2016 dodge ram 3500 slt crew cab
Altair Club Cars 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4

2016 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4

Check out our video walk around on a brand new 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4. It has a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. It comes with all the badges blacked out, Black front grill, black rims and tinted headlights. Some of the many features it has to offer are keyless entry, remote start, back up camera, cargo camera, heated drivers seat, heated passenger seat, cloth seating throughout, seating for 5, heated steering wheel, AM/FM/Sirius Satellite XM radio and much much more. Come check it out at Ponoka Chrysler today!!

Hey guys this is sarah with panocha chrysler today i’m gonna be taking you on a walk around on a brand new 2016 dodge ram 3500 slt before i get started on my walk-around i’m gonna point out a few of my favorite features and then we’ll keep on going seven liter cummins turbo diesel engine my second favorite feature is that it does come with a nice black paint coat

With all of the badges on it blacked out as well and if you can see these front headlights have a nice black tinting on them you have the front and back round badges that have been blacked out 20 inch blacked-out rims and then those side badges are also blacked out as well my fourth very feature is that you do have a box camera as well so you can press that on

There and then you can have a full view of your box that way if you do have a fifth wheel and you are backing it up to try and attach it you don’t have to worry about if you’re not lining it up properly alright and last but not least my fifth favorite feature is that it does come with heated seats and a heated steering wheel which is really nice especially on those

Cold winter days alright so now that i pointed out a few of my favorite features will keep going on that walk-around so again this is a brand new 2016 dodge ram 3500 slt under the hood it has a 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel engine and it is in a nice black paint coat as we’re coming down the front you have a nice blacked out go there you also have some automatic

Headlights that have some black tinting on them fog lights two tow hooks in the front and then your front parking sensors as we’re coming around this side you’re gonna be riding on a set of 20-inch blacked-out rims with firestone transverse all-terrain tires helping us into this dodge ram 3500 slt we do have our keyless entry and remote start so i will start it up

For you guys we nana the driver’s door here if you can see there is the nice two-tone on detailing to out you do have your power locks power windows and power mirrors there you also have this button in the middle there which you can press and those side mirrors are gonna fold in for you with the touch of a button press it again and they will fold back out which is

Really neat for getting into and the driver seat and passenger seat are also feeding sorry it is very funny today it’s kind of messing with my video but i’m just gonna hop on inside keep looking around alright so having a look at this steering wheel now if you can see all these arrows here they are to go through all your menu options in the lcd screen up here so

It is fully customizable you can move things around if you’re not wanting that like outside temperature or outside temperature and compass there you can move that you can put on your sirius satellite radio showing up there or it’s crazy the things that you can do all kinds of stuff put me back down to the steering wheel here you do have your cruise control settings

And if you wrap your hand around the steering wheel you have audio control so you can turn the music up or down which is really handy for when you’re driving all right and then coming into the center here we do have a nice big lcd screen you have your video there with your am your fm and your sirius satellite radio you have media control so that if you do have a

Device connected you can control all your music through there you have controls here for your heated seat your heated steering wheel your backup camera and that cargo camera again and then your passenger heated seat you have your you app so you can pretty much get to everything in there your climate it is duo split so you can control it separately if you aren’t

Liking the temperature that your partner likes and they can switch it then you can also shut your screen off there and then just touch it to turn it back on and then you have your new connect where you can pair a phone or device to the truck all right so if we keep making our way down there is some more audio controls here you have some more temperature controls

As well again do a split and then keep coming down we have your trailer brakes your traction control your tow and haul air bags and then you have your front and rear parking sensors there you have your passenger heated seat your steering wheel are your heated steering wheel there and then your drivers heated seat there is a compartment in here for storage another

One here where you can also put your phones in there two cupholders and then coming into this center console here can open it up there is some more storage there and then if you have a look there you have a slot for sd card usb auxiliary and another usb port and then we open it a second time there is a deeper compartment for storage there alright so if you guys

Aren’t enjoying me we’ll head into the back and we’ll keep looking around alright and coming in the back here again there is that nice two-tone detail on the doors you also have your power window option there and then on the back of the driver’s seat here you do have a map holder and then there is seating for three in the back with cloth seating again you can

Pull down that center sorry i’m a little short so i can’t really reach there we go pull down that center you haven’t act as an armrest or two cupholders you can also clip these seats up it’s really easy one-hand pull on the latch here pull that down and your floor’s gonna lay nice and flat for you which is really nice especially if you’re hauling anything with

You or you got your tools in the back there keep everything from kind of rolling around on you alright so now that we’re at the back of the truck again you can see those blacked out badges on the back here you do have a tow package on the truck as well with those back parking sensors there and a nice step back bumper open up the box here nice and big lots of room

For hauling things also that dock window there it does slide open with all right so coming in on this side again we do have that compartment in the floor for storage there nap holder on the back of the passenger seat as well and then that seat will flip up again really easily grab those latches there and look at that the floor lays nice and flat and they didn’t

Show you again there is two cupholders in the floor as well so when that seat is down there all right and they’re easily pulled down so i did that all with one hand it’s really easy all right and coming in on the passenger side here again you have that cloth heated seat you do have two glove boxes here for storage we also have our storage compartment down here

And then the power windows and locks on the door there you guys want to take this truck on a test drive or you have any more questions about it come on down to norfolk right there we have an excellent faculty and a great finance team waiting to help you out we are located just on the south end of a nova just off the highway to a have a wonderful day guys thanks for watching

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2016 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4 By Ponoka Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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