2017 mazda mx 5 miata rf driven
Altair Club Cars 2017 Mazda MX 5 Miata RF – Driven

2017 Mazda MX 5 Miata RF – Driven

TopSpeed.com checks out the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF, the retractable fastback version of the new ND Miata. The full review is on TopSpeed.com Join us there for the conversation.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen mark mcnab with top speed comm this is the 2017 mazda miata rf rf of course means retractable fastback but you already knew that because the miata as well it’s made a quite a big name for itself over the last year being the fourth generation the indy model of this car started all the way back in 1989 but now for 2016 the indy has

Come about but now for 17 we have the retractable fastback so we’re going to have a quick look around the car here we’re going to give on the wheel and do the short video here but be sure to check out tops be calm because we’re going to have a full written review there with photos and all that sort of good stuff so be sure to check that out so without further ado

Let’s check out the front of the car and then we’ll take a quick walk around so honestly besides the top not a whole lot changes with this car actually nothing changes with this car with the rf version and that’s just fine the the indy miata looks really sharp especially in this beautiful grey color i love the gray wheels the front of it just looks really sharp the

Nice crisp lines and everything like that just make a really interesting package that looks really good going down the road i love the exterior extra little touches here like the way the side marker light is sort of indented into the car it looks really nice down low you’ve got some some nice aerodynamic panels and stuff like that and of course summer bugs are out

And so the front of the car looks rather nasty but anyway the side proof all of this thing is really sick i think mods has done a fantastic job making the raf what it is and of course all of that changes here with the top right here in the b and c pillar area just kind of the same thing and then of course the hardtop go around back not a lot changes like i said –

The top the car is the same so it’s got this nice kind of fat rear end to it nice integrated backup lights there on the corners right here nice dual exhaust really like the way that mods has integrated the taillights on this thing very seamless design and of course a hardtop just looks really nice the way this works this panel here this is aluminum this part and

This part split down the middle here and they fall into the area under the roof now the roof consists of this part all the way back so when that part raises up these two roof panels collapse inside revealing all this area here to the windshield and open very nice but i promise i’ll show you that a second anyway let’s look around the car on the inside now you can

Get in the trunk from the outside you just have to know what the latches at it’s down here under this it’s sort of hard to find but there it is once inside there’s not a whole lot of room i think it’s 4.6 cubic feet of space which is smaller than the front of the tesla model s but hey this is not supposed to be a grocery get it it’s your tire inflation kit if

You need it hopefully you don’t there is no spare tire there’s also no grab handles up here anything like that you’re going to take your paint when you close the trunk fuel filler nice and simple it does require a premium fuel join the 2-liter four-cylinder one of the options with this car is the electronic keyless entry here so push that button on the car will

Lock and unlock once in sun well very familiar cabin area obviously because it looks just like the cabin in the regular soft top miata not a whole lot of complaints once you’re behind the wheel but boy this thing really is tight trying to use it as an everyday car you can see there these are the cup holders they are removable so you can take them out there’s also

Another cup holder slot up here so if you are so inclined you can sort of attach it generally works better with the other cup holder and as you can see i mean the car is just tiny there we go so let’s see you can get it to fit there we go there’s the other cup holder option the only problem is once you have that installed your passenger has no left room a left leg

Room isn’t any hits that all the time and it’s just not a not a nice situation so it’s best if you keep that plug in there you have a little bit of storage compartment here obviously not just a little bit of space that’s the owner’s manual and not much else no door pockets the center console well that’s even more laughable space just enough for well i guess maybe

A cell phone i’ve got a usb charger in here and that’s it there are two usb ports up here there’s the all-important electronic switch for the hardtop and because this is the grand touring model it does have heated seats single zone air conditioning with automatic mode it does have a circulation the hand of course the beautiful 6-speed manual gearbox so let’s

Get behind the wheel now without further ado let’s look at the top here we go because we just push up for down and down for up which is kind of backwards doing that starts the whole process i’m going to let you look back here when i do it so pushing now the windows roll down the back goes up top splits falls and the back comes right back down and the windows do

Go right back up now one complaint when you’re when you’re putting the top back up the side windows do not automatically roll back up so you’ve got to super cautious with that to make sure that you’re not leaving your windows cracked all right now with the top down you can see how it looks nice and simple here like i said all the way from the the a pillar to the

B pillar a nice split as everything is based inside the trunk let’s close it just a little bit to see how actually operates all right so here we can see here’s the main roof panel and right here this is the the other room panel that attaches to the b-pillar there is the window the window folds in between the the secondary panel and the main roof panel so it all

Sort of sandwiches together inside into the trunk area now the great thing about this is that no extra room is needed to move from the soft top to the retractable hardtop matza didn’t have to cut into the trunk space much it’s all the same area and the great thing is none of your trunk space is compromised with roof so you don’t have to worry about your luggage

Getting crushed when you open it close to the window that’s really convenient alright so here we are behind the wheel of the miata brad yeah this is a really intensely fun car to drive and that’s the point right i mean this is a miata it’s not supposed to be a family car it’s not supposed to be a cursory hitter this is a driver’s car in the purest sense mazda has

Obviously created the best iteration of what is supposed to be the british roadster the british sports car but this one doesn’t break down it doesn’t leak oil it it starts the first time and that’s what’s so great about this car is it is a reliable british sports car but it has to be made by mazda everything about this car is is is tailored and fun the disability

Out of the car lets you enjoy the environment it’s small compact it lets you toss it around obviously the manual transmission is a blast to row through the clutch is used to operate it gives you that really tactile feel steering oh spectacular i mean it’s very i mean fingertip but just the slightest little bit of turn makes something happen and then there’s the

Top the electronic switch here on the dash push that down and the electronic top does it’s magic now yes the electronic top does take about a hundred and thirteen pounds and packs that onto the curb weight of the car and when you’re talking about 2400 pounds as you’re starting curb weight 113 pounds is sort of a lot it’s also a lot when you consider this thing only

Has 155 horsepower so still with the same fine you know the car handles that well and especially in regular daily driving or even throwing it around a nice twisty road you’re not really going to feel that difference you just not it’s not going to be on a racetrack professional driver driving back to that with the rad top and the hard top to tell the difference

On it so don’t even worry about that the advantage is of course of the hardtop well it’s sort of quieted here for miata i do get a little bit of wind noise back here towards the back of the window other than that it’s pretty pretty peaceful in here there is a little bit of road noise on harsher pavement but otherwise very good to go you know what this car like i

Said it’s not meant to be a cocoon it’s supposed to be this visceral feeling of driving perfection and i think miata mazda has has really perfected that with vision indiana and you know them for that this car i just i can’t go over how much fun it is to try and it is really a blast i mean a transmission so they came and gearbox just perfectly alive those tears

And you just bang them in there and it feels really good even with the trash can throw on this card lets you have a little bit of fun it does sort of it sort of gets a little too happy when you’re nearing the throttle say second gear coming around the turn any kind of dip it in there and dump the clutch it will walk out on you and that’s fun it but it’s really

Controllable it at no point does it feel overpowered obviously with 155 horsepower but you know at the same time it it doesn’t feel underpowered enduring really with it walks a fine line of balance and that is what this car is its powers so yeah that’s my opinion i want to hear yours go over to top speed comm check out the full written review we’ve got plenty of

Pictures over there everything like that so let me know what you think in the comment section there do you like the miata rf over the rack top would you would you pay me extra money for this or would you in the regular miata i i’m just curious because honestly it’s a hard choice for me like i said let me know your thoughts anyway guys you have a great week i’ve

Been motoring thanks for checking out top speed calm

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