2017 audi a5 2 0tdi s line quatt
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2017 Audi A5 2.0TDI S-Line Quattro

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A beautifully cherished one owner from new example of the sporty A5 Coupe with only 11,562 Miles & Full Service History featuring the all important Quattro All Wheel Drive

Representing unbelievable value for money this beautiful 2017 67 plate audi a5 coupe is just 24.990 two major things it’s super low miles it’s only done 11 000 miles and it’s a quattro so four-wheel drive in a two-liter diesel engine and the quattro drive train this car performs excellently in any weather it’s brilliant on fuel and with the s-line body styling

In ibis white it looks superb as well as you can imagine a car like this done 11 000 miles it’s in lovely condition from front to back inside and out but it’s been serviced properly as well it’s had three services in its life done on time every year but for value for money at 24.990 for an audi the reliability the build quality it just doesn’t come much better

Looking at a brief finance example on this car with zero deposit on pcp it’s just 399 a month and i think for a car that performs well it’s four wheel drive looks like this one in an s line that’s just excellent it’s the second generation a5 this car so it’s more modern the lines on it are superb we’ve got the the led driving lights with the led headlights front

And rear parking sensors the 18-inch s-line alloy wheels the body styling on the s-line which gives it the side sills along the doors this car also comes with privacy glass that’s an option from audi it’s got flat bottom steering wheel and it’s only had one owner from you so the man actually bought this car for me when i worked at audi so i sold in this car

Brand new and it’s been so well looked after it’s an absolute stunner around the back of these vehicles we have got the dynamic indicators the led rear lights rear parking sensors the s-line body styling with the s-line rediffuser a very generous boot capacity it is a coupe but it’s got a very long boot adequate for anything you’re going to use the vehicle for

And then audis are all about reliability they’re very well built very solid everyone loves the sound of the door shut i don’t know why but it’s it’s all very very very well put together inside the s-line sport sea to leather and alcantara they are electric with electric lumbar that steering wheel does transform this car and the way you drive it because the flat

Bottom steering wheel is an optional extra with audi and it’s an optional extra for a reason because it’s more tactile it’s more sporty and when you’re driving a coupe like this which is very sporty you drive it does make the difference when audi launched this generation audi a5 i think it was 2017 that brought this up this car out it was a market leader and that’s

Because it came with great specifications so i’ve mentioned the electric seat we’ve got automatic light automatic wipers cruise control the color driver information system in the center of the the clocks there it’s only done 11 000 miles but it’s s-tronic so we’ve got the automatic gearbox if i start the car up it’s kayla’s start we’ve got the fixed screen to the

Center of the dashboard that’s got navigation it’s got bluetooth the car’s got heated seats it’s got climate control again all important the drive select functions from dynamic to auto to comfort to efficiency it works in an audi it’s there to be used it transforms the fuel economy of the car all the performance when driving the car through the paddles this car at

190 brake horsepower isn’t slow at all it’s no slouching the gearbox changes i always say it seems you hardly feel the car change gear it’s a luxury vehicle for 24.99 brilliant value for money other features you’ll enjoy the car’s got the hill assist which is an option that button there we’ve got electronic park brake and this beautiful brushed chrome dashboard

All-important quattro badging on there just to show that it is a four wheel drive vehicle but if i jump out and look at the seats you’ll see those s-line sport seats in lithuan alcantara again premium quality fabrics used and the car is a beautiful beautiful example we do get these in and out of akron cars this one is probably the best one that i’ve seen condition

Wise certainly best for mileage and it represents incredible value for money my name is richard remember my number on the screen the car will come fully prepared to its next owner but it’s a stunner thanks for watching

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2017 Audi A5 2.0TDI S-Line Quattro By Acklam Car Centre

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