2017 audi s4 3 0tfsi quattro
Altair Club Cars 2017 Audi S4 3.0TFSI Quattro

2017 Audi S4 3.0TFSI Quattro

Sporty yet stylish, the S4 saloon offers the ultimate combination of athletic style and practicality for those needing a sports car with versatility. Styled in Tornado Red paired with Grey Quilted Leather Sport Seats, Extended Interior Ambient Lighting & Technology Package with Audi Virtual cockpit

Now you won’t see selling many cars like this anymore which is a real shame you know if a car comes in and it doesn’t make the grade that we have very very particular standards we trade the car now this is a little bit different this is a 2017 67 audi s4 it’s a three liter petrol four-wheel drive quattro of course brilliant performance car with a full audi

History the car is in the right color for me an audi sport color in tango red brilliantly looked after matrix front headlights the wheel upgrade big thing on this car 19-inch wheels tech pack massage seats super sport seats cars covered 24 000 miles and for me this car gives someone who’s looking for a performance car everything because it’s got space for your

Family it’s a four wheel drive it’s 354 brake horsepower and it’s like 4.7 4.6 seconds not 60. the v6 engine in these cars is just an incredible engine and this car’s been well looked after so it’s just a real good car pricing at 29.99 for me that is just what a car for the money it won’t last five minutes it’s just a brilliant brilliant car and how we launched

These cars a lot of the time in red because you get lots of them not many in red it’s a sport color for audi and i think it suits the car very well as do these wheels the wheels are the 19 inch upgrade for the s4 impeccable condition black s breaking calipers if we go this way around the car you’ll notice that the front end of this car is slightly different

Because we’ve got the matrix beam led lights and you can tell because you’ve got the extra sections into the light here cars got front and rear parking sensors and if you’re looking for one of these cars just just buy this one because i’m guarantee if you’re buying from a distance you’ve been scotland you down in london or elsewhere in the uk and you’re going

To buy the car without viewing it it’s beautiful there’s no stone chips on it it’s been well looked after then look at the interior colour because this is what’s rare it’s got a grey full leather super sport interior which again is beautiful the seats are massage and heated at the front we’ve got the audi tech pack with virtual cockpit we’ve got the ambient

Lighting which i’ll show you as well which for me makes this car special it’s just a brilliant example space for all your family the carroll seat five adults lovely condition in the back we’ve got rear climate control it’s just a cracking sport saloon and for the money for 24 000 miles on i’m sure it’s the best one available like i say usually if the car isn’t

Good enough to our standard we would trade a car like this but this one is a great car again talk about practicality the boot space is great you’ve got split folding seats lovely s4 styling little lip spoiler quad exhaust to the back we’ve got the led rear light as well it’s just a cracker honestly jumping in you’ll notice a couple of things so we’ve got puddle

Lights to entry level the car’s got bang olufsen big upgrade on the car so the stereo system is upgraded now we are in the car now in the light of the showroom but you might notice in the doors we’ve got the purple ambient lighting so it’s got the extended led interior light pack all into the doors into the cup holders into the center console and we’re not on

A night time it does make a difference the car looks great inside on a night flat bottom steering wheel if you look down here we’ve got full electric seat with the massage function here automatic lights wipers cruise control and then this the tech pack with virtual cockpit that isn’t a standard feature in an s4 some of them have got the normal clocks and it’s a

Brilliant feature i have it lifts the car because it’s more modern and it’s super user friendly and very usable at the same time you will really enjoy that aspect to the car front and rear parking sensors we’ve got smartphone interface in this car so you can link your phone and use your phone your iphone or your android phone through the car heated front seats

Climate control and then the drive select so efficiency to dynamic in that rev we did at the beginning of the video i had it in dynamic just got a fabulous sound to it really really incredible estronic gearbox with a paddle shift in this three liter v6 engine with a quattro drive it drives incredibly in the right color as well with the right wheels being looked

After properly full audi history in the right sort of price bracket as well under 30 grand the car will finance brilliantly well give me a call on my number on the screen my name’s richard i can run through figures with you or just ring me and buy it be quick thanks for watching

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2017 Audi S4 3.0TFSI Quattro By Acklam Car Centre

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