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Altair Club Cars 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger video tour with Spencer

2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger video tour with Spencer

Barely broken in, super low miles! This sharp Flint Grey Metris Passanger van is packed with safety features including Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, Ambient lighting, Roof rails, 5-spoke light alloy wheels, Illuminated front exits, Rearview Camera, Front fog lamps, Cruise Control, and more! Original MSRP $40,275. Located here at Prime Motor Cars Mercedes-Benz in sunny Scarborough, Maine.

Hi steve spencer from prime motorcars mercedes-benz in scarborough maine i know you are down in florida we’re up here in maine so i wanted to put together the video tour of our 2016 mercedes-benz metris with 300 miles on it yes that’s right 300 miles so i wanted to start with this front end to your little get it close up here just to show you the bumper everything’s in

Fantastic condition paint looks great no major damage or scrapes scratches again looks absolutely fantastic moving to all four of our wheels here and we’ll show you all four of them they are in great shape no curb damage no rash come along the side here rocker panels look good so do the doors moving along again there’s our rear passenger wheel also in great shape

Little pine needle there but take a look at this rear bumper we’ve got a nice close-up for there shows you again the vehicle is in great great condition we’ll move along to the driver’s side again wheels in fantastic shape you’ll see here no curb damage no scraps scrapes you know bad anything on the wheels there moving along to the front of the vehicle there’s

Our front left wheel let’s take a look at the interior these are your rear seats look like they’ve never even been used they’re in immaculate condition the floor the rails everything is just in fantastic shape and i’m moving forward to the driver and passenger seat again all the trim everything just in fantastic condition like you said exactly what you expect to

Look like with 300 miles a lot of great features a lot of great technology in here top in take a closer look inside the metris we can take a closer look at our interior we’ll start with our steering wheel here screen operation on the left volume phone operation on the right we have our automatic lights and automatic wipers turn indicators all right from here gear

Selector on this side button on the end puts yum park full quick upwards you in reverse in your backup camera comes up here full quick down puts you in drive well to go a tour around our dealership this is our location in scarborough maine about ten minutes south of portland ninety minutes north of boston a lot of great features in the vehicles things that make it

A little bit special you have your automatic start/stop for your engine eco comfort and manual driving modes climate control down on the bottom now this does come with optional cruise control parking sensors and lane departure warning so a lot of great features some extra technology in there does make a difference full parking sensors are operated and displayed

Right on the top of your dashboard blind spot monitoring on your door mirrors a lot of great features a lot of great technology take a look at the – it’s impeccably clean again happy to answer any questions you have give me a call my cell phones 207 two one zero four seven nine six my email is s.r.o that’s sro e at drive prime comm thanks for watching steve hope you enjoyed

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2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger video tour with Spencer By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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