um by the mini center so again nothing to be done anytime soon uh in fact the next item would be a brake fluid service in august of 2022 an engine oil service not until august of 2023 or in 18 000 miles depending on which one comes soonest and vehicle check would be 2025 as well so as we mentioned absolutely nothing um for the new owners to do the car

Had a recent mot as well so everything is absolutely up to date as you would expect um other bits and pieces on here would just be things like your normal um telephony stuff so uh for for voice calls and everything like that as well um and uh all of your contacts and everything that can be pulled through from your telephone um so um as we mentioned you’ve

Got this sort of lighting system in here as well you can come in here and make changes to all of the ambient lighting and how bright it is and all that kind of stuff as well there’s a number of different changes then we also have the driving modes as well so we pop down to here you can see that you can move the car across from sport mode for maximum go-kart

Feel as i mentioned um through to your nip sort of typical driving mode and then also the green mode which is um like a eco pro mode in bmw um or uh something similar to that so it’ll basically hold back certain functions uh and enable you to to drive slightly more frugally um and it also changes the things like the displays up on here as well to show you how

You’re doing so yeah really nice absolutely um beautifully laid out and everything like that very very simple and easy to use um we have dual zone climate control so it’s separate temperature settings for driver and passenger um all nicely um done on here um so you can make changes uh to that through the main system here as well um how strong the fans are and

Things like that we also have three stage heated seats for driver and passenger so hot medium not so hot uh and all the rest of your sort of climate control settings and everything there as well uh the car’s been upgraded with a uh reversing camera so just pop the car into reverse there you’ll see you’ve got a visual um guide up on here just to show you exactly

Which parking sensor is being used and when and then you also have the camera screen up there as well further enhancements are the full parking package so um when you are looking for a parking space for a parallel parking situation the car will actually guide you in um and all you have to do is use the the brakes and accelerator um i’d be more than happy to show

Anybody that was to take hold of the car how to do that in in person um but again a very very nice easy system for anybody that lives in the city and uh and finds themselves parking in tight spots all of the time um as part of the uh eco sort of package the car has uh start stop technology as well which you can turn off from up on here at the engine start stop

Uh i’ve already mentioned is all control from here and then we also have full traction control as well um i think that covers off most of the bits and pieces on the inside um said all your individual map lights and led settings and everything like that all show up on here we’ve got your vanity mirrors for driver and passenger and uh we’ll just show you the um

How the roof works now so the roof itself is split i’m just gonna zoom out a little bit here so we can try and show you all in person uh the roof uh part for the convertible is split into two sections first of all it kind of operates as a sunroof so this one here comes across so for normal sort of driving when you don’t want to have the roof fully down this is

Actually really lovely obviously floods the interior with light and fresh air and then if we just press it once more all the windows come down and then the roof comes down completely and you get that symbol audible symbol there just to say that the convertible movement has been completed um i’ll just jump out of the car and show you around again uh with the roof

Down and leave you to your day so now you can see the car with the roof down we also get to a chance to see the uh the front led lights with the daytime running lights up on there as well look absolutely stunning these um just so you know this is the uh the advanced parking package sensors on the side so when you have those additional ones there uh that means that

You have the the side scanning sensors so that you’re able to uh to measure parking spaces and things like that as well but i think you’ll agree it looks absolutely stunning with the roof down all folds away very neatly over there um if we open the boot uh which i’ll just need to unlock the car again pop the boot down you’ve still got a decent amount of space

There as well um you can fold the seats down and then we also have your flat tire kit and locking wheel nuts and everything like that in the boot i’ll pop that back up and close that and you can just see how neatly stowed away the roof is all the way along there uh one final thing to do is just show you under the bonnet the car is powered by a 1.5 turbo engine

Petrol engine is very economical um but still nice and speedy as well and we’ll just see condition wires all the way under here how beautifully well-kept it’s all been so there we go i hope you found the video useful if we can help with any further information if you require any sort of close-ups on anything at all then please do let us know uh alternatively if

You have a part exchange to value or you would like any finance figures at all then again please do let us know through our website which is at uk be more than happy to help thanks very much again for watching and we’ll see you next time

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2017 Mini Cooper Convertible Automatic R57 – Condition and Spec review By J A Jarvis – Forecourt Films

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