2016 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144 WB Passenger Van here at Matthews Motors Clayton

2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144 WB Passenger Van here at Matthews Motors Clayton

Hello this is isaiah over in bad news motors here in clayton north carolina and today i’m shooting you a short video of this 2016 mercedes-benz sprinter 2500 144 wb passenger van what we’re gonna do in this video is go over the features from the front to the truck if you like what you see we’re looking forward to you coming down taking this vehicle for a test

Drive to see what we can do for you here at mathews motors let’s take a quick walk around of the sprinter van i’m pretty good shape one thing i do like about this one in comparison to the ford transit is the sheer amount of windows the sheer amount of acreage given to those windows as you go around it it doesn’t feel like you’re driving a big vehicle when you’re

Parking it or taking it down the road trying to keep it all in frame but i don’t think that’s going to happen here she is dom lee reiji’s 2.1 litre inline-four intercooled turbo diesel paired with a rear wheel drive train system this vehicle is a clean carfax vehicle which i will bring up here now 2016 right there and you can check the vin for what we got against

It as well and it was out of florida no accidents no damage once you bring yourself pretty spartan interior but you can see you get a blind spot mirror right there you got your power windows power locks our mirrors standard mercedes interior i like the gear shift knob you have option for navigation bluetooth audio now down there underneath the plastic which i’m

Not going to peel up is actually the tool kit to change the spare tire which is located under the back which i thought was pretty neat and if you go up here you get a couple little storage cubbies for paper etc just so you can see the mileage up there straightforward steering wheel and infotainment very mercedes hello from the fourth rows of your sprinter van back

Here you get plenty of space for your passengers which you can fit 12 from the front to the back you can also take the seat out if you so please and you have plenty of room for cargo let’s take a look around back so you can see what you get in the back of your sprinter van one of the cool things i like is you can actually walk from the driver’s seat into the back

Now we can see all the rows you know i forget man gotta kind of maneuver i’m about six four so so it’s not as easy of a squeeze as it could be but all seats are in good shape one of the cool things is there’s ashtrays everywhere so you have that covered for you maybe not cup holders so much but at least ashtrays plenty of cargo room here in the back is especially

Noticeable when the doors are shut and you can take out the seats if you so please totally up to you depends on what you’re using your vehicle for forty-four wv passenger van if you have any questions about this vehicle or what we can do for you to hear bad news boaters feel free to reach out to be here at the dealership you can find emphasizing it gently in the

Number is five one nine five five zero two three three three i look forward to hearing from you look forward to working with you hope we have a phenomenal day enjoying this beautiful weather

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2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144 WB Passenger Van here at Matthews Motors Clayton By izaiahgentry

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