2016 buick enclave awd premium
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2016 Buick Enclave AWD Premium

I’m with the 2016 buick enclave suv that’s not a buick yes it is a buick you’ve heard that ad it’s a buick it’s a buick enclave and it fits in a category with a lot of contenders there are almost two dozen midsize and full-size suvs out there and let me tell you something they’re pretty tough competitors i had to drive four and a half hours to my cabin up north in

A vehicle i hadn’t driven before at least i haven’t driven one since 2013 well as it turned out this enclave hasn’t changed much since 2013 but i put it through its paces four and a half hours later i started exhausted and finished not so exhausted so the first thing i did when i got in the enclave was pair my phone of course i paired my phone so i went through

The rigmarole pair a new device boom phone paired i mean about that fast so the next thing i wanted to check out was the voice recognition in the nav system because you know how that can go so i’ve hit the voice recognition and it asked me what i wanted and i said take me to and i did my address in one fell swoop just to see if it would work and it waited a few

Seconds and i waited for the fail and it completely spit my address right back out and then it it lined it all up and we were off and running it was like having a co-pilot with me it also has 4g lte so we have state-of-the-art hotspot state-of-the-art nav system and state-of-the-art phone pairing or bluetooth or whatever we want to call it i liked it very much

What i expected to find in the enclave during my drive up north was a wonderful ride and boy had delivered it was like a magic carpet and we know this is what buicks can do and it did it what i didn’t expect was to see such an old-school vehicle for instance the nav screen is very small almost tiny in comparison to the competitors and this is a time when everyone

Is shooting for a nav screen that’s the biggest thinnest most colorful most beautiful most like an ipad that they can put in the middle of the car so this does feel very old-school i brought my clipboard because i know that’s how you shop right so here’s the value story the enclave starts at $40,000 its closest competitor is an acura mdx and that starts bright

Just a little bit over 43,000 dollars this particular enclave is the premium it comes with all-wheel drive and this test car has three options for a total as-tested price of just over fifty three thousand six hundred dollars it only has three options so you know there are a lot more that you could use to rack up quite a bill at the end so here are the three options

There’s a powered dual moonroof if you have passengers in the back seat on a regular basis favor save the claustrophobics get the power moonroof it’s only 1400 bucks the second option is this rear entertainment system and i would say don’t spoil them unless you have kids that you need to keep quiet behind you it’s an additional 1,400 bucks the last option on this

Vehicle is this beautiful dark sapphire blue metallic exterior paint that beautifully matches my sweater so i personally i would spring the four hundred bucks for that you can pick your own decision you

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2016 Buick Enclave AWD Premium By Jean Knows Cars

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