2017 gmc canyon slt crew cab
Altair Club Cars 2017 GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab

2017 GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab

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Hello it’s mark alderman from alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re famous for awesome deals and fabulous service today’s awesome deal check out this new arrival it’s a 2017 gmc canyon slt crew cab four wheel drive pickup truck this is a certified vehicle one owner off lease we sold it originally brand new finished off in

That medium gray metallic the slt gives you a lot of great additional features including those 17 inch aluminum wheels camaron you have those signature led gmc daytime running lamps around those projector halogen headlamps slt also has that chrome front grille with the crow the chrome lower insert there around the toe hooks one of the things i love about this

Color you take a close look here in the windshield vehicles actually quite dirty but when you step back it looks like it was just washed great color for not showing the dirt but it does provide a nice contrast against that chrome grille in those chrome wheels or aluminum wheels i should say take a closer look at the condition of these aluminum wheels see they’re

An outstanding shape get a nice set of matched your body body looks outstanding that’s gonna rear defogger with a sliding rear window you’ve got nice center armrest there cupholders five passenger rear seat take a close look at those floor mats everything looks pristine take a look at the – from the rear seat nice contemporary layout sharp looking center stack

Nice console you’ve got the woodgrain there on the console nice thick armrests there leather-wrapped steering wheel audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel as well average retail price on this is thirty one thousand one hundred and forty eight dollars our live market price 30 thousand two hundred eighty we’ve got the chrome door handles chrome mirror

Caps i’d like to take a close look at the drivers entry point here this area of the vehicle gets the most amount of traffic so if we take a close look here you can see those driver door controls are all pristine this part of the upholstery takes the most amount of wear and tear and you can see where you know you can see a little aging so to speak but it’s really

In perfect condition it’s not crushed no tears or anything like that all looks really nice dual power seats on this vehicle also so dual four-way power seats leather interior heated leather seats i should say beautiful eight inch touchscreen display v6 engine this has apple carplay 4g lte wi-fi and ways navigation with the apple carplay as well take a look nice

High-definition rear camera and you’ve got those nice guide bars there so when you turn the wheel i also have both key fobs there’s one the other around got a nice step here on the bumper generous size it’s got a locking tailgate and then when you pull that it’s got a torsion bar inside the tailgate so when you pop that open and let it go it comes down nice and

Easy doesn’t slam down i’m not sure i don’t think anything’s ever been in the box everything looks perfect back here take a look at the passenger side the body looks outstanding there you get another look of those tires the amount of tread left on those tires take a look at the passenger side rear wheel it’s perfect another view of the body there’s a passenger

Side front wheel looks terrific you can see those chrome mirrors in relation to those chrome door handles aluminum wheels lower front fog lamps on this as well so that is the 2017 gmc canyon slt crew cab four wheel drive gmc certified vehicle if you’d like to learn more just hit the learn more button below or in the comment section on youtube or come see it for

Yourself at alderman chevrolet buick gmc route seven south in rutland

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2017 GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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