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Altair Club Cars 2016 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4×4 CAMO -Team Hutchinson Ford

2016 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4×4 CAMO -Team Hutchinson Ford

Available at Team Hutchinson Ford – www.teamhutchinsonford.com – Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hynek here from team hutchinson fought in front of me today as our as i sort of we project cauã we’ve been having a bit of fun with over the last couple months as the 2016 ford ranger xlt supercab that’s the cab and a half model and as you see we’ve we’ve had a bit of fun we’ve wrapped it in the sort of camo tank style military wrap we’ve got some big flares matt

Black fears with nose tip written on the side we’ve swapped the grille out for an excel grill so it’s matte black as well for the headlight surrounds all the all the writing on the bonnet of course this is you can even buy this vehicle you can take the wrap off or you could use it as a promotional truck change swap team hutchinson ford out for your own business and

Attract a lot of attention this vehicle just everywhere it goes people are taking photos taking double takes it’s just and look at it it’s just such a cool looking truck one of our favourite features bit of a dig but you know we are we are winning the ute battle ford ranger a lot more sales and hilux so just a bit a bit of fun we’re having there the danger stickers

All all in and theme of of this tank style truck tinted windows i was got the handle covers so the truck is white underneath normally xlt but the cabin half so we’ve got the longer deck has a more of a 4150 sort of look to it more of a raptor look how much we were sort of going for as you can see here plenty of room in the back seats front as well five-star safety

Or driver passenger inside kidney bags all the usual good stuff the xlt has synced to 6-speed automatic transmission this is four-wheel drive as well and the 3.2 liter common rail diesel engine sir like you know what’s on the roof she’ll jump up on the roof because yes we’re eps the roof so the sort of sergeant style logo up top the camo matt has negotiable has

Negotiable so you see their tempers afford on the back but you can now you can take that off and put whatever you like just go have a quick look at these race line wheels so these wheels that we went went for a 20-inch we’ve got the sort of dark tint in the middle black on the outside of duty but we’ve liked hit this truck duty but the really nice australian tires

On it does have space as well so it does fill out the guard quite nicely it’s looking at the front there safely option really makes it quite sharp really aggressive looking truck dick liner to the back leading signs who did the wrap for us we collaborated with and then our logo get on the back we’ve wrapped the ford logo reversing camera reversing sensors tow bar

Of course now the head like the tail light surrounds jump at the insights up the vehicle kilometres 3995 no doubt the bottom corner there to digital screens on either side which can be controlled during the mounted steering controls put our audio voice activation phone bluetooth on the left cruise control on the right and in each of these control two screens ford

Sync to to sellout navigation phone bluetooth in so climate all rolled into one very nice and simple easy used system is reversing camera and all the controls below got to 12 volts to usb and sd card an auxilary traction control off the buttons here with a rear diff lock which is from factory held sync control and forward drive shift on the fly as we can change

That as we wish a surface vehicle is of any interest to you please don’t hesitate to give us a call 900 by forward if you’d like to come and view this vehicle in person team hutchinson 4 we’re located at 186 chum street in the central city of christchurch

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2016 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab 4×4 CAMO -Team Hutchinson Ford By Team Hutchinson Ford

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