2017 audi q5 2 0 tdi test
Altair Club Cars 2017 Audi Q5 2.0 TDI | TEST

2017 Audi Q5 2.0 TDI | TEST


The first generation of audi q5 has been for many years the best selling suv in its class, and to create its successor was not the easiest and the most appealing of tasks. that was the same thing that the audi representatives said last year, when they presented the new second generation at the auto-salon in paris. i got to that relatively early, so i can really break

It down for you, even though at the first sight you probably couldn’t even tell, that it is a new model, mainly while looking from profile view, it looks nearly identical. but the car is fulfilling the saying, that you do not have to change the things that work, and the result of that is this car. of course the front part is new, and it really carries the q7-vibe,

But it still stays a bit subtle. for an additional fee you get the new led lights, more precisely the matrix-led technology. and the interesting fact is, that the lateral line is a bit inflated near the mudguards, that can be seen as a detail based on the a5 design. and to follow the image of a4 and also the new superb, there has to be an angled hood, new generation is

Approximately 90 kg lighter that its predecessor, even though at the end, this car, with this equipment weights around 2 tons. when it comes to exterior, i really have to mention that the new generation can be proud of its great aerodynamics, because the drag coefficient is only cd = 0,30, which considering that this is a suv is a very nice number. i personally like the new

Q5 from the back, where you can see the fancy and sophisticated lights. you are for sure asking, are the legendary blinkers missing, that are loading in this way, the trunk has 550 respectively 610 litres concerning the way in which you change the back seats. and as you can probably see, the edge is reaching the sides, as fas as trends are concerned, i have to mention the

Exhausts, that are not actually the exhausts, but mainly a blinders, because this is a diesel model without the exterior s-line packet so no matter whether your car is dirty or not, your pants will never be. the inconvenience is, that the doors become really firm and are hard to close. intergenerationally, the q5 has improved in all the ways and the people sitting in the

Back seat will benefit from it the most, because as you sit down, you immediately see the increased space. the size of the trunk depends on the position of this bench, now it is in the closest position, where the trunk is prioritised, in any case, when you return, even when there is a panoramic roof, however, personally i think that the biggest highlight is the interior,

And mainly its front part, that has undergone the biggest change, so let’s have a look there. if you have ever sat in a previous q5, you must have noticed that in spite of the modern exterior, and that is why, here, everything is new, so the design you see now is incomparable with the one in the previous q5. i have to admit though, that i miss the horizontal line that

The q7, a4 and a5 all have, but on the other hand, everything here is different and unique. but basically this all has the vibe of classic audi cockpits, so nothing is going to surprise you. i really have to mention that the new q5 is made in mexico, therefore many people are questioning the quality. if you have seen my a4 video, you know i criticised the moving ceiling.

It’s not doing that, so i guess the mexican factories are even better than the european ones. the buttons on the steering wheel are still really loud and squeaky but the steering wheel itself is really nice, sporty s-line design, that i would not have expected in a car like this. and the speedometers, the 12,3” visual cockpit, that i have already introduced in detail

For many times in my previous videos, as well as already well known beautiful touch-screens for control of climate in the car. because i have not used the word “highlight” for a long time concerning the criticism that i got in return, now i am gonna use it whether you like it or not to describe the central armrest. because you can put here cups for coffee while you

Will get this pad for wireless charging for samsung etc. so when you put here your phone, you can move the counter and you will get a charger for your phone, and when you do not need it at the time, you can simply put it back. i see that as a really handy detail, plus there is much space for your wallet and phone. the central armrest is lower than in q7- but as i have

Already mentioned, everything here is very well known, and very trendy. probably the biggest novelty of q5 is the new technology, that got the name quattro ultra, and that is the complete opposite of the thing, that audi was advertising and building their name on for so long, because the new q5 has the legendary quattro drive available only in 3.0 tdi version, the other

Version have the “front-wheel drive” to which the rear axle is connected by electromechanical mid-axle clutch. in the beginning i have to say, that i did not drive in the way that i am used to do with audi’s, because i end up bogged down. i think that in 90% of the time as a normal person you simply cannot distinguish whether it is a quattro or quattro ultra.

But when you know that the road conditions are deteriorating, you pick the regime allroad or offroad, and the clutch will turn itself on, so the rear axle is present, therefore there is nothing to be afraid of. but i still think, that having a four wheel drive is only a question of “status”, because it is mainly only the fee-item based on the amount of money you have,

Because few people are gonna make use of it. i think if anyone has a car like this, the four wheel drive will be used one day of the year. of course, the people driving through mountains and forests, that is a different story, but in the end, they are not the people who have this kind of a car. in any case, this made audi more ecological concerning the consumption

And emissions, i have not done this before, this is the first time. i am gonna try and go through that, the offroad regime is turned of, therefore the clutch should be turned on, you can see the snow in here, it is a bit uphill, so i am really curious. and in the end, the thing that you saw is probably the worst terrain that this car will ride on. as you already got

Form the name of the video, 2.0 tdi engine is under the hood, so i can really say that this is a well-known and well-established engine with 140 kw / 190 ps, so basically it is an identical motorisation as there was in a4 allroad. the dynamics here seem a bit worse here in some sense, but i still think that 190 ps is just enough for this car, even thought the 3.0tdi is

Another story, that has to be said. when i reseted the system and i drove by fair means in the city, on the highway, the 6,5 l/100 km or even 6 litre was normally achieved, and i would say that for this car it is a really good number. another thing that i have to highlight is the chassis. i really don’t understand they thing in audi, but for the last years, audi a4

Or q7 have chassises that totally absorb and attenuate everything. in this case the air suspension chassis, that has its default height in the classic regime will change when switched to allroad will elevate for 25 mm and in offroad even a few more cm, but by contrast, in dynamic it will lower itself. mainly, when you hit a conduit it is not going to filter as perfectly,

But in any case it really performs well. you will not find the all-wheel steering, because that is dominant for q7. i am gonna mention the specific drive for one more time in a sense, that i have already said, that over all, people do not need the 4×4 drive, and i have noticed, for the past days that i have been driving this car, that the car uses mainly the front drive.

Naturally, when you get a bit crazy on the road, you feel that the car is understeering. but still, in the terrain regimes, or in the times when you need the 4×4 drive, or at least you when have the tendency to use it, it will always work. the question is, whether the clutch will not overheat. but this made the car mainly front-drive one, even though i think that they

Know what they are doing, and finding out the right way of using the car was only a question of time. to conclude, i would mention a few numbers from the price list, because the q5 starts at about 43k €, and this particular one, in full equipment costs nearly 80k. practically saying, you have everything that your heart craves, including the perfect head-up display,

That projects all the information on the windshield. and i am really curious how will the q5 deal with its competition, mainly with mercedes-benz glc, that really changed the game when it comes to intergenerational cars. and we will also witness, whether the new generation will continue in being as successful as the previous one.

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