2017 hyundai ioniq ev long term
Altair Club Cars 2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV | Long-Term Review

2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV | Long-Term Review

We were given a Hyundai Ioniq EV as a long-termer to see what its like actually living with an EV. This one won’t blow the doors off supercars at the drag strip, but is it a good commuter?

This is the high end iii on ebay the first electric iron die to be sold in new zealand what makes the ioniq unique is the fact that it was designed with three power trains in mind it’s available a hybrid of plug-in hybrids and a fury v like this one behind us while it might look pretty quirky from the outside with its lack of radiator grille the eevee is actually

Pretty easy to drive simply push the start button wait for the annoying bing bong to tell you the cars ready and about the only unconventional thing in the cabin is the push-button gearbox so just push d and away we go pretty quiet one of the questions that keeps cropping up on our tests of the eye on the db is why don’t she happens when the battery runs

Out we don’t know so tonight we decided to find out we run the battery down just by driving around tears into the battery so we’re heading towards the car home where we know that there’s a fast and easy charge station so that way we can run the battery down as low as we did and then get a charge up and go home down should you actually manage to run out of battery

When you drive high and i will pick up the car and transport it to the nearest charging station as part of the roadside recovery we imagine there’ll be plenty of warnings about their depleted rates already and the little indicator on the right-hand side of the dash you we’re down to two v two red bars and there’s a sort of a battery symbol it up and on the central

Screen there which you can probably see it says ten percent range and sixteen points so after a few power runs up and down a quiet road we’ve reduced our range and battery capacity quite significantly we’re down to five kilometers of range three percent battery we’ve got a warning light on here same charge immediately and even though we’re in sport mode the little

Turtles appeared on the screen and its really novel dup our life is just happy and also talking the hammering on so now we’ve just got another message come on three percent and it ranges disappeared or time start getting anxious i suppose right so we’ve been drawing down on 1% for a little bit now and i think it probably just hit to the charger just to just

To be safe we don’t understand let’s go back to the night there’s still there’s still acceleration here if you floor the throttle hard enough but it’s just really lame you just you just use it normally so i’ve just put into the fast charge station 1% battery lamp and now it’s time to chart out if you look at the screen here it’ll tell you the different charge

Times expected from different stations so this is a fast charge station and this should take 34 minutes to fill the battery so we’re just gonna stay here long enough to get enough to used to your home and then we’ll be off

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV | Long-Term Review By NZ Autocar

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