2016 bentley flying spur full dr
Altair Club Cars 2016 Bentley Flying Spur Full Driving and Walk Around Review In Malaysia

2016 Bentley Flying Spur Full Driving and Walk Around Review In Malaysia

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The new Bentley Flying Spur is a lot better looking than the previous one, where it looked simply like a stretched version of the GT. The new one has some rather unique and contrasting lines running across the car, giving it more character than panache.

Right this is the bentley flying spur and this one has a four liter v8 engine 500 horsepower and i would say amongst this segment basically that the limo segment this is a very unique car y-yes its slot it is slotted above the likes of the s-class or the 7 series or the audi a8 but of course the germans have cars that are comparable to this as well the audi s8 you

Know the s 500 or the s63 for that matter as well as the 7 series 760 over 750 so the 7 series has a 4.4 v8 and the s-class mercedes now also has a fall into v8 but those are not available in malaysia and if they come in they will be about reaching 1.2 million as well so the bentley flying spur is 1.6 million right but the when you are seated inside it is like a

Rolls royce all right the interior finishing is just every bit matching up to that of a rolls royce but of course it’s not the price of a rolls royce either i just opened a few kappa which i think is this look at that proper bentley a metal fuel cap it feels a lot better than you know your equivalent plastic bit from german cars and this is how the front driver

Seats like it is immaculately finished like every battery so they are finished in the level of bruce royce so this one makes them very very special i’ll show you the interior in a while and then the driving this is a bentley sunglass holder and it comes with their flying spur look at it it’s real wood and solid aluminum and the inside is leather i don’t think

You get this kind of quality with i don’t know alvie or versace or whatever just look at it my god – wait see this is what bentley is all about i’m in the flying spur again this is bobby from evil and i’m sitting in the flying spur and i just spent the past 30 minutes being chauffeured in this car from behind and i am looking at every single surface and i can’t

Help but admire the way this car is built from the inside out because if if you don’t for a moment pay attention to all these details you you you might just miss out a lot of stuff i mean yes a lot of cars are nowadays and we have the same in the soft touch plastics blah blah and all that why do people create soft touch plastics because it mimics the sensation

Of touching real leather even here you know all this the the crafting of the the metal piece the lining the see there’s a door poker the stitching’s i’m there inevitably a lot of people will look at the flying spur and see he is 1.6 million there’s you know and how much hard are those mercedes and bmw 7-series and all that but of course is unfair to compare a

500-horsepower for little v luxury anymore – you know that mercedes hybrid example here this is made in uk with the kind of craftsman and the kind of fast power and performance so if you want to compare you may compare this to maybe a top you know 505 horsepower my back or something you know and that will be 1.5 million so i can’t help but really appreciate you

Know the stitching the finishing everything every single surface every single material is high-quality that the real wood panels you know every single thing even look at this look at this shelf before able to see even this small little piece is finished in high quality leather the in size and order you don’t get this level of finishing in any germans the you know

S-class or bmw or the audi so that’s what makes bentley and rolls-royce special so get this bit of flat here that’s for the isofix book is in leather as well it’s just different the level of finishing unit in bentleys we are just immaculate i can i can only say that they are just like you so see that behind here you have this nice entertainment hop i was saying

It’s nice brush metal cover it up there’s a dvd player sd card hdmi ports and usb so that’s your entertainment the soul here this so i can use this to guys to control the air conditioning the entertainment the real blind you know i can look at home vehicle data and all that so it’s amazing right it’s just a beautiful beautiful car it draws no comparison except

Rolls-royce meaning because no other germans removes our finish but how this car is per now this is basically and it goes and stings i can confirm one thing though every single bentley regardless their on their size they all drive really well is they all concert the driver very nicely everything is within and all of them as a very sporty drivers cockpit so to

See this what drives just as well even that is a it’s like an s class seven series science leave it may be even larger while the 7-series drives well he doesn’t give you the feedback that this car gives so this is another thing you can sit behind like a boss and you can be upfront enjoying yourself in this car nice for limor the suspension is sliding on a sporty

Side but as soon as we set into small teams we can change it back too oops guys multiply is more play unknown the fabulous little dials right changing quickly like the newman tiga that’s how super luxury limo should be actually yes we know we have all the 2-liter hybrid 7 series or the hybrid s-class or you know around town but back in those days when you spend

That kind of money to go for the flagship you get a flagship engine and it’s so different in a 500-horsepower v8 that suits the character of of these flagships so much better than high screaming tiny didn’t jin yes those perform as well but it’s not in this kind of manner not in this oral enjoyment know that yeah price is one thing about me it would be great if

All the you know the german trios bring back their giant freaking v8 limousines even jaguar know the xj has a 2-liter turbo i remember there’s a five-litre supercharged the screams so this is the kind of character that this type of car should have you know every single panel is finished in like high quality wood exquisite materials and the car performs so this

Is a holistic thing that that makes them so different yeah cut price you know you get you get get it by the card cheaper and all that fall for those you know tax incentives and all that but nothing nothing compares to something like this and it’s special when the roads are filled with a sea of you know est├ís especially as fast they are everywhere the 7 series

Step out in this the so different and the interior design is very different is is very much it’s a lot more dignified you know yeah it’s just so different and the fact that hannah locked out hey that’s the week i prefer the long house than that lcd screens fish factory stuff so i would say i mean in the interior this this car easily matches up to the likes of

Rolls-royce 1.6 1.7 million that’s a party i mean if mercedes of bm that we were to bring in the i equal level of this all the audi s8 which is you know something that is 500 horsepower those would have cost 1.2 0.3 easily and they have the my back now which is i don’t remember wrong is about 1.3 or my four million so this is 1.6 it’s just different drivers

Rolls-royce actually death that’s how badly was back then is the equivalent of rolls-royce but the drivers choice they drive fantastic all of them

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2016 Bentley Flying Spur Full Driving and Walk Around Review In Malaysia By Bobby Ang

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