2017 gmc savana 2500 lt duramax
Altair Club Cars 2017 GMC Savana 2500 LT Duramax 12 Passenger

2017 GMC Savana 2500 LT Duramax 12 Passenger

Quick Review of 2017 GMC Savana 2500 LT Duramax 12 Passenger

Hi guys just a quick review on the 2017 gmc savannah 2500 it’s the lt trim it’s got the 2.8 inline 4 duramax diesel engine i was looking to purchase this fan couldn’t find any videos or a lot of reviews on it was a bit agitating so i thought i’d do one for you guys i’m not much into doing videos but maybe i can save someone else the grief don’t have much to say

If you have any questions feel free to ask just going to show you what everything looks like tried cleaning the van up but it’s cold my pressure washer didn’t want to work well so you’ve got the split window there instead of the solid window i’m not sure if they’re all like that but this one is seems to have a good suspension i haven’t hauled with it yet but

Apparently it can tow 7 000 pounds which is really impressive for a little 2.8 in the van that weighs about 6 300 pounds it’s got a backup camera there it comes with a towing package it’s got the 7-way as well as the 4-way manual windows on the back doors that’s as far as they’ll open decent luggage considering it’s a 12 passenger standard wheelbase you can

Get the extended one you can remove either the left side or the right side of those seats depending on your needs just a single sliding manual door got the back pane there that opens which is the same as on the driver’s side there you don’t have terrible much leg room but due to the tallness of the seats they’re more comfortable than the town and country 2011

That we were using till now no head rests unfortunately the younger children you’ll be all right but adults might get tired of that not sure if this is original floor again due to it being a theft recovery and the interior being somewhat replaced got a cup holder up against the side there but none in the back be nice to have more but it is what it is you do

Have fairly deep storage pockets in the doors but no glove compartment looks like they try to make up for it up there a bit you got 12 volt usb and 120 it’s only 150 watts though you can’t do much with it got three cupholders in the front decent amount of storage there plenty of room between the seats now the front seats are electric down up backwards forward

And two tilt options front seats are very comfortable compared to town and country i could sit in these all day the mirrors do not slide they just fold in or out give you a peek inside the hood there it does have a light under the hood but this one’s been disconnected for some reason very very clean engine runs very smooth has a very good track record from the

Research i did the service technicians i talked to at gm no known major issues or problems i’m hoping that’ll be the truth got your lighting controls here you do have electric mirrors steering wheel controls you’ve got crews on the left radio on the right with the volume control set back a bit you don’t have a whole lot on the dash but you’ve got these buttons

That’ll take you through your options your rpms are in there it’s a nice feature to have if you at least don’t have it on the dash and the second button will take you through your maintenance third button will take you through your settings has an eight speed transmission so you do have the manual shift option i’ll just show you the backup camera here doesn’t

Have the grid but it’s fairly clear and at least you can make sure there’s no one behind you it’s a touch screen here’s your options got the navigation system bluetooth well that’s about it guys hope that helps someone considering a van like this i really like it so far i’m going to be touring with it at some point i’m excited to see how it’ll do unfortunately

With current laws you can’t do much when it comes to death and tuning but there’s a tuner i have my eye on that’ll increase uh horsepower and torque by 45 obviously you use it accordingly if you’re driving loaded or not so i might put that on in a year and see how that’ll work if you have any questions or would like to see anything else just let me know i’ll do

A video at some point going on the highway so you can see how it responds in terms of acceleration and handling

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2017 GMC Savana 2500 LT Duramax 12 Passenger By Cattle Ranger

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