2017 jaguar f pace 2 0 r sport a
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2017 Jaguar F-Pace 2.0 R-Sport AWD

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One owner from new, 45,002 miles & Full Jaguar Service History. With £6,390 of premium extras, prestigious road presence & more than enough room its easy to see why the F-Pace is one of the most in demand AWD SUV’s available

We sell these unbelievably well soon as they come in the cell because they’re a great car for the price jaguar f-pace two-liter this is an r sport so it’s a two-liter diesel but it’s an asp but it’s got just under seven thousand pounds worth of options so the car looks fantastic one owner 45 000 miles 26 990 great looking car in black it looks right there doesn’t

It first of all because of the wheels them wheels are called 20-inch venom wheels so they’re a diamond cut wheel the silver on the outside grey inserts and with it being the r spot it looks sporty so you get big extended bumpers you get the huge grill you get the big inserts on the front but i just think for 26 990 it looks great value it’s then got it’s been

De-badged this car so it’s all de-chromed privacy glass on the back and then as we move around the rear again big big rear of the car twin exhausts and the built on a villa these cars so if you go and buy this car a range rover velar two liter diesel like this cost you another ten thousand pound this car is 26.99 it does all them things as we move on inside

Again you’ve got great specs so we’ve got meridian sound system you’ve got the leather door cards with the white stitching you’ve then got the full heated white stitched seats all the r-spot interior two-liter diesel auto and other things the thing is about the car as well it’s up to date in relation to the system the digital dials if we go into here this is

The same system that is all in the new velaz the new range rover sport so the touchscreen navigation system you’ve then got your apple carplay you’ve got your in control apps if we go into our seats we’ve got heated seats you’ve got front rear heated windscreens multifunctional steering wheel automatic lights automatic wipers electric tailgate lin departure so

The spec on the car is fantastic ambient lightning what runs through the car as you can see on the door cards so it’s got spec great on fuel just short of 50 mark the gallon great space in this car as well that’s why they’re so popular so you’ve got loads of space in the back and there’s bags of services you even and i think i said on this this car’s one owner

From you the original order form from when it was bought from land from strathstorners here the car was 55 000 pounds new it’s 26 990 you can see the ambient lighting runs all the way through you’ve got all your isofix seats you’ve even got rear heated seats as well for your rear passengers so the spec on the car is is fantastic and then we’ve got a great boot

Size big boot split folding seats electric tailgate and now the cars running you can see them lovely rear led lights and i just think with them venom wheels the privacy glass it’s a great looking car it’s going live on the website we sell especially when the sub 30 000 pounds they sell really well because we’re a great price range for people give me a call my

Number’s on the bottom of the screen i can answer any of your questions and i can get it secured for you

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2017 Jaguar F-Pace 2.0 R-Sport AWD By Acklam Car Centre

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