2017 mercedes amg c63 brutal par
Altair Club Cars 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 BRUTAL – Park Itself? Loud Drive Full Review New Exhaust Acceleration

2017 Mercedes AMG C63 BRUTAL – Park Itself? Loud Drive Full Review New Exhaust Acceleration

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Hello guys welcome to mertz burns king and today another video with the mercedes amg c63 all right guys let’s go for drive got my seatbelt and you can really see this beautiful amg steering wheel this is not like bmg packages you can see that this one is more flat on the sides and this is the same in the bottom feels amazing also half alcantara if the interior you

See a beautiful covering term with the amg logo this is why the way the key the e-class has the newer machine is key so what i really noticed guys is the aggressive lines on the hood it really shows that you’re driving a beast at i will show you in a few seconds when i start the engine so yeah it’s a total years in storage space hey this is also different from the

Older c classes from 2014 for example the glovebox here is different and now it has a hole and it used to be that you opened it and stuff could fall inside so you couldn’t close it so they change it that’s awesome cupholders at the side also it has the all the options you can think of panoramic roof steering assist lane-keeping assist and all the options 360 degrees

Camera so i will now take this car for a drive and show you how tents in the city so let’s go nice see the book he’s peeing on the garbage okay so let’s go you have the sun guys okay so this is a spotless in sport+ but i will leave it in comfort because we’re in the city and you don’t need the constant power the comfort modes you can see that the suspension the

Engine is all set to comfort and the steering wheel so it’s easier to steer through and in the city you can see it has a large angle and it really is relaxing you can just cruise with this car but you also feel that you have a lot of torque when you just put i push the gas little and that’s ultimate driving pleasure so i’m just cruising 15 kilometers per hour and

Here of course you have your basic c-class settings may impress this so bring it to the temperature the air distribution their quantity echo temperature okay with this button you can increase or decrease in the temperature it’s now set to 220 celsius degrees on both sides they also have it here in the rear for the rear passengers and if i press the 360 degrees

Camera you can see all around the car this is the front camera as you can see from the dacia duster in front of me and it disengages we enjoyed more than 20 km/h i will put it to sport plus and let’s see how the score handles and how it sounds so meaning customer or tells me wrong ah stilted some of the photo feeling of the power you have is just amazing and

Of course you have the individual mode and then you can adjust the call for yourself so this is the settings for the engine it’s now on sport plus but you can change it to comfort or sport so i will just choose the comfort suspension comfort it now is selected on manual but let’s just leave it in automatic automatic gears i like the exhaust in sport and s plus in

Sport plus so i’ll just leave it there the esp i will just leave it on okay and you can also select this this is the engine info so if you press it then it will show you everything about the temperature of the engine the torque and of course of the horsepower and if you have seen comfort you can also see that the car shot down because of the start/stop system and

You can turn it off by pressing this button i will leave it on to save some here so i don’t recommend you to drive in sport+ constantly because otherwise you will be bouncing around but i do love the sounds so you can also just put it in comfort and first the exhaust button right here and then you have the amazing sound but i will leave it in sport clothes just

Sort of funny now the foundation do you recognize the sound of a constant motorcycle just being behind you and you imagine oh that’s my car that’s the feeling i surveys let’s try to find a parking spot and see how this car handles this easy to port for itself because i will use the parking assist so guys i will park somewhere in this street in first place yes so

Here’s a parking spot i have my signal on and it here indicates with a arrow i press ok and let’s see i do nothing now brake no gas okay so it’s pretty fast now it tells me to put it in drive but it’s finished it’s in the spot that’s awesome alright so this was the parking behind and in front of course so let’s store something more difficult so let’s poke this

Score in sport+ and maybe there’s a difference i don’t know there’s a lotta fun or i will try something more difficult a little bit further let’s try this one okay so you can see the arrow i have put it in reverse i press up okay now i release the break awesome oh awesome vase

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2017 Mercedes AMG C63 BRUTAL – Park Itself? Loud Drive Full Review New Exhaust Acceleration By MercBenzKing

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