2016 gmc savana 2500 for sale
Altair Club Cars 2016 GMC Savana 2500 For Sale

2016 GMC Savana 2500 For Sale

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2016 GMC Savana 2500 For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2016 gmc savannah 2500 it has 30 535 miles on it it is in excellent condition the front end of this van looks immaculate a little bit of fading on the front bumper there are no signs of rock chips anywhere on the front which is really hard to believe it looks great there’s no rock chips on the

Front at all no defects looks awesome a few small marks there on the corner of the hood that’s it they’re virtually unnoticeable front driver side fender area no marks front driver side wheel there’s some marking around the outside lip of the front wheel chances are more than knots for mounting the tire driver’s side mirror good shape there could potentially be

A little bit of discoloring here that might have been due to cleaning chemicals how it reacts with the plastic or that could be permanent hard to say driver’s side door no marks whatsoever the door looks great looking at the driver’s side panel going along the top here no marks bottom area see absolutely no defects on this entire area of the van very impressive

Rear driver’s side wheel perfect shape moving along to the back do have a few defects in the plastic but that is to be expected from loading cargo in and out of the bag this is a work van so you are going to find some small cosmetic blemishes along the top guarded portion of the bumper those are pretty much never going to be perfect it does have a trailer hitch

As well super nice has a little bit of a paint defect there on the passenger side rear door as well as there but other than those the doors are in great shape they do have some kind of perforated vinyl laid over them over the back windows moving over to the passenger side there is a small scuff in the corner right here apologize for the wind weather just kind of

Picked up out of nowhere as it does in oklahoma we do have some small scuffing along the side here that does have some white touch-up paint applied but you can still kind of tell a little bit where it happened small mark there top portion is good rear passenger wheel great shape no issues left hand portion of the side passenger door just one little chip there

On the side on the right hand passenger side small chip there but otherwise in perfect shape front passenger door small mark there that has been touched up mirrors uh passenger side is same as the drivers just a little bit discolored front passenger fender phenomenal shape front passenger wheel a few marks over here but otherwise looks great we’ll go ahead

And walk around the vehicle from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture idea of the overall condition of the van it’s easy to make it sound like it has a lot of problems when you point out every little defect a vehicle has i assure you this van is surprisingly well taken care of it looks really good usually work vans come with quite a personality as

Far as their cosmetic appearance is concerned but this one looks to be pretty clean this one does not have very many flaws at all even the flaws that it does have are not easy to see they are very superficial and insignificant so that about covers the exterior let’s go ahead and climb in and check out the interior the driver’s side door panel great shape

There’s no grooves cut in it there’s no scuffs nothing like that floors have a sort of rubber vinyl covering and that’s all in good shape it’s not torn or marked or anything like that even the guard for the door sill is getting in the step cover is in good shape does have a stereo climate control with ac 120 volt 150 watt plug in there traction control three

Cup holders storage compartment there seats are in excellent condition passenger seat here perfect shape driver’s side is in the same condition i will show you when i hop out driver’s side door panel looks good dash is in great shape as well no issues there here we’re showing 30 535 miles on the odometer no warning lights check engine tpms anything like that

So we do have cruise control we have twilight sensing headlights we have a trip meter you have blind spot mirrors in the side mirrors power locks power windows driver’s side is one touch as well it says auto just tap it down the window will go down by itself pretty convenient feature to have it does only work when the window’s going down you do have to hold it

On its way up let’s go ahead and check out the cargo space in the back oh here’s the driver’s seat as well perfect condition no stains marks cuts tears or anything like that see it looks great moving around to the side doors here so you have this door that opens and then this side door here opens as well giving a pretty decent sized point of entry for the side

Here has been covered in foil the side has been boarded up whether that’s for temperature control to keep the sun out or to keep light from coming in here if there’s sensitive cargo i’m sure it served some special purpose so that is the side entrance and it does have the rear barn doors as well right here these do extend fully to a perpendicular position like

That so here’s a better look at the cargo space available it is very very roomy there’s a lot of a lot of space back here and let’s have a look at the engine bay so here’s our 4.8 liter vortec chevy v8 engine very smooth consistent idle sounds great drives really good too this van rides really smooth shifts smooth it just goes it’s not a rough ride at all this

Isn’t something that would be difficult to take on long journeys this is a very well put together van very comfy very spacious incredibly practical for whatever you would need it for that is our 2016 gmc savannah 2500. if you have any further questions please feel free to check out the sales listing online at exoticmotorsportsok.com thank you for watching

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2016 GMC Savana 2500 For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

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