2016 chevrolet silverado 1500 lt
Altair Club Cars 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab

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Hello and welcome to lakewood chevrolet my name is brett ness a 2016 certified pre-owned silverado 1500 redline with of course a few extra things at it i pop the hood here i’m going to show you the front of the grill and then i’m gonna take you under the hood for a quick look so you have two black recoveries up so you got the custom black a bo time the front

Honeycomb grill double stack lamps led strip automatic lights you also do have a grill protector and i’m just going to pop the hood here if i can with one hand this is well worth the wait i’m just going to show you some of the chrome you do have that high octane you know performance air intake system right there with the sb with the hose and hookups and look at

How clean this v8 engine is eight speed automatic transmission underneath that chassis 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels i’ll show you those on the last look as they are branded as well as you do get custom mud flaps that custom step assist and those body moldings all windows on this vehicle are tinted this vehicle does have eight trailering package as well as a four

By four mode like i said it’s red line so the silverado is black and red you also have the black custom bow tie right there step assist bumpers and look at those custom mats i’ll show you probably a little bit closer on last lips when i take a look at the wheel you can also have an easy lift gate with the tonneau cover body moldings i don’t know if i said that 2

Inch lift kit and i’m gonna focus a little bit on here before i go on the inside look at that the chrome exhaust listening to the rumbling sound this vehicle has been babied by its previous owner which is awesome for everyone looking at this video because this vehicle is up for grabs now it is clean underneath this was a high jacked up truck used for style and

Not for purpose so it is ready to go and i’m gonna take you into the front a little different way by showing you that step assist and you’ve got the seats they are fully automatic about seven different ways they are a leather as well and inside is an anti glare environment as it is tinted everywhere but the front but the front does have solar absorbing tint on

The top and a very quiet view there is the driver information screen as you can see it is digital and analog the steering wheel is leather stitched with amenities on both sides all your audio controls are on the right-hand side i’m going to come over here left of the steering wheel you’ve got part of the trailering package you got the sway assist you’ve got the

Rotary dial to go from tool travel or your for high for low and of course those automatic lights i’m just going to show you a bit of the floor here before i get in as it does have custom mats the seats are a bench a style seat if the middle compartment does go up i’m going to reach right across here show you some leg room as the passenger side does get has i know

Enough luxuries same as the driver this is the entertainment part of the screen you can see that there are both heated seats on both sides you got traction control you’ve got led lights in the box and of course you have your infotainment 3 system i’m just going to show you a bit there you can go back to home you can use it there and this does also have the grid

Style backup camera well i’m gonna pan around to the back and i’m gonna physically go there next i just open the back door behind the drivers want to give you a full shot of that door pound as you enter the back you can see that that anti glare environment is in full swing fully tinted back here with the black leather seats car fox is here as he checked it on

On carfax and it came up smelling like roses you have the table in the middle as well as this back seat is a 60/40 split bench i was going to lift it up here as you see you can put the fox and all other clutter away behind there and open it up for a hundred percent more room that side does go up to carpeted on the floor this vehicle does have keyless door entry

It’s got panic alarms it is fully loaded and very taken care of if this was a hockey card and you wanted to check the beckett book it would come up as a mint condition and just to highlight some of the custom options on this vehicle you’ve got elegant a luxury wheels you’ve got the dual exhaust that is making that rumbling sound this is a certified pre-owned 2016

Silverado redline edition customized currently here at lakewood chevrolet not that many kilometers on it so it is you know it will be a long-lasting truck lakewood chevrolet corner 91st and 34th when you come on and take a test drive become her friend on facebook or a comment below if you have seen a better truck i dare you because i don’t think you have

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2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet

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