2017 mercedes sprinter 2500 pass
Altair Club Cars 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van Build Out

2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van Build Out

All right here we are 2017 sprinter 2500. um everything’s in good working order it’s pretty clean um there’s no rips or tears on the seats or there’s not even any like actual wear there’s a little bit of wear right here from just having my hill there so here’s the exterior there’s a couple little flaws there’s one right here i didn’t i haven’t buffed out the

Actual white mark but um that will buff out and then there’s just like a small i don’t know the best way to show but there’s like a small crease and there’s another one right here which you can’t really see unless you’re in this certain light and that is actually just like something else but um there’s a little ripple but it’s not like an actual dent i know

That these big panels do get ripples in them so here’s the back of the van and just like most of the other springer vans these doors open all the way i’m sure you guys already know uh here’s the drawer it’s pretty large um i think i’m gonna say it’s two feet wide by 12 inches tall by six feet long um and just like just simply carpeted it’s not there’s nothing

Crazy here um i do have a little bit of storage on the sides here and that’s what i would use for my fishing poles um but that can easily be taken out just zip tied on there’s just something i did myself and then we have the so the bottom bunk is um a queen the top bunk is also a queen um i just stripped all the bedding off so we’re just left with the sheet so

You can actually see the frame a little bit better and then there’s that big pass through underneath so it’s pretty uh same length as a queen size bed 72 inches long i believe and then everything’s bolted as you can see like into into the frame so like this thing is super sturdy it doesn’t shake or move or make sounds and it’s also connected up there up there

These beds can be split in two so you can take this side out and um run two twin beds which is pretty cool um i don’t have twin mattresses so it’s something that you know you’d have to like set up but um yeah back up camera camera and then here’s the other side sorry my band’s a little bit dirty on the exterior right now it’s from being at my house but here’s the

Front there’s a little chip in my windshield right here somewhere can’t find it oh there it is and it hasn’t been plugged so it’s just just the chip for now there’s the new roof rack which is kind of hard to see but does have a new fairing on it um as well i just put that on that’s by flatline vanco i believe it was around two thousand dollars for the set um

New wheels and tires it’s pretty nice they’re um 10 ply so super like hardcore tires they’re 265 70 r16s and here’s the interior it’s got the big bench seat in here um i also have another bench seat that’s brand new and then a four person seat that can be put in back here um so there’s overhead storage um a little fire extinguisher here’s another shelf um up

Here which is nice just for blankets and whatnot um sorry these are pretty messy right now but um so there’s a lot of storage inside let’s see what’s in here um yeah uh sink push button turns on it’s low pressure so you can get uh 60 gallons of water to pump through this on one charge so it does have a usb charger on the back i’m not sure if you can see that

But there’s a little usb charger um stainless steel sink uh it’s like a chop a cutting board um top which is nice you could actually use it to cut on um i didn’t so there’s not any like big digs in it there’s a little one right here from something i don’t know what but um then underneath is super simple this just pulls off so you can run it with it on or with it

Off and then there’s just some take it all off it’s going to have what i have running right now but i do have a ton of six gallon water jugs that you can use and so here’s a here’s the internal for the water pump um so that just runs off off some simple power you can run it off the cigarette lighter and then here’s the instant hot water heater which i have like

An adapter so you can run small small propane tanks this is magnetic so i run this out the window so i just open the flaps and stick with something outside the van you take a shower you can still reach in and adjust your um your water pressure and your heat and what else yeah bunk beds from the inside um pretty simple really like i said all this stuff can come

Out in about 45 minutes if you have if you have power tools you can do it in half the time um i do have there are lights up above so you do have three dome lights uh and then i also have uh some other lights which are not where they’re supposed to be um so i’m back here also it does have a 15 speaker stereo system from mercedes so it does have like nice sound

And stuff um these are the lights that i run they’re motion sensor they’re magnetic and you could obviously do like an upgrade on these but they just worked for what i was using them for um and then as far as all the covers i have the covers for every single window um they’re pretty high end um they’re made by straw foot they’re all hand made first spec for the

Vehicle uh what else heated uh rear windows um there’s no trailer hitch or anything like that it does have a spare tire but it is the stock one um stock size uh so i don’t know if that would be like an issue but i’ll go underneath more and you can see there’s no leaks or anything like that also sorry i’m horrible at videos so bear with me so yeah i don’t know if

You know what you’re looking at i don’t really but it’s pretty looks pretty normal to me um yeah don’t really know what i’m looking at yeah that’s the van let me know if there’s any like specifics that you want to see oh one more little thing i stepped on this it’s supposed to be a step i’m a little bit heavy and i did crack this i tried to glue it didn’t work

It’s 38 on amazon but i just haven’t purchased it and i i mean i could purchase it and put it back on but it’s yeah cheap step i guess other than that there’s no uh nothing else i can’t think of um yeah there’s a spot for a battery down here um which i had had a battery down there there’s also spots i put like my goal zero and stuff under the seats um yeah that’s

It so yeah let me know if you have any more questions um it comes with a what’s this that comes with like a little first aid kit and that’s all that’s in there um i do have let’s see i do have all the original uh owner’s manual and um you know the warranty for the tires and the wheels i’ve kept all my maintenance records um yeah i think that’s it it does have

Actually has another feature it was like an add-on um and it is over here which i i’ve only done it like once when i first got it so this is like a preheat for the engine which i don’t really know what it does but something you guys could definitely look into i know it’s like pretty expensive add-on just it’s not really something i’ve used but yeah i think that’s it all right thanks

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2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van Build Out By Evan Johnson

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