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Altair Club Cars 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Access Cab 4X4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Access Cab 4X4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

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All righty hey guys this is garrison over at massey toyota here in france me i’ve got a 2016 twitter tacoma trd sport access cab now this one is in barcelona red metallic and we do have the graphite cloth so taking a look at our wheels we are riding on firestone tires this is gonna be your 17 inch alloy wheels go ahead and come around back as you can see we do have

Some trd sport badging right there this is your six foot composite bed as you can see we do have a backup camera right there and so we do have smart key access we’ll put our hand behind the door handle to unlock this particular one does have three miles on it we’ll put our foot on the brake and press our button to start so let’s check out under the hood coming

Underneath the hood we do up to 8 is 3.5 liter dual overhead cam v6 engine this produced 278 horsepower and 265 foot-pounds of torque to all four wheels in this particular example and a 6-speed automatic so let’s go ahead and check out the interior so stepping back in as i said before we do have the graphite cloth interior on this model we’ve got our full wide

Driver seat and we do have our manual lumbar right there now stepping in and taking a look at our door panel this whole portion right here is nice and rubberized and padded padding down below in your armrest automatic windows power locks and power mirrors now to the left of this ring wheel you have your hundred and twenty volt ac outlet activation coming to your

Steering wheel it’s a four spoke leather wrapped will with side bolstering grip extensions we have our audio bluetooth and our cruise controls over on the left our headlights fog lights and blinkers and then over on the right we do have a variable in writing speed wipers now coming to our audio system going to audio we do have am fm xm cd usb bluetooth streaming

Audio and auxilary going to apps we do have our navigation system in this model it’s a full fledge head unit with hd traffic destination we can put in an address like from a point of interest and designate some presets down below go home to see your split-screen view with your audio your phone or your navigation and you can customize this if you don’t like that

Set up down below here we do have our four-wheel drive controls heated mirrors our singles on manual climate controls fan speed temperature in your zones right here ect power for your transmission your qi wireless charging we do have our usb and auxiliary port as well as a 12 volt power outlet down here some more cupholders here’s our six-speed automatic we have a

Sport mode with manual shift and then in reverse we do have a rear-view camera right up there he brake right here another cup holder nice padded armrest looking inside of there we do have another 12 volt power outlet glovebox is nice and damped we do have our owner’s manuals in there as well as that phone charger now coming to our auto dimming rear view mirror we

Do have compass integration meter and vanity lights on there sun visor of top we do some sunglass storage traction control off as well some map lights swim it and check out your jump seats behind your first row and then we’ll check out your bed now going ahead and checking out your jump seats there’s a mechanism behind the door right here as you can see it right

There behind your seatbelt so coming back here as you can see we do have plenty of room the jump seat is currently up right now we’ve got a little storage cubby right here that is covered and lockable coming right here you can press this little release mechanism right there and your jump seat cushion will flop down headrest will flop up and then you can easily

Sit someone back here in a pinch if you need to you’d have three point seat belts back here and you can store your little seat anchor um for your seat belt right there little storage cubbies and you even do have cupholders back here of course you still have that nice sliding rear glass right there abdominal sand a dome light and so we’ll go ahead and check out

Your bed now coming around back we did the 6 foot bed on this particular model since we do have that access cab as you can see your backup camera right there letting down your tailgate it is damp so you don’t have to worry about it slamming this is your composite bed so you don’t have to worry about rust or anything like that there’s 120 volts three-pronged power

Outlet that you can activate inside if you would like to and so that’ll be it for this 2016 tweeter tacoma trd sport access cab now if you’re interested in this vehicle or any other model out here at masse twitter feel free to contact them all the information is in the description below so thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you in my next video

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2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Access Cab 4X4 Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota By Massey Toyota

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