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Altair Club Cars 2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Van – REVIEW & For Sale @ Ravenel Ford

2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Van – REVIEW & For Sale @ Ravenel Ford

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Hello everybody welcome to ravenel for my name’s chad with traulsen car videos well you got it folks we’re looking at something that’s a little bit more interesting today it’s a 2016 ford transit connect wagon xlt so this is more of one of these vehicles that’s a vehicle that you can get people in i’m assuming and travel them down the road i’m assuming we’re

Gonna look at it and again with the xlt package on it it should be pretty well equipped with some nice features so when don’t further ado let’s go ahead and get it started one thing i’m liking about a lot to get go here is the silver you know a lot of these transits are usually in white so silver is nice it really gives it kind of a sporty look doesn’t it it

Does because you know four doesn’t make a minivan anymore so this is kinda in the minivan class right what mom though would be cruising in one of these at school i have not yet to see that but anyways be different mom dad have fun too 1555 series tires made by continental with a 16 inch alloy wheel side marker light on the fender headlights look good body is in

Great shape no dents dings or scratches that we can see so far let’s look at a price here 20,000 880 is the price mileage is 21,000 358 so pretty low mileage here on 2016 and a great price for this vehicle does come equipped with the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder under that hood so should get a few good fuel economy up top looks like we got you got it a panoramic glass

Sunroof that’s interesting don’t see those all that often do we roll open up the doors and all in just a minute this is the passenger side of the vehicle so as you can see you got your door there that opens up on the passenger side lwb hmm long wheelbase that’s right back up sensors hetold line one do we call on one let’s take a look we’re gonna go ahead and

Unlock it here’s our key i’m gonna see what happens when we open her up wow look at this this is really interesting everybody so it’s definitely got seats all back here but here’s the thing folks look how its laid down right now look how big and open and flat that is you can get a lot of cargo in the back of here if need be if you get people sitting in a third

Row they even have rear air vents you got cupholders a 12-volt and look at the massive sun roof up top is that not interesting man we might have to do an in-depth review on this because this is just again this is something that we don’t get to see every day now i am kind of interested in seeing how these back seats actually open up okay here we go you know what

Though folks we might have to cut the camera off and figure that one out give us one second all right we just figured it out not too bad just a little easier to do when you got two hands instead of one with a camera that’s about the room you got in the back back here once those seats are actually folded up so not bad they’re a pretty decent amount of room not a

Ton but still not bad considering what we got going on here and you know you don’t have to use third rows it just depends on how many people you got in does look like we got a backup camera right there which is nice you know this is actually a really nice vehicle it is i think more people should check these out if you’re gonna buy a minivan for the family you’ve

Got these back seats that look pretty comfy got an armrest there’s a third row right there i mean they fold down even got kind of a tri type you know like a movie theater seating in here how it rolls up in the back and just look how massive the sunroof is again i did not even know they made a transit this nice didn’t know that so anyway it’s pretty cool to see

This today does got power windows power door locks power mirrors there’s the front seats the kitchen is looking good i mean it’s not bad at all cruise control audio functions bluetooth you got ford sync in here there’s your screen your cd player a/c controls plenty of cupholders i mean armrest has got it going on you even got some storage up top sunglass holders

I mean the list keeps going on and on and on so not bad very nice vehicle as you can see the price was looking good the mileage is looking good on this one and it’s not a bad looking vehicle so anyways you’re looking for a minivan basically to take your family around maybe you’re looking for something for the church this be perfect come on down and see his folks

At ravenel ford.com if you want to buy it just give us a call or send us an email we’d love to sell to you thank you so much for watching this video make sure you hit the subscribe turn on the bell notifications and hey join the team with us here at charleston car videos we’ll see you then

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2016 Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Van – REVIEW & For Sale @ Ravenel Ford By CCV TV

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