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Altair Club Cars 2015 Volkswagen Jetta | First Drive | Autocar India

2015 Volkswagen Jetta | First Drive | Autocar India

There’s not a whole lot that’s new on the 2015 Jetta, but the subtle cosmetic changes do make this capable executive sedan more interesting. Gavin D’Souza drives both the petrol and diesel versions for this review.

Behind me is a 2015 volkswagen jetta it may look quite a lot like the old car but volkswagen has actually improved a few things to keep it relevant let’s take a look at what they’ve done let’s start at the front where you’ll find new headlights that are ever so slightly different from the outgoing cars they’re just a little bit more angular they sit around a larger

Grill that now has three chrome slats rather than two and below all of this is a new bumper with a bigger air dam it all makes the car appear a little bit wider it’s a similar story at the rear where the tail lamps are slimmer and sharper and there’s a new boot lid and bumper as well but what about the cabin are the changes on the inside as subtle as the ones on

The outside so i’m currently in the jetta 2.0 tdi high line range topper with all the bells and whistles and this one comes with the six speed dsg automatic as well the first thing you notice when you step into the driver’s seat of the new jetta is that it’s got the new steering wheel from the facelifted polo and vento but it’s a little different with a few more

Controls on it which is a nice touch the instrument cluster is also new and it now sits inside a very premium looking chrome ring binacle that aside it’s pretty much the same as before a rather plain looking dashboard but one that’s built fastidiously well the equipment list is pretty much the same as before too and while there’s a decent amount of kit on this high

Line spec there’s no escaping the fact that rivals these days offer more still you do get an electric driver’s seat a touchscreen infotainment system gear shift paddles leather seats and cruise control volkswagen also tells us that they fitted the new jetta with a system that can detect if you’re feeling drowsy luckily i haven’t quite had the opportunity to test

That one yet so what about the driving experience then has there been any change on that front well the engines and gearboxes remain unchanged so don’t expect much of a difference there this 2 liter tdi diesel for example still makes 138 bhp it still packs a solid mid-range punch and it’s still one of the best four-cylinder diesel engines in the business now the

Six-speed dsg automatic gearbox is quick obedient and almost seamless in the way it shifts so that’s the power train and when it comes to this car’s dynamics again there have been no changes but that’s a good thing now since there are no mechanical changes to this car it drives exactly like the last one did which is to say rather well the steering isn’t the most

Feel sim but it is very accurate and makes the car go exactly where you want it to there’s loads of grip from the front and the car will hold on nicely in a corner so it’s still a great experience from the driver’s seat but crucially the jetta is great for being driven in as well the back seat is very comfortable and supportive and there’s more than enough space for

You to stretch out but one of the best things about this car is the way it rides it’s got a real solid feel to it and it just smothers pretty much any kind of bump or road imperfection you could put a lot of that down to this car’s independent rear suspension it may be expensive but it makes all the difference this whole car feels very heavy and solid and meaty

Like a german car should we also notice that this diesel version rides a little bit warmer than the petrol one that’s likely to do with extra stiffening for the heavy engine in the hotel and speaking of the petrol car we got a chance to sample that one as well so the jet i’m driving right now is the petrol version the 1.4 tsi like the previous version it produces

Around 120 horsepower and is mated to a wonderful six-speed manual only newer versions of this engine do produce more power but even in this older guys it’s more than enough for the jetta this 1.4 turbo petrol motor really has a lot of punch and surprisingly teddy likes to rev as well however there are a few issues for one this petrol car is only available in the

Bottom and mid-level trim we would have liked to have seen a fully loaded high line version as well and while we like this 1.4 liter tsi motor quite a lot skoda does offer a 1.8 liter dsi motor in its cars and that motor in this car would have been really special so there’s not a whole lot that’s new in the 2015 volkswagen jetta apart from a few cosmetic changes

On the outside and in but then this was a very capable car to begin with yes we would have liked vw to introduce a bit more equipment and perhaps the 1.8 liter turbocharged petrol engine however as it stands this is still a very capable and likable executive sedan you

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