2017 mercedes benz gls 63 amg re
Altair Club Cars 2017 Mercedes Benz GLS 63 AMG Review Family Beast

2017 Mercedes Benz GLS 63 AMG Review Family Beast

Welcome to my Review of the 2017 GLS 63 AMG.

What is up guys on my channel i got something truly amazing today we have the chi l s63 amg behind me and let me tell you guys something about this car so obviously it is based on the s-class basis what that means is the end of the name gls chile i explained this before but it means the lineup of the cars so this is kind of like the suv s-class they are having

You have space for seven people it feels so comfortable this car just writes amazing you have your air suspension you have all your driving functions you know it stops by itself it drives by itself but on top of this you got a v8 biturbo engine a 5.5 litre twin-turbocharged engine producing 577 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque this is crazy think

About this you drive down to the beach with your family seven people in the car and you put this thing in sport+ they are gonna like you give grandma i think grandma will jump out of the car once you get this car i mean it’s just it’s crazy guys also this one has a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds so if you want to put a house behind this car for example you

Know you can just tow it away there’s no issue whatsoever this is truly amazing so what do we have we have this aggressive front bumper over here as you can see the star over here is round and has already driving function inside of it you can tell it apart because it’s a whole piece instead of justice star so you’ve got all the sensors behind this also we have

The night package on this model it is plaque a plaque bumper it is plaque rear diffuser it is black mirrors i mean it’s completely white on black what makes the car and the characteristics stand out even more also guys we have the 22 inch upgraded wheels on this car 22 inch are huge we have the black ones obviously white on black just looks the best and overall

Guys to drive this car it is it’s something different i had to chile cooper for my channel i had to chile suv on my channel and these are really luxurious cars but in this kind of segment that she ls or what used to be called qi ella was always like the the outstanding s class over the suvs i mean it’s just driving it is a different kind of pleasure than all the

Other models if you drive it on a highway you know and you have to rush to go on a business trip or just be on the road with your family this car can do anything and then this space is something we will talk about in just a minute here the space is just i mean you can fit probably your whole apartment in there i mean it’s crazy it’s huge so we will walk towards

The site and the back of the car and and just take a closer look at it okay so the side angle of the chill as you guys can see 22 inch huge amg wheels over here those are the multi spoke wheels it just looks so good on this kind of model then also you can obviously tell we have a running board on the side for easier access to get into the car then we also have

Everything blacked out on the side over here going all the way across even your roof rack is completely plagued what makes the characteristics also stand out because why don’t play it just looks the best to me obviously we have the full led headlights and taillights and if you see it right here from like kind of a side angle you can tell how actually lift that

The car is in comfort mode the car will rise up to a height where you can take it off fold even though i wouldn’t take this model of road but also for highway use let’s say you have a bunch of potholes or uneven road conditions if you rise up the suspension in comfort mode all the way to the top it almost feels like a lifted suv and you don’t feel anything on

The road same goes for sport plus if you want to take it around corners and turns put it in sport plus and the car will lower itself down and it’s just it feels like a sports suv and the body roll in this model is also absolutely amazing i mean it’s just when you drive it you don’t feel like it’s such a heavy car cuz i mean this thing weighs like a freaking

Boat i mean it’s so heavy but you don’t feel once you drive and that’s what it’s important let’s walk to the back and listen to the exhaust and then we take it for spin okay we are standing on the back of the gls and obviously as you can tell we got the mg perch on the left side it cls63 batch on the right side we got this huge rear end it’s just insane big

We got the obviously quad exhaust tips over here in plague-like all the chili s models and then guys just so you kind of see it what i was talking about once you open the trunk you can see how much space is in there you have seven seats in here okay and even with the seven seats folded out you have still space to put something there if you want to fold in the

Other seven seats up here the two ones in the back trunk space is crazy big i mean and and the amazing thing about it is you could watch tv while the driver gets a massage but have 600 horsepower i mean what is this you know it’s just crazy so this is what i keep talking about you know may they dispense the scars that nobody else does you have everything mixed

Together you have something amazing you can have people in there just cruising or you can go fast i mean no matter what it’s always comfortable and sporty so yeah this is something i want to show you guys obviously you can tell we got the nice led lights on the rear end that look similar to the gl lights obviously we got a nicely big windshield for the back

Even though with the seven seats it’s not that easy to look outside of the rear the rear view mirror but the thing about this you got all these safety functions active blind spot assist 360 camera so you don’t really need to look out of the back honestly so let’s listen to this 5.5 liter v8 and you can tell for yourself why this car is truly amazing okay

Guys we are sitting inside the cheetah hunt engine man we’re sitting inside the gls 63s and as you guys can tell it just feels so home in here you got the side pollsters on the seat that keep you in place once you drive around turns it leans with you you got the amazing aim she’s steering wheel it just feels so good you also got obviously your mg shift pedals

Over here you got the option over here for seat settings so you can have a massage going on if you would like to so let’s see what we can do let’s take the massage let’s turn mine on four and i set the passenger one also on four so this is what puts a smile on my face we are getting a massage right now but we have so so much horsepower in here i mean it’s crazy

We got the 360 camera obviously it has really good graphics we also have dynamic select so we can put the engine data so we kind of see what we got over here and maybe you guys can hear it you should be able to hear man it just feels so awesome so we got sport+ in their sports suspension settings so the car lowers itself down you have an option over here

To advise the car up but in sport+ obviously you want to drive it really low yes this car has 577 horsepower it doesn’t feel like it’s that heavy once you drive it obviously you can tell it’s a huge car i just love how i’m getting a massage right now it’s just puts a smile on my face yes guys so what can i say about this car we got cooled seats eddie we got

Heated seats we got the driving functions we got an beautiful interior with the silver trim going all the way across the car we got the harman kardon sound system we got heated and cooled cupholders we got the panel roof everything is just amazing and then once you i’m gonna put the car into manual mode so every time you would shift down in this mode you’ve

Got a little rumble going on and what is this so it it’s freaking amazing it’s it’s just it’s something else we got this road you guys might be familiar with i take usually all the cars down here but we are manual mode right now and even on low rpms you can hear the turbo what is really common for the 63 engines this is crazy it does not feel like such a

Heavy car and the purple on the back nice nice doing nice driving comfort it’s it’s absolutely beautiful the dash looks amazing 200 miles power on the – we got the probably going on so a little bit of curves we have here and you can tell that it just drives smooth around them there is no excessive body roll these suspension grips good around to see it i can

Feel the seat holding myself in place every time you downshift you get this really nice backfire so we got a turn over here it just pulls you in the seat with no problem like you think you drop a really regular suv another freaking seven seater over here this is like a minivan you stick something else for we got another two on oh yes it’s crazy what i got

Peek guys from amg you you really do something that i i think is amazing i mean how do you do it so we got we coming to a standstill over here so i’m gonna do it just a small pool so you guys can kind of see what it feels like we can also put it into the in the vehicle data so we can see everything body roll wise and over here you can tell it’s in the sport

Suspension so the cars on its lowest settings you can see each suspension over here on kind of like if you go over bumps or you go over curves you could see what suspension works the most so we’re gonna give it a little pool it’s crazy it just wants to go it just wants to go man is it’s amazing it is just amazing so curves what i was talking about when you

Go over on this turn you can feel it the sip will hold you in place you got these nice bolsters around you the amazing thing about the carve all is that it doesn’t matter if you just want to cruise and put it in comfort mode the suspension will you know rise up and you drive normal again and to me this a lot of people they are asking why should i get and you

Know a 600 horsepower suv well because it puts a smile on your face and i think this is what it’s important and i also think overall driving this car if you really want to have a comfortable suv and you want some horsepower and i know a lot of people want that then this is the perfect choice for you you got seriously everything you need i mean everything is

In this car and now i’m gonna put it into comfort because we are driving behind well they’re getting off the window but it’s in comfort again and as you guys can see that the car will rise up you will see once the screen disappears it’s rising up slowly it slowly gets its way up and also the suspension is changing we put it into comfort mode right now no manual

Transmission anymore and you can see it is driving absolutely comfortable at the same time i can rise it up now well i have to drive slower for that but i could get it even higher up usually this is for off-road driving what you don’t really do in this car but now i’m voicing it up as you can see the whole car will rise up itself to the highest setting and it will

Be like a lifted suv then and if you would want to go off ford you could with no problem also guys just to understand something again this model is priced at 140,000 roughly so it is really pricey but you also get a lot for that money safety driving functions big engine i mean seriously you get everything for that money and overall what i can say again is that

If we put it and this is what this cars meant to be driven if you put it in sport+ this car becomes completely different not just transmission and engine wise suspension wise steering wise everything will be different we can do a little pull over here because you have a straightaway so we’re going to go into first skill we can do it in esp off so we can kind of

See how it performs nobody behind us we are mexico yeah got almost 90 and nothing it’s just yeah there we are this can’t really it wants to go and this is what’s so impressive a lot of people don’t understand that even driving is such a heavy car they put everything together so nice that you don’t feel like it is such a heavy car if i drive around curves and

Corners it doesn’t feel like it is such a heavy car and i think this is what is really important because if you would get it connected and then it would have a bunch of body roll it would be pointless but they engineered it the way it should be also if you have your family in here and you want to drive in comfort on the highway you have the speed limit assist

So it would read out your speed signs and would follow the speed ahead it could also follow the car in front of you so if there’s a car driving the highway that’s going 75 miles per hour it would go the same speed the cars going it could also change lane by itself that’s what i meant earlier you don’t really need to look out of the window of course you should

But the car is so safe of all that there’s no need for all this you don’t really need to do your shoulder view or look out of the video mirror this car is loaded with everything of course just to be safe you should follow the rules but what i’m getting to is this car is just packed with everything when i can tell us we got the i can’t our headliner also what

Feels nice to the touch we got the really perfect gauges over here there are still the ones from the gl but a different screen in it that make the car also feel more like a monster you’ve got this crazy downshift every time i mean honestly it does sound like a keg shots and this is what the 63 is just good at we got the ain’t cheap performance exhaust in this

Model so if we are at lower rpms we are 1st gear right now you can just hear the troubles you can hear i’m building up it says once ago men it sells slugs to fly yes and at the same time you drive over you know bumps over here and then feels like you’re floating you’re just floating it’s nothing you don’t feel anything of the world itself if you drive in a

Sequence for example or a class you get that sport huge suspension that makes it feel like a true race car what is nice but if you just want to fly over votes and don’t worry about what is on the road this car is the perfect pick everything about it guys is just it’s just perfect so who should get this car it’s a good question do you need the 63 amg that’s also

A good question well i have an answer would say honestly this one for just a family suv the cheer s550 is enough i mean you don’t need anything more than that but if you are someone that has a true passion for cars and still wants to have power and also wants to have space for the family then guys this is the car to get instantly the chili is nice but this just

Has a different kind of driving feeling and performance overall because of the amazing cabin and the sport-tuned suspension with the air suspension it just feels absolutely amazing i mean it doesn’t matter what speed you’re going we going 50 miles per hour now second gear it pulls and then the pulps is crazy a hundred miles power right now but we are in mexico

So that’s okay and guys now we are going and kind of like an off-road kind of road it’s really bumpy and you can tell you don’t feel anything and it just floats over it it just floats nothing it drives so good so good i hope you enjoyed the review this is a true amazing covered here thanks for watching and thanks to the owner of the car i really appreciate for

Him letting letting me review it it’s an amazing car of our so yeah take care guys

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