2017 audi a4 night review led li
Altair Club Cars 2017 Audi A4 Night Review (LED Lighting)

2017 Audi A4 Night Review (LED Lighting)

In this video we take a look at the 2017 Audi A4 Prestige’s LED lighting from the exterior to the interior.

What is up guys max merc here and this is the 2017 outie a for prestige and we’ll be doing a little review of the leds and all the lighting of the car here i’ve lured to an underground parking garage worked a little bit darker because right now it’s sunny daylight outside so hopefully we can get a better view in this parking garage so here’s the car right now the

Car is locked so when you go ahead and unlock the car in the dark all these lights illuminate and a turn signal at that nice sweeping sequential motion you have leds all throughout here led license plate lights you do get leds below your door handles and then your mirror right here they are all led and when you unlock the car your low beams turn on just like

So it’s all full led you lock the car you get the led turn signal right there and after about a minute these should turn themselves off so we actually unlock the car and you want to step inside the car lower unlock right there block the vehicle so when it like i said when you lock the vehicle lights turn off when you unlock the vehicle you can cue us everything

Illuminate your just locks itself again the interior lights illuminate you can go ahead and step inside need to get these are illuminated contour lighting all throughout the vehicle and you’ve got this ice line side still illuminated as well interior vehicle you can get these led dome lights and stuff any size and when you go ahead and start the car your start

Button is illuminated it’s not too dark right now but this you start step 1 put in the brake already starts up and you have this interior lighting in terms of bed for every second lemon turns to whatever color off ni goes to whatever color you’ve selected so all the lighting in this vehicle is adjustable on i’ll actually go ahead and turn on these lights down here

You actually get the lumen is lighting in the footwell you’ve been illuminated contour lighting throughout here as well as in the rear seats to adjust this you get a menu down here and then you scroll to vehicle and then you go back vehicle settings interior lighting and these are the default setting say this is contour white sorry about that contour white maybe

Time moon impulse red and then individual i’ve set it to blue you actually go to the right here and adjust the individual brightness of all of these everything to your like these are all your this is your color palate adjust to whatever these colors you like so if i want to put it red wrap in the footwell and down here it’ll all turn red or i can just to whatever

Color i want i personally like this a very deep blue especially today and that’s about it for the interior lighting of this car it’s very cool a lot of these newer luxury sedans let all these luxury cars are going towards all these mood lighting throughout the interior of the vehicle you also have a huge virtual cockpit right here kind of overpowering everything in

A good way in a good way and all these little ambient lighting buttons are all in a on a soft white and it’s just a very nice place to be especially at nighttime very luxurious very modern good great place to be i know hope you guys enjoyed this video stay tuned for more if you guys want to see more of this car please leave and leave in the comments and suggestions

On what you guys want to see um and thanks for watching

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2017 Audi A4 Night Review (LED Lighting) By MaxMerc

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