2016 ram 1500 review and road te
Altair Club Cars 2016 Ram 1500 – Review and Road Test

2016 Ram 1500 – Review and Road Test

For years, Chrysler has been unable to persuade the Ford and GM faithful to jump ship. Without a compelling reason to do so, who could blame them? This time around, however, Ram may have found the magic formula to turn the tide.

For nearly 30 years the chrysler group has been unable to persuade the ford and gm faithful to jump ship without a compelling reason to do so who could blame them this time around however chrysler maiya found a magic formula to turn the tide short of stuffing the glove box full of $100 bills grams plain to lure shoppers away from rival domestic brands earthly boils

Down to exclusive power trains and suspension systems unlike conventional leaf-spring rear suspensions found in competitive offerings the rim 1,500 features a multi-link coil spring rear suspension that absorbs rough pavement rather than deflecting it in other words the ram 1500 rides more like a body-on-frame suv than a traditional pickup graham is also the only

Brand to offer an active leveling four corner air suspension that we did notice it produces some additional bounce on the highway whereas the f-150 and gm clones do a better job of suppressing road and wind noise rams cabin is still notably quieter than that of the toyota tundra motivation is provided by a standard 3.6 liter v6 5.7 liter hemi or 3 liter turbo

Diesel v6 available in upper trim levels while on paper the diesel mill is clearly the most efficient of the bunch 27 mpg on the highway was the best we can muster through real-world conditions compare that to the 24 point for mpg we logged in our 3.6 liter tester in the eco diesels $4,200 premium an insatiable thirst for exhaust fluid make it a tough sell and

Again those who regularly haul more than chest air might find 420 pound-feet of torque for the extra coin speaking of which v6 and eco diesel models can tow up to seventy six hundred pounds and nine thousand pounds respectively mev eights topping out at ten thousand four hundred and fifty pounds helpful hint towing loads in excess of six thousand pounds is best

Left to the diesel and v8 every engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission though you can knock eighteen hundred dollars off the price of a tradesman work truck by opting for the older and slightly less efficient 6-speed automatic so diesel engines aren’t your cup of tea and ride quality isn’t a make-or-break issue then perhaps you should buy a ford

Or pay attention to the following every full-size truck can handle virtually anything you throw at it so let’s not pretend one brand of truck is more rugged than the next because in our opinion the great differentiator between modern pickups comes down to the little things and this is where the ram stands out career selector soft touch points hand me an interior

Lighting even storage nooks in a digital instrument cluster chock-full of every data point you can imagine but just a few examples of the ram 1500 s careful attention to detail really the only oversight seems to be the lack of a dieppe tailgate feature omissions aside the ram wins us over once again with its old yet cohesive design the sheet metal has been sculpted

To produce an suv like 0.36 coefficient of drag while still projecting that macho appearance soft bike or truck buyers from appropriately sized fender flares to projector beam headlamps to a mountain of chrome that’s likely visible from space nothing feels out of place with the rams exterior design except that for those who have trouble loading and unloading cargo

The optional air suspension features an access setting that drops ride height by 2 inches without it however stepping into the cargo bed can be a bit difficult for well mean box sizes range from 5 foot 7 inches on crew calves to eat feet on standard calves a 6 foot 4 inch bed comes standard on quad cab models as available as an option on crew cabs prices begin

Just north of $26,000 and top out right around fifty seven thousand dollars for laramie limited grades fitted with such premium goodies as heated and ventilated front seats power folding mirrors attend speaker audio system by alpine spray in bedliner power adjustable pedals and you connect access navigation with an eight-point forest display in subscription-based

Safety telematics air bones tradesman models notwithstanding base standard cabs include fog lamps 40/20/40 front bench seat and a six-speaker audio system with the usb port the ram box cargo management system is also available for a paltry $1,300 though interested party should know eats up a significant amount of bed space lastly stepping up to a larger cab size

Will set you back another $3,000 or so and you can’t take home a crew cab and it’s more than 40 inches of rear legroom for less than 33 thousand dollars before incentives and haggling of course time will tell of rams recent product renaissance translates into actual market share gains in the most brand biased segments in the industry but regardless of what happens

On the ground the ram 1500 proves that deserves to contend for the top spot on the shopping list of every full-size truck buyer you

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2016 Ram 1500 – Review and Road Test By Kelley Blue Book

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