2017 aston martin db11 v12 p o v
Altair Club Cars 2017 Aston Martin DB11 V12 P.O.V Review

2017 Aston Martin DB11 V12 P.O.V Review

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Hey guys welcome to car guy 1999 reviews today courtesy of aston martin of boston we have this awesome 2017 aston martin db11 this one has the v12 with an aftermarket exhaust which you’ll hear is absurd you can just hear it idling it’s frankly crazy this one features the v12 engine 5.2 liter twin turbo v12 i mean that is a hood panel can i just say that that’s a

Hood panel that is absolutely massive i hope this one i think this one has the soft clothes it does awesome so you don’t have to slam it just look at this thing it is properly gorgeous especially this spec silver over red with carbon fiber inlays driving it in sport plus mode driven red seat belts i’ve driven the um v8 version i’ve not driven the v12 looks

Like an integrated radar detector this is pretty cool some visors everything is leather except for the parts that are alcantara so i mean just the materials alone in here are absolutely insane do not think this opens for a glove box however you can slide this four and aft to make room as needed back seats they exist wouldn’t want to sit there for too long but

They’re there reversing camera you have 360 view and then the 180 view which is nice put it into drive you have the front camera as well now just wait until you hear this exhaust it is stupid loud especially the bangs and pops on the deceleration actually i’ll do this first part in normal drive you know it’s what is it 9 45 in the morning god people are awake

But i don’t like to make a lot of noise and roll neighborhoods especially right by people’s ears that’s how you get people really upset real quick but when you have a 5.2 liter v12 you’re gonna make some noise you see what i mean by those pops and if you start to bury the brake pedal you know as much as the v8 is a ton of fun to drive this just fits the character

Of this car i believe it’s something like 630 horsepower so it’s properly quick and i’m not saying the v8 is slow because that is properly quick too but there’s just something about a twin turbo v12 the swell of torque it’s just oh it’s properly amazing oh my goodness this one has i think about 15 000 miles on it which you know you sit there and compare to

A corolla you’re like they never drove it but that’s actually very low miles even in the grand scheme of things thinking about the fact this is an exotic car yeah that happened again 630 horsepower it’ll spin them so you really that was the thing with the v8 you could kind of just floor it and it work itself out this one you need to roll onto the accelerator

So and then we’re at the good old red light this thing is absolutely awesome absolutely awesome i mean i can’t believe i’m driving cars like this for a living i cannot process that you know people sit there and a lot of people dream of seeing a db11 you know and now it’s like oh yeah i get to drive them it it’s weird because on one hand it starts to wear off on

You meaning like you’ll be like oh cool db11. whereas on the other hand you still absolutely love them holy crap that was the first time it ever got grip under power the amount of torque is just insane my god this thing is a proper weapon it is a proper supercar um i want one i mean who doesn’t want nasty martin but it is properly quick what’s nice is in this

Carbon weave you have like a copper yeah it’s like copper fused throughout i just love you know one thing you’ll notice once you start spending more time with these cards is how just everything is so well done leather everywhere places you would never end up touching on a day-to-day basis feel great to the touch it’s all those fine details that whenever somebody

Says to me two hundred thousand dollars for a car isn’t worth it this is where i start to say to them you have to spend time in them to really understand why they make sense and why they’re worth it you can’t put power down in second just doesn’t happen so oh lee bonkers all right thank you guys so much for watching please like share and subscribe i’ll see you all in the next one

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