2016 chevrolet silverado 3500hd
Altair Club Cars 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab High Country

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab High Country

#LarryV is showing a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab High Country – 5U210927 Live at Transwest Truck Trailer RV #TTTRV

Good morning and welcome to transwest truck trailer rv we’re located in frederick colorado that’s about a half an hour north of denver my name is larry vickers today the pickup that we’re going to look at is actually going to be put on the lot this morning so it’s brand new to us we just got it back from the service department just as all trucks do we take them

Through a certified service shop um they do a hundred point inspection kind of write down things that may need to be worked on you know and we go through that we make them as new as possible so sometimes our prices are a little bit higher than others and i realize that but that’s because we go through them so thoroughly before we ever put them on the lot this

Is a 2016 chevy silverado 3500. the trim package is high country so that’s the top of the line for chevy so we’ll start by taking a look directly in front of the truck so in this particular case the first thing that jumps out at you is the grille guard so as you can see it’s very stout and protective now they did add sensors to the front one here and one here

So obviously having that type of a grille guard on it’s kind of going to distort things when you go to park so they put that extra sensor on just for security reasons it comes with two large lights in addition fog lights on each side this is stock number five you two one zero nine to seven as we take a look under the hood that’s the duramax 6.6 this offers 397

Horsepower 765 foot-pounds of torque this has a towing rate of 23 000 pounds now 95 of all trucks with this engine in it make it over 200 000 miles so we’re talking about not only a tough engine but one that’s going to last a very long time as we come on around and look at the tires those are toyos 235 80 r17 right there’s the duramax badge this also has the

Allison transmission in it the high country badge located here as we take a look inside the driver’s seat one thing you’ll notice is the color of interior it’s dark brown so we don’t see that very often but it’s very sharp and dresses the truck up the seats are heated and cooled some things we can see from here right here is our toe brake and right here is for

Two and four wheel drive we can make those adjustments right there right there is the lights and they’re set to auto right here is where we adjust the seats forwards and backwards and the back up and down right there as we take a look in the back seat you can see that this the seat does fold up which gives us extra cargo space put it down very simple the truck

Does come with a dvd player as well the fuel tank is located right there the truck comes with 36 gallons of fuel capacity and it will hold up to 5 gallons of death as well the 4×4 badge located right here in terms of the bumper the truck does come with a step here to help us get up and in sensors across the back in addition the backup camera is located right

Here as you can see it does come with a towing package and here’s where we would hook up the lights furthermore right here is the high country badge as we take a look at the bed as you can see it’s lined for protection to give us more longevity the truck comes with a gooseneck ball right here is where we hook up the lights to the trailer and tie hooks located

On each corner as we continue to walk around i want to state again that here at transwest not only do we sell trucks but we purchase them as well so if you’re in the market to sell a pickup such as this or have a freightliner that you’re trying to move please feel free to give me a call and we’ll get see what we can get done in terms of that as well as we take

A side view shot from this this angle we can see the 4×4 badge again in addition to lights along the side of the truck as we take a look and the passenger rear some things we can see the truck does come with a sunroof we can kind of see that from here in addition for a pickup there is plenty of room in the back seat of that truck so let’s crawl on in and take a

Closer look what’s inside one advantage chevy has had over the years in terms of a lot of the competition is smoothness of ride and this truck is no exception to that you get up and you get going it’s a very smooth and comfortable ride for you that’s really going to be really nice in your travels so let’s take a look from top to bottom again there’s the sunroof

Those adjustments are made right here sunglass holder there it will come with 30 days free trial of onstar so right there’s the button for that it does things like navigation things of that nature as we come on down it does come with nav in terms of other things it is capable of doing phones so once you purchase this truck from us we will hook up bluetooth for

You so you don’t have to worry about that as we come on down radio media options the climate control is located right here air conditioner and you can actually sync it so the entire cab is one one temperature now it comes with heated and cooled seats as mentioned right here is the adjustment for the pedal so you can actually raise or lower those pedals this

Is traction control in addition there’s the cargo lamp for the light to the back to the bed parking sensor located here this is lane departure so you turn that on and if we start to get out of the lane it’ll sure notify us in addition right here is the exhaust break so that’s a safety feature we’re right next door to the rocky mountains so if we’re pulling

The trailer through those we’re sure going to want to use that exhaust break to help us in our travels charging ports located all the way across right there as we take a look at the console itself you can actually set your phone in here and it will charge it for you this pops on up and we’ll see a substantial amount of room it comes with the original manuals

Furthermore charging parts located in here as we take the stair look at the steering wheel there’s a lot of things we can do just from the steering wheel for example right here is our cruise control we can set and take that off right there we can turn the heated steering wheel on right there and we can look through and see for example what our fuel economy is

Doing in the last 50 miles right there we just had the oil changed in the truck we’re about 102 92 miles until empty and we can monitor how we’re doing on a couple of different trips in terms of rating our fuel mileage as well the steering wheel has the stitching around the side so chevy did a great job once again in terms of producing not only a very practical

Truck but one that’s going to be very comfortable and have a very smooth ride for you so if you have any other questions about it or anything else on the lot please feel free to give me a call again my name is larry vickers i can be reached at 970-370-4067 the work extension 303-684-3404 feel free to email me at larry.vickers at transwest.com thanks for tuning in today

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