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Heavy Duty work is what the 2016 Ram 2500 SLT knows best! Packing the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine with Automatic transmission and 4×4. It’s not just all work no play though, experience the Touch screen multimedia center for your Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth, radio and other helpful apps! Power windows and locks, Cruise, A/C, fog lamps, Front tow hooks and much more! Take advantage of our outstanding prices! Call us, send us an email or drop in today and get yourself a new certified pre-owned 2016 Ram 2500 SLT!)

How’s it going today atlantic canada this is chris from moncton chrysler superstore home of the car guys today we have a certified pre-owned 2016 dodge ram 2500 slt up on the checkerboard this turbo diesel crew cab truck only has the 37 thousand kilometers on it and it’s the best trip to get the job done for you this fall season comes loaded up with fully automatic

Halogen quad headlamps you’ve got body colored headlamp filler panels behind it tinted windshield glass you’ve got a chrome front bumper with blacked out front tow hooks as well as a break chrome grille with the ram’s head badge right in the middle this 2500 is powered by 6.7 liter cummings turbo diesel engine giving you a ton of power in towing capabilities

Whole package sits on top of 18 inch polished alloy rims with all season tires the slt is the ideal work truck for many reasons one of them is the fact that it has turn signal indicators on there with your split vision years those mirrors are also trailer tow mirrors you just fold them upwards to give yourself a better view of butcher hauling and if you’re getting

Into any tight squeezes you’ve got the power folding option there’s a button you hit right there on your driver’s side door to fold those mirrors in many features are powered in the 2500 including your powered mirrors windows as well as locks your driver and front passenger window or one touch technology for convenience and safety while driving your driver seat

Is manually adjustable incomes an aid like cloth upholstery it’s got an adjustable headrest on there so you can always sit comfortably now if you need some extra space for people to sit inside this truck where it is a work truck you’re in luck you can fold up that center console there to give yourself an additional seat in the front row giving you seating for six

And photo in the dodge ram 2500 slp the slt has a leather-wrapped steering wheel for that authentic feel in your hands your steering wheel also has a couple convenience features on there including your steering wheel mounted audio controls you’ve got your hands-free calling and voice recognition options cruise control features and toggle keys for your trip computer

That trip computer gives the information like distance traveled fuel economy tire pressure and other customizable settings you can go through when you come in for a test drive you’ve got an 8.4 inch touchscreen multimedia center right in the middle of the dashboard you can control your serious and as well as your you connect for your favorite media devices you got

Fast track controls for your mirror dimmer as well as your backup camera so you can always see what’s behind you when you’re out on the trails you’ve got some customizable apps you can go through you also have your touch screen climate features which makes it easy to change change in temperature without having to take your eyes off the road you’ve also got your

Bluetooth connectivity for your hands-free calling with to sell you eight places and you got customizable settings that you can go through to make the ram 2500 one-of-a-kind below your touch screen you have the manual controls for your audio as well as climate you’ve got your window defroster zaun their trailer brake controls tow haul controls traction controls you

Get your rear parking such as you can turn on or off and your mode select transmission to switch with your two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options you got room for three passengers to sit comfortably on the split folding rear bench you’ve also got adjustable headrests on those seats so everybody can sit comfortably if you need some additional storage you just

Fold up that split folding rear bench to reveal some an additional hidden storage space so that way everybody can sit comfortably and not have too much clutter by their feet the ram 2500 slt has beautiful bright chrome bumpers with rear parking sensors in them as well as a class five tow hitch receiver so you can get all set up the tow your favorite gear it’s got

Beautiful bright taillights in there so everybody can see when you’re stopping and going you’ve got a locking tailgate as well and a park view backup camera in that tailgate you throw that vehicle to reverse and then you can see what’s behind you that we can back that up any parking lot or driveway safely you’ve got a six foot cargo box with a bed liner already

Installed that way the 2500 slt can get the job done for you let me said this is an awesome work truck and it’s got a cummins turbo diesel engine in there and at last five tow hitch receivers so this truck is ready to go to work now speaking of work one thing that’s awesome about this 2500 is the fact that it does have autostick you could sit in the kitchen in

The morning drink your coffee hit that button twice the truck will start up for you eat up more you and that way you can jump into a nice warm truck on your way to the work site when it’s cold morgans and that’s gonna grab my first tour of the certified 30 2016 dodge ram 2500 slt keep in mind this turbo diesel engine truck has a crew cab and only had about thirty

Seven thousand kilometers on it with tons of capabilities can get the job done you can spread truck from you or someone you know don’t hesitate give us a call or visit us online at moulton tries the superstore the new brunswick comes to save

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