2016 mercedes benz cla250 review
Altair Club Cars 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250: Review

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250: Review

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Such a fun car to experience! In this video I’ll go for a test drive & fully review the 2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 and this particular CLA I had was actually a limited edition model labeled Edition: Orange!

To me the cla is irresistible with this three-point star front seating for five frameless doors and so much more offer starting price of just over $32,000 in snow today courtesy of sun motorcars in mechanicsburg pa i was going to take an in-depth look the cla 250 from the power to the outside to the inside chile’s dry what’s up you guys go pony here today in

The 2016 mercedes-benz cla 250 and this isn’t just a regular 250 this is the orange edition now of course go over everything orange edition is going to add in a little bit but for now i’m just going to go over the 250 in general so the cla 250 is going to start at only 30 2015 and that of course is going to be the standard front-wheel drive version of course

There is an all wheel drive version as well that’s going to be the 4matic that’s mercedes-benz version all wheel drive with that system does is it uses technology to send the power to the wheel that needs it the most make sure you’re not doing a 180 in the middle of the road and so the cla 250 is going to come with a 2 liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder

Engine it’s going to put out 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and then it’s definitely more than enough adequate power to be merging onto the highway it would even have some fun on some back roads as well but the sweetest part about all that is you’re still going to get awesome mpgs the miles per gallon number for the front-wheel drive comes in at 26

In the city and 38 on the highway that’s excellent then for the own wheel drive you’re going to get 24 in the city and 32 on the highway also very good for all-wheel-drive and of course that power is going to be fed to the wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission but you guys now it is time to test out the paddle shifters here i want to see

How quickly they were is not shifting for me at high rpm thank you this car is so much faster than you think it would be i hopped in this thing originally thinking like it’s probably not going to be all that fast but it’s still going to be fun but no it’s pretty quick all right another thing you guys also say there are a few different driving modes on the cla

That’s going to be controlled using a button that’s located right here in the middle for me it’s going to be labeled dynamics select so you press that it’s going to be a few different settings that appear both in between the speedometer and the tachometer also on the screen that’s front and center so the different driving modes available are going to be comfort

Sport individual and eco and of course via the electronic power steering is going to alter the steering feel if you put in an eco mode it’s also going to adjust the throttle sensitivity allowing you to get better miles per gallon so that is definitely good thing as well right and another thing with the cla and this is more of an every mercedes kind of thing that

I’ve always liked is the steering wheel the steering wheel has really thick bolsters so it feels better and it makes you feel like you’re more in control of the car alright as far as visibility goes i can see fine out of my rearview mirror perfectly fine out of my side mirrors as well of course there is a lane departure warning system on this one so if there are

Any cars on my left or right side there is a triangle in the side view mirrors that is going to light up to let me know it’s not quite safe to turn yet all right as far as the seating goes the seats are pretty comfortable there is a leather suede / alcantara setup going on but that is it for the test drive portion of this review let’s check out the next year now

So up front the cla certainly makes a statement with a three-point star emblem front and center surrounded by his diamond block grille then to the sides while halogen headlights typically do come standard this particular cla did come with the $850 optional bi-xenon headlamps with led tail lamps as well and although i’m sure you probably already noticed there’s

Plenty of arge accents on this one because this car is actually one of 750 to be labeled edition orange and so this limited production model is going to add to put it simply the support package plus which is a $4,000 option that includes the 18-inch amg multi-spoke black wheels with an orange exterior rim perforated front brakes chrome caps on the diamond block

Rail brushed aluminum pedals and added lower lip in the front edition orange badging on the side and interior finished with orange accents on the seats and other surfaces and also a performance suspension steering and exhaust and so since i mentioned it here’s the exhaust clip i’m around bat cargo space comes in at 13.1 cubic feet and if that’s not enough you

Can always simply fold down there’s back seats for a ton of added space there was more storage space available under the floor of the chunk as well which probably has you wondering about the spare tire but the cla actually doesn’t need one because it comes equipped with run flat tires which can go for another 50 miles at 50 miles per hour so you’re able to find

Somewhere to have that tire completely replaced anyways next i wanted to check out the back seat which once again had the suede in the middle with leather on the outsides of the seats along with orange stitching and orange and white striping in the middle and growing up in maryland i had to think at this point that every die-hard baltimore orioles fan out there

It’s probably absolutely loving the cla edition orange at this point anyways rear legroom was a bit snug coming in at 27.1 inches but for reference i am 6 feet tall and i was still able to maneuver my way in and out of them then in the back i found a rear armrest with cupholders which were seated back into the armrest when not in use then heading up front to start

The car simply put my foot on the brake and press the engine start button then the gauges were finished in a very clean look and with the lights on those gauges were illuminated in white with red illuminated needles and looking up the cla i had today had the optional panorama roof which adds 14 hundred and eighty dollars to the price tag and the seating that

I briefly touched on earlier did come with memory settings for up to three different drivers and were power adjustable as well within front and center on the dash is where i found all the tech fun which was controlled by a small dial located just beside the cupholders but on that seven-inch color displays where i can view the audio settings bluetooth info and

A ton of different vehicle settings like the driving modes i was showing you earlier or my average fuel consumption but what i thought was a really awesome feature that comes standard on all clas is the led ambient lighting located throughout the car and the best part is i was actually able to choose the color of that ambient lighting as well as the brightness

As well and then of course you did have the option to completely turn all of it off if you wanted to but anyways i thought that was really freaking cool then the last thing worth mentioning is that the climate control settings could also be found on the 7 inch display screen with blue displays for the colder temperatures and red for hot of course lastly when it

Comes to safety the cla comes standard with 10 way airbag protection a feature called attention assist which continuously monitors up to 70 different driving parameters of your driving behavior and can automatically alert the driver with both visual and audible warnings if it detects signs of drowsiness which is kind of nice right then there was also the tire

Pressure monitoring system which tells you the exact tire pressure of each tire using the display screen in between the gauges also standard was hill start assist a brake hold feature and rain-sensing windshield wipers but then there was also plenty of optional safety like lane keep assist which comes with the $2,500 driver assistance package which includes lane

Keep assist of course blind spot assist and distronic plus which is an adaptive cruise control system then there’s the blind spot assist which is available as a standalone option for $550 a parking assist option for nine hundred and seventy dollars and the popular rear view camera which adds four hundred sixty dollars but in the end this entry-level mercedes-benz

Was extremely nice in the 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder was surprisingly faster than i thought scoring 260 and six point nine seconds so i got to say with this 4matic all-wheel drive 4-door practicality coupe like styling mercedes-benz definitely got it right and an extremely reasonable starting price as well and one last thing it definitely wore that orange

Well goers thank you guys so much for watching be sure to like the video and subscribe now see in the next one they go

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2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA250: Review By Gold Pony

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