2016 ford transit connect xlt w
Altair Club Cars 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT w/Rear Liftgate Wagon Wagon LWB – Gulf Auto Direct

2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT w/Rear Liftgate Wagon Wagon LWB – Gulf Auto Direct

Hey this is james at golf auto direct in waveland mississippi i just wanted to step back here to send you a quick video of our 2016 ford transit now we just got this vehicle in not too long ago so right now it’s waiting in line to be detailed so as i make this video the car is going to be a little dirty or the vehicle is going to be a little dirty but i just wanted

To help you see it up close all right overall the vehicle is pretty clean and i’ll just kind of get back here so that you can see the rear of the vehicle and the sides i haven’t noticed any kind of large dents or dings or anything like that on it and now the vehicle being black it does have a few minor scratches on it which will show up um definitely nothing too

Major and i’ll just kind of get down here near the bumper so that you can see everything down here nothing is uh broken or loose or anything like that of course a lot of people work out of these bands so you will see little scuffs like that on the bumper right there and then i’ll just come down the front of the transit so that you can see what everything looks

Like up front you see a couple little spots um where from bugs and stuff and then right down here it looks like a little scrape that has been touched up definitely not too noticeable at all it’s pretty much underneath the vehicle but i like to be as thorough as possible when i make these videos and i’m also seeing a little i’m a little door ding right down there

All right so let’s go ahead and take a look on the inside of the vehicle here’s the key go ahead and hit that all right so as we take a peek inside keep in mind the vehicle has not been cleaned or detailed it does have the uh two captain seats uh right there um also you do have your two seats in the rear here as well and all these seats look to be in pretty good

Condition no kind of rips or tears or anything like that down here it does look like you can possibly unbolt these seats to take it and take them out if you need more space back there coming around to the front seats this is a manual seat as you can see up here no kind of a crazy rips or tears or anything like that on that seat um the doors and everything looks good

Everything looks to be intact and just taking a look inside from over here on the passenger side just to kind of get a a really good look from both sides that’s our passenger side seat passenger door coming across the dash everything looks great up here just needs to be uh cleaned the seats need to be cleaned and vacuumed out and everything and then of course

These are sliding doors right here so you just grab that and this one over here oh there we go okay so we’re now inside the vehicle i’m going to start it up for you all right and now let’s come right over here so that we can see the exact mileage is 76 000 722 all right i also wanted to point out it does have this little shell uh like right up here we can uh

Put things that the camera can yeah there we go put things right up there it’s pretty cool you don’t see those in vehicles too often and then right up here it does have the backup camera once i put it in reverse uh there’s our backup camera right there i did also want to open up the back real quick for you so you can see the room that’s back here um not a lot of

Space behind the seats but once these seats are folded down uh you still have a lot of room here all right let’s go ahead and let this back down all right so once again james at golf auto direct just wanted to show you a quick video of the transit van if you have any questions feel free to give us a call um it is waiting to be detailed so it’ll be in here get it

Get cleaned uh washed and waxed and it will look way better but in the meantime if you have any other questions just let us know thank you

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2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT w/Rear Liftgate Wagon Wagon LWB – Gulf Auto Direct By Jimmy K

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