2016 porsche panamera analysis r
Altair Club Cars 2016 Porsche Panamera: Analysis, Review & Tribute.

2016 Porsche Panamera: Analysis, Review & Tribute.

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For sale at Auto City in El Cajon, CA. This is a Porsche Panamera. It’s a 2016 in white with a luxor beige interior. It has 24k miles, a 3.6 liter V6 engine which makes 310 horsepower and 295 ft lbs of torque. It gets 27 mpg on the highway. This “4 Edition” is all-wheel drive. And at $59k, it’s the most expensive car that I’ve seen on auto city’s during my time here. Period.

This is a porsche panamera it’s a 2016 in white for the luxor beige interior it has 24,000 miles of 3.6 liter v6 engine which makes 310 horsepower and 295 foot-pounds of torque and gets 27 miles to the gallon highway this four edition is all wheel drive and at fifty nine thousand dollars it’s the most expensive car that i’ve seen on auto cities lot during my

Time here period this is arielle with auto city in el cajon san diego’s award winning used-car dealership i love porsche who doesn’t the profile of the 911 is so iconic that it’s remained virtually unchanged for fifty five years why mess with a good thing it’s also the singular shape responsible for turning people like myself with a certain loose screw into

Car people gear heads petrol heads but i’m also of that purist mindset who believes that poor should be building nothing but rear-engine sports coupes ok they did have a good run of front-engine coupes in the late 70s through the early 90s with the nine to four nine to eight and nine for four those were cool but you get the idea sports cars so when this

Car came out the panamera porsches first-ever sedan / four-door grand touring coupe whatever you want to call it i was hesitant i’m still hesitant but now i have an opportunity to see what it’s really like up close and personal and to see if this gently-used panamera with only 24,000 miles really is worth the 59 thousand dollar price tag the last company i

Would ever expect to succumb to the pressures of competitive marketing was porsche in a time when all that non suv building car makers started adding suvs to their premium brand lineup mercedes had the ml bmw soon followed with the x5 but then the cayenne came out in 2002 and everything changed that opened the floodgates so to speak allowing porsche to expand

Their market beyond buyers of just the 911 it was only inevitable that their next big bold move after the cayenne was a family-friendly four-door sedan the panamera my hands on experience with porsche is admittedly limited it’s not exactly the most accessible brand for a car enthusiast on my budget so in all honesty i don’t really have much to compare it to as

Far as driving goes so this panamera is kind of getting a clean slate with me and i plan to test it not as a porsche but as a car and whatever you consider this car to be a purist or no purist it’s tremendous and it’s worth every penny the interior masters the art of simplicity yet it’s also somehow wildly complex but the depth of its intricacy isn’t hard to

Understand following a short learning curve like any modern expensive car it comes with its own infotainment system which also doubles as the cars will call it system preferences menu here a variety of options can be customized to your liking things like the timing of interior dimmers door lock parameters etc yes it is modern but not tech centric the tech does

Not distract from the drive experience the steering wheel has no extraneous button egde the gauges are still analog and laid out in classic porsche style i might add there’s an actual turn signal stock which locks into place until you cancel it by turning the wheel the key fob which is shaped like the car does not include an actual key but the ignition must be

Turned as a key would be giving proper tactility to starting this car you can feel the engine turnover in your fingertips i like that the center console includes every control you’ll ever need to make your drive experience a pleasurable and/or exciting one multiple climate control options including heated and air-conditioned seats and your drive mode selector

Switch include sport two different suspension settings and traction control are right where your hand would be resting in the first place there’s a small ashtray with a cigarette lighter and a little round cutout on which to rest your lit cigarette mid smoke nobody uses these anymore but it’s there because why not the rear of the cabin has not been forgotten

Either for going the traditional bench instead opting for sport bucket seats to further prevent rear passengers from getting shotgun envy they also get their own center console with climate control and storage speaking of seats these are sublime i like to be swaddled i don’t like to be uncomfortable i want my life to be one of safety and pampered cushiness from

The driver’s seat of this car i can accomplish such a life a life free of worry a life free of compromise from the driver’s seat of this car i am spoiled i am loved i am cocooned within its snug seating position everything available at my fingertips these perfect sport seats with a proper pronunciation of bolstering and incredible adjustable lumbar support this

Raised center console which not only adds to the snugness but brings everything right up into my arm’s reach so i don’t have to use a muscle to do anything i feel like royalty i feel like i’ve never had to work a hard day in my life like my feet have never touched concrete or bare earth i feel like a massage calf that will inevitably become kobe beef and i can

Go fast very fast know this 3.6 liter v6 engine is not the most powerful engine to come in the panamera but sometimes power and displacement isn’t everything sometimes a v6 just has the wherewithal to be able to carry the weight of a car this stature like it was an engine twice its size i think i’ll call it rudy like the maserati that was here a few months ago

This cars front mounted v6 it’s pretty far back in the engine bay almost giving it the same balance and weight distribution of a mid-engine supercar which is incredibly apparent when you throw this car around a corner it doesn’t hurt that this four edition panamera has all-wheel drive this is one of the most well planted cars i have ever driven i am so very much

Alive right now and now i’m sitting in traffic something i normally detest and i don’t mind it so much in this car i told myself i wasn’t gonna do any gimmicky sales pitches in this video like show you how spacious the trunk is or have roomy the back seat is for your rear passengers or something like this but there is one thing i really want to show you and it’s

This door most car doors have two to three notches along the way so that when you open the door it doesn’t hit the car park next to you or something you all know what i’m talking about this door does not have notches this door is motorized so wherever you open this door up to it locks into place via motor and there’s a resistance that you can feel where the door

Is being held into place and if you have to open it up further you’ve got to push it to open it up further and then it locks into place again wherever you go it locks into place and i just think that is one of the coolest new features i’ve seen on a new car in a long time i just kind of diggit you could easily say that porsche has sold out that the spirit of the

911 is spread thin like margarine across a line of suvs crossovers and family sedans and that ferdinand porsche is rolling in his grave or you can drive this car and realize that maybe porsche hasn’t sold out they just grew up they’ve matured this panamera is not a 911 it’s much more sophisticated than that and it is very much indeed a porsche if you’d like to

Come take a look at this car or any other cars we have on our award-winning lot come see us in el cajon or visit us online at go auto city.com thanks for watching and don’t forget to like comment and subscribe

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